Autism Stories #1

“I turn the light on?”

“I turn the light on?”

“I turn the light on?”

“No, son. We’re not turning any lights on. You want some juice?”

“I turn the lights OFF?”

“Come on, Chris, just take your juice.”

“I turn the lights off?”

Bleepin’ lights! Why this obsession with lights?

“Here. Let’s just go in and eat your breakfast. Take your juice, Bubba.

Screams erupt.

“What’s wrong now? Use your words. Remember to use your words.”

“I don’t… wanna… eat eggs!”

“You don’t have to freakin’ eat your eggs. Just sit with Daddy and Mommy okay? Jesus!”

I pick my son up and put him on his chair, feeling guilty over my inability to control my tone… feeling sadness regarding his Autism and the way his eyes tear up when Daddy gets angry.

“I’m sorry son. Give me a hug, Bubba… I love you…you know I love you more than anything right? Ohhhhhhhhhh, that’s my boy. I love you soooooooo much. Do you love Daddy?”

“Chris, do you love Daddy?”

“I turn the lights off?”