Creative Copy Challenge #80

Today’s words come to us from Kool Aid. Show her some love.

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Acrimonious
  2. Annoy
  3. Double-tap
  4. Doze
  5. Fervor
  6. Indefatigable
  7. Rose
  8. Sexy
  9. Trail
  10. Zombie

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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47 Comments on “Creative Copy Challenge #80”

  1. Shane Arthur says:

    We have an acrimonious relationship, one of annoyance and indefatigable fervor.

    When I need to doze, he wants to double-tap.

    When I need sleep like a zombie needing flesh, he blazes a trail toward anything sexy.

    A rose by any other name.

    A penis and his thoughts, they are always the same.

  2. Shane Arthur says:

    I like when other people choose the words, so after KathleenL gets her turn to pick, I’m going to choose people at random that I know online and have them choose the words. So, every Monday and Thursday someone else we choose the words. Should be a wonderful ride, bringing in a lot more people to our addiction.

  3. margaret says:

    As indefatigable as a Zombie who is on the trail of  Siamese twins to double-tap their brains, I have a fervor to seek out thrift shop treasures while less adept shoppers doze.
    I don’t want any acrimonious feelings, and don’t mean to annoy anyone, but I know exactly where to find that sexy, rose colored silk Betsey Johnson dress I stashed an hour ago while I went to the ATM and it has my name on it!!

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @Margaret-hope it’s still there!

      • margaret says:

        HAHA,  it was fiction, Cathy…the “if” was a typo…should not have been there.  I actually have gotten all sorts of Betsey, april cornell, coach purses, etc. etc.  I take high end great stuff to the flea mkt and sell it cheeep, cheeeep, cheeeeep!! (like the cool chick that I am) ;).

        • A. Hamilton says:

          Margaaret; My sister was standing in line at the Food Lion and the lady behind her remarked that my sister had a lovely jacket on. My sister told her that she got it at Hot Line (thrift shop) and the lady said, “Iknow, I donated it.” Be careful weaaring that Betsey Johnson dress.

          • margaret says:

            geeze louise, A, that urban legend is older than Betsey herself!!! Anyways, Betsey’s clothes are so tiny they would have to grind me up, pour me in and tupperware the leftovers! 🙂  I buy designer stuff to resell at the flea market.

        • Cathy Miller says:

          @Margaret-I got that it was fiction but I meant I hope the dress is still where you stashed it. If I have to explain, I guess I missed the Ha-Ha. Kind of like a stand-up comic’s joke that meets the silence of the audience. 🙂

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Cathy: Although I’ve never seen a picture of you, I can see you doing that, all so clearly. 🙂

  4. Cathy Miller says:

    Flapping her wings in acrimonious furor, Tinkerbell set down on the soft moss of the old oak. Perhaps it was not their intent to annoy her, but annoy her, they did.

    With her wings doing a double-tap against her back, Tinkerbell huffed her way over to the wise owl. As usual, Oliver had decided it was a great time to doze off – just when Tinkerbell needed him most.

    “Oliver, wake up,” Tinkerbell demanded in her loudest fairy voice. Despite the fervor of her cry, the words carried off in the wind like the soft tinkling of the smallest bell.

    With indefatigable energy, belying one so small, Tinkerbell tried again.


    Snuffling awake from a very fine snooze, Oliver rose on his perch, swiveling his neck in a 360-degree turn of crackling relief. Narrowing his wide, golden, saucer-shaped eyes, Oliver trapped Tinkerbell in a disgruntled gaze.

    “What in the world has gotten your fairy panties in a twist?”

    “I tell you, Oliver, I simply will not stand for it.”

    “Stand for what, for heaven’s sake?”

    “I will not let Disney do it. I don’t care how sexy I thought he was.”

    “You thought Walt Disney was sexy?”

    “Not Walt Disney – Peter Pan, you, silly old hoot.”

    “Listen, Tink, unless you want me to grind you into trail mix, or better yet, zombie fairy dust, you’d better settle down and tell me what you are flapping about.”

    “Billing, Oliver, fame, stardom. I simply will not stand for Disney giving Peter top billing. I simply won’t settle for 30 seconds of twinkling at the start of their Sunday night show. I don’t care if the movie is called Peter Pan.”

    “Oh, grow up, Tink.”

  5. She had a sexy little tattoo.  A rose.  Right above the crack of her ass. 

    The red ink went purple as the white skin greened.

    Then it was a scab.

    These things happen to a zombie.

    Pershing walked the trail for six years.  The guy they called Professor said Pershing was “indefatigable“. 

    Professor died because he took a doze one night when he was on watch duty.  The oldster wasn’t indefatigable.  He was lazy.

    When she wandered out of the tall grass and onto the road the next day, none of them suspected her.  She was just another walker.  She fell in quietly and shuffled along like so many others had over the years.

    Pershing fell in love with her.  The relationship was intense.  They’d annoy the others with their all-day banter, which vacillated from mush-mush cloying to acrimonious insult.  They hated with a fervor.  They loved with a fervor. 

