Creative Copy Challenge #77

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Crawl
  2. If that’s what it takes
  3. Wait
  4. Bring
  5. Wrinkle
  6. Junk
  7. Total
  8. Emerge
  9. Steep
  10. Anything

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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41 Comments on “Creative Copy Challenge #77”

  1. Shane Arthur says:

    Crawl on this broken glass with me.

    If that’s what it takes for you to understand my situation, I’m willing to bring you pain.

    Wait! There’s more!

    Bring an extra dose of understanding, and loose the judgemental wrinkles from your forehead.

    Junk your preconceived notions of what’s best.

    Listen and see in total.

    Emerge walking in my shoes. A steep climb awaits.

    I’d give anything


  2. margaret says:

    If that’s what it takes, I’ll turn over my cakes
    to the diet police, (my mouth covered in grease!)
    Swear, I did not stray….please don’t take me away!!
    The price is so steep, for my diet to keep..
    But hardly can wait (fruit must satiate).
    As I look in the mirror and see a new wrinkle,
    OH! I guess it’s only a chocolate sprinkle!
    But I really just jest, I’m sincere in my quest.
    Though I don’t binge and purge, I do feel a surge
    of  junk food withdrawal, (from the kind at the mall).
    So I’ll do anything if it will skinny bring…
    and I’ll crawl to the scale and hope I’m not a whale…
    Hope that  when I emerge, goodies won’t be  an urge.
    My total pounds lost will  be well  worth the cost
    of relinquishing sweets for healthier eats!!

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Ma: Well done. I love these things. Inner-line rhyming is super cool. You’ll do it, Ma.

      I’ve 99% dropped all fast food for the last 10 years. Your body will adjust. Soon, if and when you try the bad shit again, it will taste as such.

      • margaret says:

        I’m really not suffering as badly as it seems..I am just totally staying away from fast food and taking time and thought to prepare healthier food. I’m a really good cook, but sometimes I’m just super busy (and butter and sugar are the best!!!) 🙂 thanks for the encouragement, Shane.

  3. Sarah Olson says:

    Crawl, if you must, through the slime-covered weeds bordering the sewage pond. Wait on the shore of the filthy pool, and emerge slowly with the stench of excrement clinging to your wrinkled skin. Bring nothing with you, except your soul, still intact, still breathing. Survival is the key.

    Find your way to the junk heap on the far side of the field, nestled in the clearing by the trees. The total darkness will frighten you, but you must continue. Descend into the pit, careful of the steep walls and sharp objects in your path. Many critters lurk around these woods at night. If anything startles you, be careful not to make a sound.

    Hide until morning. When the sun is high overhead, run and don’t look back. Don’t ever look back. If that’s what it takes to survive, you must obey.

  4. Karetha says:

    In order:
    I’ll crawl,
    If that’s what it takes
    Will you wait for me?
    Will you bring your heart?
    It won’t be too long,
    Just a wrinkle in time.
    I’ll deal with my junk
    Become totally free.
    I’ll emerge on the other side–
    The climb will be steep and difficult.
    But for your love,
    I’ll do anything you ask me to do.

  5. A. Hamilton says:

    There is a wrinkled old lady
          who lives in a shoe
    She collects lots of junk
         and makes children too

    On Saturday nights 
         the children she does steep
    Then she waits
         till they go to sleep

    Totally exhausted
         she forces a crawl
    To a late night yard sale
         to bring in another haul

    She plans to emerge
         with a fortune some day
    By selling her junk
         on line at E-Bay

    But if anything goes wrong
         with the plans she makes
    She’ll sell her kids
         if that’s what it takes.

  6. Jeff Pfaller says:

    Traffic has slowed to a crawl, and right about now – I’d pay a steep price for a working air conditioner.

    “What do you think about heading over to Carrie’s before the tailgate? We can bring guacamole,” Claire said.

    “Yeah, that sounds fine,” I replied, my eyes roving over the packed lanes, waiting for a crack of an opening to emerge.

