Creative Copy Challenge #86

Today’s words come to us from Lori Taylor of REV Media Marketing. She’s the one to blame for luring Sean Platt away from our playground using a big box of marketing candy. 😉

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Fabulous
  2. Particular
  3. Spontaneous
  4. Synergized – to cooperate with another or others
  5. Fabled
  6. Pegasus – a winged horse, created from the blood of Medusa; northern constillation
  7. Medusa – see Snakes on a head.  😉
  8. Merlin – the magician; or the falcon
  9. Crystal Ball
  10. Elevator

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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74 Comments on “Creative Copy Challenge #86”

  1. Shane Arthur says:

    Fuckin’ hate elevators.

    And the filthy people around me. Look at ‘um.

    Smug CEO with his fabulous hair and oh so particular posture.

    Merlin-The-Bald, mail clerk, bobbing to his mp3 player like he’s dancing to a night club’s crystal ball. It’s 8 A.M on a Monday, dickhead.

    Medusa with her dreadlocks stinking up payroll, AND this sardine can.

    Pegasus-The-Great from sales asking, “What’s new?” then interrupting with his own stories.

    That schmuck Larry from marketing always talking about the fabled million-dollar marketing piece he wrote, and how our company must synergize with—Fuck your synergies, Larry, and fuck you, too.

    I wish I could spontaneously combust…oh wait, here’s my floor, and there’s my wonderful cubicle. Nevermind God. Life is swell.

  2. margaret says:

    One particular day, when it seemed all in the world suddenly  synergized, my son received a fabulous opportunity he couldn’t refuse. The ominous medusa of financial despair had been snaking at him in all directions. At times he felt as though he were on an elevator crashing down to economy hell. Things had gotten better, but they weren’t yet at their best.

    If I had possessed a crystal ball I would never had seen this coming or thought that even Merlin could pull this one out of his ass.  But in one spontaneous moment Sean’s world completely changed.  Hope was reborn, the sky opened up to reveal the fabled mighty Pegasus, spreading his magnificent wings and whisking the whole family away to a new land of promise.

    Sigh…..It was really a jet plane and the land is Ohio, and I miss my family terribly, but am grateful that a lot of opportunity and happiness were waiting there to welcome him, and that he has a partner he adores!  🙂

  3. Patsi Sota says:

    Margaret- Love the ending.

  4. Shane Arthur says:

    PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sean Platt’s got me so busy, I’m behind on my comments. I’ll catch up after I’m done chasing this wonderful, lovely, mouth-watering box of candy I see in front of me. 😉

  5. Patsi Sota says:

    Medusa looks up from her crystal ball. “Fabled my ass. Why do these boobs refuse to believe we exist”

    “Now don’t go getting everyone synergized up. You know how some can get”  replied Merlin.

    The Gods were bitter after all these years having been thought of as mythological beings. Zeus, the fabulous, was watching a particular reality show that catered to real idiots. 

    “Maybe I should go down there?” asked Pegasus.

    “And do what my dear boy? Just spontaneously show up and say hello?” asked Merlin.

    “Well yeah, something like that. We need to let them know we are still here, watching, and we are  stronger than ever,” replied Pagasus.

    “Hmmph” replied Merlin.

    Pegasus, if you must go take the elevator. Your wings aren’t what they were.” said Medusa.

    Pegasus hung his head as he walked over and sat next to Zeus.

  6. margaret says:

    Great scenario, Patsi….did you hear about the wild party the gods had at Olympus?…..When the mighty god Thor woke up with a sweet young wood nymph next to him, he said “Hi, I’m Thor! ”  She replied….”YOU’RE Thor!…..I’m tho  thor I can hardly pith!! ”  (sorry, the devil made me do it. 😉  )

  7. Cathy Miller says:

    The sun releases its fabulous kiss of warmth as it stretches to embrace the new day in a particular grandeur as spontaneous and beautiful as the laughter of a child.

