Creative Writing Prompts: What Types Do You Like?

We were thinking about adding different prompt types.

Picture prompts.

Single word prompts.

Finish the sentence prompts.

What do you all think about these other prompt types? Any experience with them or opinions about them? And if we added any, should we add more days or just replace one 10-word day with a different type? Should we not fix what isn’t broken?

Decisions, decisions. Let us know in the comments.


29 Comments on “Creative Writing Prompts: What Types Do You Like?”

  1. MZMackay says:

    Hi Shane!  Happy New Year, by the way.  I particularly like “Finish the sentence” prompts!  I think you can add a day for that, for a speed-style prompt.  I think the twice a week 10-word prompts are great.  (Of course, I haven’t done one in a while…)

  2. Anne Wayman says:

    Single word!
    Finish the sentence!
    Can I have them all?
    Would love to see what I’d do with these and what others would do… but only one a day please – I do have work to do. 😉

  3. Cathy Miller says:

    @Shane-my favorite (because I’m a visual person) is the picture prompt. I like the idea of rotating the different prompt types. Like Anne, I shouldn’t add to my existing addiction. 🙂

  4. Shane Hudson says:

    I do think we should add these on separate days though, definitely do not want to lose the 10 words!

  5. For creativity sake, I like both finish the sentence and I assume you would post a picture and commenters would build a story or prose around the picture which could be fun.  But I like the 10 random word game now, my participation is about maxed out at 2 days per week.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Justin: Thanks. Yeah, people would write about whatever the picture brings to their mind.
      The maxed out factor will be a factor in the decision for sure.

  6. Mix it up, for sure! Thanks for your devotion.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Giulietta: Thanks for your input. You keep posting that that’s all the inspiration I need to be devoted. 🙂

  7. Shane Arthur says:

    programming note: The real reason I had to start another website:

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @Shane-very funny-don’t you hate when you sometimes can’t get past your hang-ups. It’s like when I used to get snail mail personal letters and couldn’t get past the misspellings to enjoy the letter. 🙂

      • Shane Arthur says:

        @Cathy: It’s tough to turn the editor brain off. I have dreams I’m wrestling with sentences, and when I defeat a flabby one, another one appears. I wake up feeling like I need to sleep to recover from the dreams. 🙂  But, I loved combining two popular literary culture items into one theme. 🙂

  8. post examples; i can imagine them as great or terrible!

  9. Shane, darned if this post didn’t dredge up a memory from elementary school!
    I first realized that I loved to write when our class was presented with a writing assignment.

    A scene, cut from a glossy magazine and lovingly pasted onto bright construction paper, was propped on the ledge of the chalkboard at kid-friendly height. This post-lunch image mesmerized my otherwise somnolent little brain into fantasy.
    I don’t remember the picture, or my words. I just remember having a bona fide Jean Shepard moment. The teacher praised the creativity, cemented my confidence on a pedestal and – most importantly – implicitly gave me permission to share my quirkiness rather than conform to the expectations of the norm.
    So, guess which addition I’d like to see on CCC?

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Mitchell: Reminds me of my 7th grade creative writing teacher. She encouraged us to throw it out there, no matter how off the wall. I still have that black and white journal. Thanks for your input.

  10. Larry Brooks just had a contest based on song lyrics — that might be an interesting path to explore.

    Ultimately though, I think the challenge is to take 10 random words and give them order, no? Perhaps the occasional change to mix it up would be interesting. From my perspective, generally speaking I think you’re right on your last point: why mess with a good thing?


    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Graham: I was that post from Larry. Two years ago I bought Song Writing For Dummies and I’ve been hooked ever since. I agree. I don’t want to mess with something that doesn’t appear broken, but I’m curious to see what would happen with the other forms with the talent inside the CCC.

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