    She looked up from her Anne Rice novel, her forehead creased with wrinkles. “Do you want to go?”


    “Why don’t you want to go?”

    “I do. It’s just…wait, hang on,” I said. A rusty pickup truck rolled up next to us, filled with junk. “What?”

    “If you don’t want to go, it’s O.K., I just thought buying shots at the bar would be too steep,” Claire said.

    “I said I wanted to go.”

    “No, you said that sounds fine. Total opposite. That could mean anything.”

    My hands gripped the wheel, knuckles white and furious. Road rage and relationship rage boiled inside me. Calm. Stay calm.

    “I really need you to stop arguing about semantics right now. Or I’m going to drive this car off the overpass.”

    If that’s what it takes,” she replied, and went back to her book.

    Twitter handle @pfallerj

  7. Stacia Ho says:

    Anything can happen. You can run a total of 50 miles at one time, or more junk miles in addition to that, and still can never get to that runner’s high.

    That’s why you need a plan. Like life, it all takes a little planning to get there. You can crawl your way up that hilly road and be pathetic forever, or you can run your life at your own pace along that steep slope, working your ass off for days, weeks, months, years. If that’s what it takes just to get high, would you endure the race ’til the end? Will you even have the courage to start?

    We know that anything can happen. But wait a minute – we also know that anything is possible. You can wait patiently for your neck to emerge from your shell weighing your life down, and still be a tortoise. But the upside of it is, now listen to this: Nothing’s worth not trying.

    Endure it long enough, and you’ll have a wrinkle in time. Add up those miles, and you’ll witness the butterfly effect. Run, fly, get high – Anything is possible, so bring it on!

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Stacia: Welcome to the CCC. Excellent 1st submission. Loved the message.
      Everyone welcome Stacia to our addiction. Addin your name and URL to our Community Links page now.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Stacia-I hope you get my welcome-I’m a bit late – again!

        Welcome to CCC!

        Now that you’ve tried your first challenge, we know you are hooked for good. Even if you have to crawl on over, you will find a way to return. It’s a sweet addiction. If that’s what it takes to be a part of the ride, you’ll find it’s an addiction you really don’t mind.

        So, don’t wait. Try some from the past and bring a friend or two. In a wrinkle of time you will find what you once thought junk is someone else’s treasure. There is no self-doubt here, just the total belief that whatever will emerge from your spin of the 10, the path is never too steep and anything you create is welcomed by all.

  8. Stacia Ho says:

    Thanks 🙂
    Just stumbled upon the web site last week~ Having fun reading flash fictions 🙂

  9. Cathy Miller says:

    I’m behind again…sigh…
    Death & the Detective Series
    She was afraid to close her eyes. Maggie feared the grisly sight would do a slow crawl from its banished depth, once more taking center stage. But, she was so weary – mind, body and soul-weary.

    The adrenaline rush of the last several hours had gone, leaving her feeling very vulnerable – definitely not what she needed when confronting Detective Brett Connors.

    The chaos of the early morning had slowed to the silent beat of the red flashing lights of some of Encinitas’ finest. It was all so surreal.

    Maggie’s body automatically tensed as she heard the familiar deep cadence of the detective’s voice that signaled his return. She raised troubled green eyes, desperately fighting fatigue and finding his blue answering response.

    “Doc, let’s go over it one more time.”

    “Just what good do you think that will do,” Maggie sighed, “the poor woman will not be any less dead, Detective.”

    “You know how it works, Doc.  If you want us out of your hair, let’s go through it again.”

    If that’s what it takes. What do you want to know?”

    “Start with what woke you up.”

    Brett watched Maggie struggle to pull on her professional cloak of armor. He didn’t know why he found it so damn stimulating.

    “I heard a loud noise – a thump. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or if I actually heard something outside.”

    “What did you do next?”

    “I decided to wait to see if I heard it again. Then I saw the car lights flash across the bedroom.”

    “What time was that?”