    Its synergized symphony with the waving green pastures below brings thoughts of a fabled conductor leading the meadows in a soft, rhythmic song.

    The cool, autumn breeze whips its way from the wings of Pegasus and wraps around the limbs of a tree with the hiss of a Medusa squeeze. Merlin and his crystal ball could not imagine such a day. Ah, such a day = the elevator of my soul.

  8. Patsi Sota says:

    Cathy-I felt so sensual and beautiful.

    It was also like the equivalent of:

    A. Kissing Russell Crowe
    B. Or a feminine deodorant commercial.


    • Kathleen says:

      Cathy — one of my favorite sights… the rhythmic swaying movement of pasture grasses… and you got me right there! Moved me from the fallen autumn leaves pilled high at the bases of their now bare birth-sites that sit outside my windows to a warmer time. Thank you. I shall now got get my sweeter on but keep the image you created in my mind’s eye.

  9. Julia Karr says:

    “So, come on. Just one teensy look at my new do?” Medusa scrunched her snakes into wicked curls. “No tricks. I promise.”
    “Yeah, right,” Merlin muttered, shielding his eyes as he passed the fabled siren. “And my crystal ball‘s never cloudy either.”
    “Seriously, Merl,” she cooed. “I made a particular point to use my non-stone-inducing contacts. I know I burned through the last ones, but Pegasus delivered a dozen extra-strength ones this morning. I feel fabulous! Synergized! I want to go dancing. Come on… Please?” She grabbed the sleeve of Merlin’s robe and pulled him toward the elevator.
    “No. I am not going to Nymphs 21. I hate that club.”
    But, the thing about sirens is, they are so damned persuasive.
    In one spontaneous motion, Merlin spun around, sweeping Medusa into his arms. But, not before he’d slipped his Anti-Medusa-Gaze RayBans over his eyes. “Alright! Let’s boogie, babe!”

  10. Stacia says:

    Office Gossip
    Merlin‘s beard! Nobody mentioned that the Hogwarts castle has a crystal ball stored somewhere within the school grounds.
    I overheard Ron and Harry synergized with other Gryffindor members their spontaneous plan to find this particular ball. They are mainly using the Room of Requirement. Legend has it that the ball is the key portal to unleash a Pegasus that can fly across our fabled world into the real one we’re now at.
    I saw Hermione’s parents, those poor Muggles, on the building’s elevator earlier. They were going up, stuffing chunks of human hair into a wardrobe stored on the 13th floor. I know our office is full of fabulous people, but I suspect one of you is Medusa.
    Isn’t that right? You give away your fake little hair pieces and turn them into the Pegasus’ wings, didn’t you?
    Stop speaking in Parseltongue! Now pass me the ball so that we can return to our world, or I’ll –
    “Avra Kadavra!”

    For fellow Harry Potter fans 🙂

  11. […] want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Write well and often, ACan you believe it? Creative Copy Challenge is up to #86! Give it a try; it’s fun and builds writing […]

  12. Jim took the elevator to the penthouse garden. Several statues posed among the potted trees and pampered shrubs.

    “Impressive,” Jim said to The Collector, “I’ve never seen statues with such detailed and particular expressions. And so many! There must be a couple dozen just in the courtyard.”

    “27, to be exact. I come across them from time to time, and bring them here to keep me company.” The Collector smiled slightly. “I assume you are here for a Figurine?”

    “Yes, the Merlin, not the Pegasus,” Jim said.

    “Ah, excellent,” The Collector replied. “My most fabled acquisition. Would you like to see it, or just buy it and take it home?”

    “Of course I’d like to see it first,” said Jim. “I’m not a total rube!”

    The Collector produced the Figurine with a flourish. Jim stepped in for a closer look.

    Fabulous,” said Jim. Two or three times. The figurine was small but amazingly detailed. The mists in the tiny crystal ball almost seemed to move; there was even the hint of a face in it. The Collector offered him a loupe.

    Jim leaned forward and brought the loupe up toward his right eye. “I can almost make out the face. It looks like…Medusa!”