    One morning, they were gone.  Off the trail.  Pershing and the girl walked into the wild.

    Some people don’t turn.  Some turn quickly.  Some turn slowly.  Some turn so slowly that even they don’t see it coming.  She was like that.

    Pershing saw it.  Then he saw evidence.  Walkers died at night and she woke up with blood-caked lips.  He knew.

    And so they wandered.  Pershing waited for the last day.

    In time, the red ink went purple and the white skin greened.

    Then it was a scab and he emptied two rounds into her forehead.  A double-tap from three feet. 

    He had one bullet left. 

    But he also had good boots and strong legs.


  6. Kool Aid says:

    I have to say I love what you all have done with the words!  I’m buried under children’s clothes and toys for a consignment sale this weekend (and house work is waaaay behind because of that, too) otherwise, I’d have something to add.  Hopefully, when things settle a bit, I’ll be able to write my own and comment on the others’ submissions individually.
    Thanks again!  It’s so fun to see how creativity runs in little rivulets, meandering in such different ways from one central place.  Can’t wait to read more!

  7. A. Hamilton says:

    I get my tickles following a trail of sexy female garments leading to my bedroom, where, with indefatigable fervor, I annoy the acrimonious ones , who doze off, with feathery double-taps on their double zombie induced, rose colored noses.

  8. […] I read the ten words on the menu and threw together a post-apocalyptic tale of love and zombies. […]

  9. Kelly says:

    WEEK 1

    Indefatigable snows
    Rising fervor, sexy ohs
    A zombie at work in the morning
    Not enough sleep and it shows

    Wind blows
    Long walk when the trail’s froze
    Double-tap on the door, darling
    Foreplay begins with a midwinter rose

    Love flows
    Annoys others; never slows
    Acrimonious glances can’t stop the feeling
    When we’re dead’s time enough to doze

    For now
    Let’s be gross


    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Kelly: I pray that someone leaves you millions in a will so that you can write fiction, short stories, and poetry for the rest of your life. Seriously.

      • Kelly says:

        Shane–Do you a have brother? A nice single one to shower me with such high praise every day?

        Oh, and a rich relative who can stick me in their will, of course.

        tee hee hee

        Almost caught up!!!

  10. The Saga of Bayou Billy…

    So I’m sittin on the front porch eating a big ol’ bowl a gumbo and I sez to myself, “Self,” and I recognized the voice right away cuz it sounded just like me. “Self,” I said, “It’s been a long time since you frequented Thibideux’s Restaurant and Bait Shop. Ya’ll know the one out by the highway that’s open all night long and gots that big sign in the window that says “Eat here, Diet Home? Anyways, I ain’t been there since that there sexy waitress done caught the virus and turned into a zombie.
    So I wuz thinkin’ maybe I ought to go visit them in three or two days.
    So that’s what I done did and old Mr. Thibideux done hired him a new waitress. Well, he kinda had no choice since the utter one was annoying the customers with all her moaning and groaning. Sounded like one of them x-rated movie houses till poor old zombie Rose‘s eyeballs fell into some feller’s eggs. Well he did order them sunny side up and lookin at me… well they was lookin’ at him that’s for sure.
    Anyway, Rose be gone now. Old Thibideaux has a nice little trail leading from the back-a his restaurant to the garbage bin where she lives. I said she was gone, I didn’t say she was dead – she’s a zombie for christ’s sake what did you think she wuz gonna do? Die? I guess she’s indefatigable now.. which is better than his new waitress that keeps doze‘n off complaining she’s dead tired. Yeah, right.
    Anyways, the restaurant looks about the same ceptin’ they gots a new double-tap in. Lord a-mighty you can get yer draft beer twice as fast now! I attacked that contraption like a baby to its mama’s teat. I drank with a fervor – I drank with me sister’s brother’s cousin and a few other fellers from the bayou too. Hell I even had a drink with Rose the zombie. Yessiree, I like’s that there new double tap.
    The only problem wuz I hadda go to me wife’s cousin’s sister’s wedding that very same day. It was quite the wedding – the bride wuz dressed in white and the groom was dressed in shackles with her daddy’s shotgun point’d at his head. Her vows mighta been matramonious but his wuz acrimonious. When that there preacher said ‘Til death do you part’ the groom looked at the double-barrel shotgun and had to think on it for a bit tryin’ to decide which wuz worse. Eventually he said ‘I do’ cuz he already done sowed his wild oats in the wrong garden. Folks ask’d him whats he gonna call the baby and he said, “quits”.

    Well my friends they’s a bowl a gumbo callin’ my name but b’fore I goes let me leave you with these words of wisdom…

    Hard work never killed anyone – but why chance it?

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Billy: That was an excellent tale. I believe the more you write here at these CCC parts, the better you be getting with them there words and all. Write on.

      • @Thanks Shane.  I looked at #81 but I couldn’t find my dictionary LOL So I backtracked 1 and did #80 instead hehehe

        • Shane Arthur says:

          @Kenn: As a public service, I’m going to start adding the definitions of words I feel people might not know.