    “I don’t know –my guess is maybe 2:30, 3:00. I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the light.”

    Brett watched her brow wrinkle in concentration and had an almost irresistible urge to smooth it away with a soft kiss. Oh for God’s sake, this obsession had to stop.

    “I walked over to the blinds and looked out. It was so dark. When my eyes adjusted, I saw, “ her voice hitched with a soft gasp. Brett watched her ribcage rise with her deep breath as she started again.

    “I saw what I thought was a bag of trash. I thought it was kids, pulling some kind of prank by throwing junk on my balcony.”

    Her eyes narrowed with wet remembrance of the total lack of dignity for the vessel that once held a precious life. Trying to emerge from misery’s strong hold, Maggie finished the story with the flat tone of a clinical report.

    Her steep shift in tone had Brett admiring her ability to pull herself together – under the most trying of circumstances. After all, it’s not every day you get a corpse of a woman with no eyes dumped on your balcony.

    Anything else, Detective?”

  10. Kelly says:


    Crawl, if that’s what it takes. Wait until midnight to bring the wrinkled junk into the basement. Steep yourself in the obsession with total disregard for the fissures that may emerge in your life.

    Anything may happen when your wife finds out you’ve been dumpster-diving again, but remember the payoff as you continue your breathless hoarding—the next undiscovered Rembrandt is hiding in some suburban pensioner’s garbage!

  11. Avenged in Blood part 34
     Our drinks arrived. I waited for Wally to deposit the glasses and bottle of bourbon on the table, expecting anything. I warily watched as Mueller poured 3 fingers of the enticing liquid into each glass. He went to hand me one, then gestured to let me choose. “I’m not here to kill you.” Mueller said. “At least for now.”
    I took a glass and had a sip. Heat began to steep its way through my muscles as the liquor took hold and I relaxed. “What do you propose Mr. Mueller?” I asked. I had decided to keep it polite. I was not in a position to escape 6 armed men right now.
    The resulting smile made my skin crawl. “Good, this won’t be a total waste of time.” He said. “Word has emerged in the underworld that it was not a strike force that took out Raymond Cabrese and his empire. Word has it that it was only one man. Steve Stamper. Now ex-cop. That is why you are here. You are a target. I could bring down everything on you if I wanted.”
    I suppressed a shudder. If they knew who I was I had to be even more careful. I needed to move. A hidden spot to live, get rid of all of my junk, disappear. If that’s what it takes that is what I will do.
    My forehead began to wrinkle as I asked, “Ok, What now?” He smiled again.

  12. SHILPA NAIR says:

    Arthur and Agatha were two best friends. Arthur was a

    silent and timid person that is what the people

    believed, on the other hand Agatha was a bold one. People

    around Arthur always used to mock him about being such a

    chicken, Agatha being is best friend could not take it

    anymore and he decided to provoke Arthur and bring out

    his braveness by challenging him.In their locality

    there was an abandoned house which was supposedly haunted.
    So one day Agatha challenged Arhtur to visit the

    haunted house and to wait there for an hour and

    bring back some junk or anything

    that he could from there. so Arthur agreed upon that and

    said if thats what it takes to prove my braveness

    so be it. So as decided Agatha waited outside and Arthur

    opened the main gate of the haunted house. His heart was

    pumping so fast that he could merely breathe and his

    hands and face were trembling.But he had to prove his he entered the house . He went into a trance of

    fear and could not feel anything. suddenly he sensed that

    someone is trying to crawl down the steep

    stairs behind his back in the house . He looked at the

    stairs but could not find anyone as it ran off from the

    stairs and hid behind the cupboard and when he turned

    back, that someone tried to emerge out of the

    cupboard that was there right in front of him. It had a

    deep wrinkle on its forehead. It was nothing but

    just a big black cat that hurt its head. As Arthur

    realized that it was just a cat , it gave him a sense of

    total relief and he took the cat and walked out of

    the “SUPPOSEDLY” haunted house with a grin on his face.

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