    The crystalline crackling sound of spontaneous fossilization synergized with The Collector’s laughter.

    “28!” he said.

  13. Cathy Miller says:

    @Steven-Great, great story! Love the creativity! 🙂

  14. Deirdre Reid says:

    Whooooosh, bang. The elevator jolted to a stop. Damn, we’re already late, this can’t be happening. I looked over to Merlin. His look of dread told me he was thinking what I was thinking – Medusa is going to be pissed.

    When she’s in a bad mood, it’s not a pretty sight. We had already set her off when she called to say her “salon was full of fabulous people, a spontaneous party! Come on over! I’ll send Pegasus to pick you up.” Merlin had to go and insult her and her fabled chauffeur by saying he preferred to take our own transport, thank you.

    He’s always been a particular man but during these last few centuries, he’s become even more difficult. “I’m not mounting that creature! It smells like her snake-infested hair. And why do we have to go over there? It’s always the same crowd, such old boors.” If I was the crystal ball type, I would have consulted it for advice, but my people don’t believe in such nonsense. Instead, after an hour of cajoling and promises of bedtime favors, my old man and I climbed on the back of our best stag and made haste for Medusa’s door. By now we were late. Medusa hates latecomers. It’s all about Medusa, you see.

    And now, this. Stuck in this confounded elevator with a grumpy and hungry old wizard. I let out my banshee wail. Within moments Medusa and her guests gathered outside the elevator door. We heard shouts for crowbars and the hums of magical chants. The voice we dreaded now cried out with glee. “What fun! A rescue! This is my best party ever! Get to it, boys!” The guests were synergized; their energy permeated the elevator. I even detected a slight smile behind the old fellow’s beard. Within minutes, the doors were pried open and we were greeted with huzzahs and big stinky hugs from the hostess herself. In a noisy festive clamor we returned to her chambers. The feast and champagne went on for hours. Even Merlin agreed, it was one of our best nights out in ages.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Deirdre: Welcome to the CCC. A most excellent 1st submission. Love the picture you painted for us. Everyone welcome Deirdre to the addiction. I’ll put your name and URL on the CCC Community Links page now.

      • Deirdre Reid says:

        Thanks for the welcome! I did this on a whim after reading about it on About Freelance Writing and really enjoyed the experience. I never write anything fictional, didn’t think I could but I’m learning that these self-imposed limitations are meant to be broken. This could be a nice regular Saturday morning exercise.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Deidre – Welcome to CCC!

        It’s fabulous that Anne has sent yet another. Anne is the one who sent me this particular way. My first visit was spontaneous. The rest has become an addiction. I, too, made my visits a Saturday treat. Lately, I seem to be sneaking over more and more during the week.

        It’s a synergized trip of great fun and satisfaction with fabled results. Pegasus and Medusa compete with the likes of Bayou Billy and James the Assassin. You can read about them in Community Links. In the spirit of the 86th challenge, Merlin gazes into his crystal ball and sees a long relationship with CCC is surely in your future. So, catch the next elevator to heaven and find the CCC community.


  15. Francisco Reyes says:

    Merlin‘s last thoughts
    Who would have thought that this would be my last day alive. It was a day like any other. I did not expect anything fabulous to happen. In particular not as I exited the elevator. I could have ridden Pegasus today to the penthouse, but the elevator felt more spontaneous. It was as if fate and my mood had synergized to have me in this place at this time.

    As the elevator door opened I was looking inside my bag for a snack. I dropped the bag and away rolled my Crystal Ball. As the fabled item rolled down the hallway someone stopped it for me. I got down on the floor to get my bag. As the stranger approached, she said to me … “if you had used this ball to see your future, other would have been your fate”. Although puzzled by her words, I was taken by the warmth of her voice; it was as if life itself reached the cold heart of the dead and brought it back to life. As I prepared to get up, eagerly awaiting to see the eyes of the beholder of such beautiful voice, I thought that someday as my last breath escapes my mouth I hope I will have such beautiful voice by my side to comfort me. As luck my have it, my wish was granted. As I looked into her eyes, I needed not an introduction. I knew her name, it was Medusa.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Francisco: Welcome to the CCC. Great 1st submission. Love the ending. You’ll gonna’ love it here. Everyone welcome Francisco to the addiction.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @ Francisco – Welcome to CCC!