          • @Shane  It’s like a Word-of-the-Day puzzle and a writing challenge all in one. A few “big” words is fun…a whole bunch in one challenge is…ummm… challenging LMAO

          • Shane Arthur says:

            @Kenn: Shit, I had to look up some of those words three or two times!

          • @Shane three or two times? Is that all? dictionary dot come is gonna start sending me a usage bill looking up all these complicated words. Billy only got his grade twelve cuz he went to grade six twice.
            Book is coming along nicely BTW – having a few issues with the formatting but other than that, it’s nearly done. Yay!

          • Shane Arthur says:

            @Kenn: Can NOT wait till I see that book. Let us all know.

  11. Avenged In Blood Part 37
    A stiff, salty breeze blew into my face as I glanced to the bow of the 3 masted ship. The sea rose and fell with the fervor of a prisoner running from a chain gang. I was in command on the dog watch, Lieutenant Stamper of His Majesty’s Ship Indefatigable, patrolling the sea lanes outside of Gibraltar.
    The sounds of men scurrying this way and that were everywhere and as they should be, however, a slow deliberate creaking sound was beginning to annoy me and spoil an otherwise lovely day. The creaking began to grow louder.
    I snapped awake instantly. I didn’t mean to doze off. That creaking came again. I stood instantly and silently, my trusted .45 smoothly tracking the room in front of me. I had fallen asleep sitting in the corner of my room, against 2 walls where I could not be taken from behind. I was now standing in that corner, my senses and my pistol trained on the only door and the ever so slight creaking that was coming from the hall.
    I remembered standing in a similar dark corner in Iraq, in a small bungalow next to a trail that was known to be used exclusively by the enemy. I was waiting for my extraction to come, someone to get me the hell out of that bungalow when a patrol came quietly down that trail. I heard quiet voices and I moved to the door. They got closer.
    I stepped out and fired my M16 until the magazine was empty, 1, 2, 3 times. I reloaded the fourth time and the only people alive were me and the other 3 guys left on my team. I was a zombie heading back in the chopper. I would have been that way after Cabrese but for the wounds that robbed me of consciousness.
    I was not sure if I would be that way today. I was in too much of an acrimonius mood lately. A shadow appeared at the door followed by the elongated barrel of a silenced pistol, followed by a slight woman in dark clothing. That was not what I expected. I wasn’t sure who she was but it sure looked like she was there to kill me.
    I can’t let that go, she wasn’t sexy enough to avoid a double-tap from my .45.

  12. KathleenL says:

    Standing Up
    Continued —

    Their relationship was less than acrimonious. Isabelle knew he did all he could to annoy her, and it began with him breathing.
    Often, as she dozed off she dreamed of double-tapping him with a hollow point or two. His stalking had grown so old to her. He was ignorant. He did not, would not, realize she was indefatigable in the pursuit of keeping the three children safe. Sometimes it was not sexy, and she knew she could not stay anywhere long enough to see a rose bloom, but it was the price she knew she would have to pay until her beauties were safe.

    Just like many days that had come before and many that would follow, today… even though she felt like a zombie dead on her feet — she would fervorously blaze a trail even a well schooled blind man could not follow.

  13. Seham says:

    Thin Layers-

    It was a bright warm day in April and the clocks were striking sixteen. I usually go home and doze off but i felt indefatigable today so i had decided to follow this trail that led to a garden filled of sexy roses. The smell of them would leave me feeling fervor for the entire day. So i get to the garden and I see this lady who from a far looked weird looking. I couldn’t get my eyes off of her trying to figure her out. I kept looking at her for a good 10 minutes till she gets up from the bench as I turned around and pretended like I wasn’t looking and she comes up to me and double-taps me. I turned to face her and I see that half of her face is almost zombie looking but I surely couldn’t ask. She asked me “Sir, is there a problem?” she said with so much attitude and an acrimonious tone “No mam, it’s my fault I’m sorry; did I annoy you?” I said to her while my voice was shaking nonstop “No it’s just that a lot of people like to speak about me and not know why i look the way i do so they just jump to conclusions” i felt relieved, she sounded more calm “May i ask what happened?” “I was burned in a fire as a child, i lost everyone in my family that night, i come here because this was the last place my parents took me before that night” “I’m so sorry mam i didn’t know” “my mother used to say that i looked like that rose over there” As she points to the red, flawless rose. It was the prettiest rose in the whole garden. Then she pulls out her wallet and takes out a picture “This is me” she looked beautiful, i couldn’t believe my eyes “WOW…you’re uh … you’re … just beautiful” “Was…was beautiful” she said with the saddest grin, as i looked into her eyes and saw the same spark in her eyes as the one in the picture and i tell her “as long as that eye is still sparking than you’ll forever be beautiful , skin is just a layer and it shouldn’t define your beauty”. Than i realized what i should have known when i first glanced at her face “skin is just a layer it shouldn’t define beauty”

    PS- This is my first time doing this so i don’t really know how to outline the words :/

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