        Welcome to the fabulous community where no particular style is required. So be spontaneous as you want when you tackle the challenging 10.  Use the synergized creativity to go where no fabled writer has gone before. Travel in time where Pegasus flies and Medusa rules. Or ask Merlin to gaze in his crystal ball so you can know a world far, far away.

        Hop on the Elevator Express to your wildest dreams and the community that applauds the show.


  16. After a fabulous party which was organized for no particular reason some spontaneous use of recreational drugs synergized the euphoria as many of us went to the rooftop of the hotel to view the fabled Pegasus in the northern sky. After several more hallucinations of the medusa merln magically produced more of the drug of choice as if he had a crystal ball telling him it was wearing off. Unfortunately for me the next hit knocked me out and I woke up three hours later in the elevator of my building?

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Matt: Wow. Can you believe it’s been 9 months since your last submission! Time flies. Glad to see you back. Damn, this reminds me of college! 🙂

  17. Francisco Reyes says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to future challenges.

  18. Kelly says:


    Oh, things were bad before. But back a couple of years ago when Merlin and Medusa decided to get together, their synergized offices were able to jam out the evil spells and poisoned potions with such speed and economy (not to mention antiheroic creativity) that our particular situation got much, much worse. Some days it’s like being on the express elevator, going down—to Hades. My poor little Pegasus hasn’t been able to fly since 2005, if the little fellow was able to even then. All his fabulous energy is consumed in fear; all his spontaneous motion has been reduced to cautious tiptoeing; his fabled voice is nearly silenced, cowering in the room he visits every-other-weekend and on Thursday overnights.
    If I’d had a crystal ball would I have married the warlock in the first place, Pegasus asks one night, in tears. After all, it was years of bad alchemy before the divorce, and since then, with two mentally ill witches together… sometimes it’s so much worse.
    “My little horse with the broken wings, how on Zeus’ green Earth would I have gotten you if I hadn’t? (And remember, little one, Mama doesn’t like name-calling, even for Merlin and Medusa. It doesn’t really make your heart feel better.)

    “No. Though I am very, very sad about the bad alchemy, and angry too, no changes. Even with a crystal ball.

    “Because no magic could ever be bad enough to make me regret a single moment of you, sweet thing.”

  19. Aaron Pogue says:

    The Girl Who Stayed the Same (continued….)
    Jesse hesitated, but finally asked the question that had been bothering everyone for so long. “So…” he said, trying to sound casual and spontaneous, “what happened? With you and Kelly?”
    Jonas held his eyes for a moment, then shrugged one shoulder. “You.”
    Jesse blinked. “What?”
    “You,” Jonas said. “You…ruined everything. You fell upon our Eden like a rain of fire, and the devastation was absolute.”
    “I…” Jesse stared, mouth hanging open. “What? No! I’ve never even heard of you!”
    “And that’s what makes it so impressive,” Jonas said, with a touch of grudging admiration. “You annihilated something incredible just by…not waking up.”
    Jesse shook his head. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Jeez, a guy’s got to be Merlin with a crystal ball to figure out anything you say. What happened between you and Kelly?”
    “A world was born, a new paradise carved out of mediocrity. A special kind of light bloomed and grew to a stunning radiance. Fabled Pegasus soared in grandeur across a sky of perfect blue. And then, from half a world away, lying here helpless in a hospital bed…you just damn snuffed it out.”
    “For crying out loud!” Jesse snapped. “Just say it plainly! What happened between you?”
    Jonas answered with a roar of his own. “What happened between you?” His hair flew wildly, eyes wide in a rage, and Jesse shrank away from him. Jonas pressed the question, though. “What did you do to her, to damage her so much?”
    Jesse’s mouth fell open and he gasped. “How dare you?”
    “You’re asking awfully particular questions,” Jonas said, ominous. “I feel like that gives me some license to do the same.”
    “You don’t know me–”
    “I don’t know Medusa, either,” Jonas said, “but I can damn sure recognize her handiwork.”
    “What does that even mean?” Jesse shouted.
    “I changed her life,” Jonas said, and his voice was quiet now, soft, but it still carried the threat of danger. “I turned her into a star, Jesse. That’s not an exaggeration. There are people right now, in New York and Paris and Los Angeles, all clamoring for more of her work. They think she’s fabulous.”
    Jesse’s brows came down. “For what?”
    “For her photography. She’s incredible, Jesse, and she threw it all away.”
    Jesse shook his head. That was supposed to be his fault? Out in the corridor, he heard the loud ding of an elevator arriving on their level. It startled him, for no good reason at all, and he frowned at Jonas.
    “What did I do?”
    “That’s what I want to know.” Jonas turned away. His voice burned darkly. “You broke her, somewhere way, way down deep. The words of your name are a spell over her, holding her down, and nothing I could do could break that.”
    Jesse didn’t answer right away. He wanted to. It felt important for him to object, to discard the man’s ridiculous accusations, but he couldn’t make the words come together. He settled for another question instead.
    “What do you do?”
    Jonas smirked. Jesse saw it in the sudden jerk of his shoulder. “I fix broken people.”
    “That’s what I do, too,” Jesse said. He said it softly, not really expecting it to be much of a bulwark, but Jonas just shook his head slowly back and forth.
    “You tend to them. You care for them. You usher them on. But I fix them, preacher man. I make them into something they weren’t before.”
    Jesse had heard that argument before, and he hadn’t much patience for it. “Oh yeah?” he sounded childish, even in his own ears, but he couldn’t bite back the retort. “So, what, you synergized my little sister? How’d you do it? Did you help her maximize her productivity, or just encourage her to chase her passion? ”
    He didn’t rise to the bait. His answer came quietly. “No,” he said. “Nothing like that. I…inspired her. Just by being around, just by seeing her for who she was, I helped her find who she was supposed to be, and I got to watch her become it.”
    He rose, slowly, and then turned with a terrible deliberateness to meet Jesse’s eyes. He looked like doom. “And I got to watch you shatter her all over again, Jesse Lane. There’s something between you darker than all the light her hope can muster. Somehow, you told her a lie about who she was that none of my honesty could overcome.”
    It should have been ridiculous. Jesse reached for a sarcastic laugh, for a contemptuous sneer, but he couldn’t find them. He grasped after the words that would send his accuser away in shame, but they eluded his grasp. In the end, under that terrible gaze, all he could do was hang his head.
    He felt Jonas nod over him. “She couldn’t bear the memory of the light, Jesse. That’s what happened between us. She couldn’t bear the memory of her paradise, living here in your shadow. She’s back to being who she was before, because of you, and that poor creature will not let me near it.”
    He turned to go, but stopped in the doorway. Jesse strained to hear the words. “She needs me, Jesse. And you do, too. Neither of you gets me, though…because of you.”
    And then, with that, he left.

  20. Kathleen says:

    The elevator opened, effortlessly, very much like magic, to a 5 foot 8 inch man draped in a blueberry juice dyed cotton tunic. A like colored hat snuggly encircled his head extending up another foot before it tapered to a point and gave way to the cloth’s weight as it narrowed to its tip. He was holding a mahogany staff topped with a shinny glass ball the size of a large apple in his left hand. He stepped forward; cautiously disembarking the box … finding all well he turned left and strode to the door with the number 13 on it. Lifting his right hand he rapped his knuckles just below the gilded numbers.
    Footfalls on a wooden floor could be heard. They grew louder within seconds.
    “Who is it?” a genteel voice quested.
    “It is I, Medusa …” before he could finish his sentence the door swung open.
    Merlin,” she purred as she proudly presented herself for his visual inspection.
    His eyes were treated to a vision of fearful beauty. It was her eyes that caught him first; a set of sparkling green eyes outlined in dark green and highlighted with a golden shimmering powder on the lids above them. Her long lashes further framed them. Her smooth milky skin drew his eyes down of her cheek to her long bare neck, bare shoulders, and down her scantily clad torso. Her hourglass shape gave rise to full breasts, hidden from full view by deep red crape, a narrow midriff, and generous hips aided in balancing her upper body upon her two shapely legs that could be seen through the opaque red, gold, and green skirt layers. Moments later his eyes traveled back up her vessel to the wiggling snakes nestled in her strawberry blonde locks.
    His smile was wide and not hidden by his long white mustache and beard.
          “Let me grab my wrap,” she said turning on a heal leaving the layers of her skirt to catch on the wind exposing more of shapely legs.
            He stood still watching her effortlessly glide across the floor to a chaise longue. She reached out her elegant hand wrapping her long fingers – accented with lustrous long red fingernails — around copious amounts of deep red plush fabric. The tinny, almost musical, clink of the metal that encircled her wrist reflected the full moon that shown through her windowpane. She hefted the cloak with ease turning again to face her escort.
            “May I help you with that?”
            “That would be faaaabbbb-uuuu-lous,” she said gleefully as she closed the distance between them once again.
            She placed the cape into his outstretched hands. He waited for her to step over the threshold and secure the dwelling before lifting the red cloth up to her bare shoulders. His fingers lingered momentarily on her skin. An electrical charge surged up his fingertips, up his arms, and into the core of his body. He mentally noted it was not a particularly unpleasant tingling.
            They shared a spontaneous sigh, before they departed.
    “Shall we?” he encouraged as he placed the nibble digits of his right hand on the hollow of her back. She allowed the corners of her glossy berry-red lips to rise. Pleased with their silent exchange they began their exit.
            They stopped in front a set of matching reflective doors. They stood semi-patiently, waiting to be admitted, in a nearly awkward silence only interrupted by the slithering sound her snake-hair was making. Impatience began to get the best of Merlin.  He tapped his staff on the ground, a bright white light emanated from the crystal ball perched atop it blocking anyone’s view of her outstretched finger depressing the circular button next to the shinny doors. Seconds later, before the brilliance of the light fully left their mind’s eye, the doors opened.
            “Madam,” he said gently encouraging her embarking into the gilded transport with his right hand, still resting on her lower back. She responded by bravely sashaying into the lift. He willingly followed her. Prior to settling they rotated so they were facing the direction from which they came. She extended her arm pushed the button with the down turned chevron. The doors closed and they began their decent.
            It only took moments for their decent to come to an end, the doors to open and allow them an unobscured path to the lobby. Twenty feet more and they would be able to mount their mode of transportation.
            Medusa smiled as the now fabled Pegasus waited for them unattended. She mounted the steed first with Merlin snuggling in behind her on the steeds bareback. She reached up stroking the winged equine on the neck. He began to move, it was evident to any onlooker their movements as one within two hoof-falls. By the time the threesome took flight their synergized movements had them moving as one.
            “The stars are particularly bright tonight,” she said as they ascended.
            “Yes. Yes. This will be a fine night,” he whispered in her ear as she leaned back into him.




  21. Avenged in Blood Part 43
     The next 3 hours were particularly fabulous. What started out as spontaneous became synergized and fabled. It was an intense elevator of emotion. I drifted off to sleep, Lola comfortably entwined in one arm, my .45 nestled under my pillow.
    I dreamed. I was a wizard. I was Merlin himself, gazing into a crystal ball trying to see my future. I saw two different futures; they both involved Lola. In the first, I was riding off into the happily ever after on Pegasus from the stories, in the other, I woke up next to Medusa.
    Eventually, the morning came, and Lola was just Lola…..

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