Writing Prompts: Creative Copy Challenge #134

Today we have our own James “Truant With Apples” Chartrand picking the words. Remind her how long it’s been since she’s written your assassin story.

Writing prompts cure writer’s block. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, do those too.)

  1. Sultry
  2. Tempting
  3. Persuasion
  4. Convincing
  5. Charm
  6. Appealing
  7. Attractive
  8. Seduction
  9. Alluring
  10. Grandmother

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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107 Comments on “Writing Prompts: Creative Copy Challenge #134”

  1. Shane Arthur says:

    “Billy! Am I attractive, alluring, and charming?”

    “Bobby, you got two seconds to explain yourself before I done shoot you!”

    “I’m readin’ this here book on seduction and persuasion.”

    “What it tell you to do, Bobby?”

    “It say it’s temptin’ to be a nice guy, but nice guys don’t appeal to the ladies, only to grandmothers. It says to be convincing wit da ladies, you have to be suave to attract the sultry ones.

    “Bobby, dat sounds about right.”

    “But, why would I want to get Suave shampoo just so I can get a woman that taste like salt?”

  2. margaret says:

    Yes, I’m a grandmother, this is true,
    but don’t let my age fool you!
    It’s tempting to assume
    that sultry is in the tomb.

    It’s my persuasion to believe that charm
    is appealing and does no harm
    and attractive and alluring
    is that I still leave them purring!

    I need no introduction
    to the fine art of seduction
    and I do not need convincing
    that this will leave my kids wincing! 😉

  3. Anne Wayman says:

    She’s sultry, tempting. Her persuasion is convincing, with an attractive, appealing charm. Her alluring seduction makes it almost impossible to believe she’s a grandmother.

  4. Tanja Cilia says:

    Sultry persuasion, alluring seduction and convincing charm… really, that’s all you need,” said the grandmother, still  lithe and attractive at 60. The prospects she presented to the teen were appealing, tempting her to join the belly-dancing troupe forthwith.

    Anne, you beat me to it this time.  I didn’t look at yours before I wrote mine!

  5. (My apologies ahead of time. I was feeling a little quirky and goofy. Spring is in the air. Also, I was somehow thinking of the song “Stacy’s Mom” but only after I finished. Please enjoy!)

    The tempting looks from this sultry girl are telling me I am of her persuasion. Yay, though her charms appear convincing and appealing and her face so young and attractive, I will not let this siren way me. She can never surmount the seduction of her alluring grandmother.

  6. Kelly says:


    We put them into office
    then line ‘em up against the wall
    We want ‘em to make headway
    but cause *us* no pain at all
    The only ones who make it are connected, rich and fat
    then we wonder why the mess we’re in gets worse, or best, stays flat

    Grandmother’s great Depression
    made us crave self-satisfaction
    We don’t want to have to ration
    Let’s make our kids pay for our actions
    Not allowed serious propositions
    All suggestions
    No ideation
    Still can’t get cooperation
    So we lower expectations
    with unattractive implications
    I vote you in, one stipulation
    You fix it & give me exclusions

    Seems tempting to make allegations
    it’s alluring to collect ovations
    convincing some with pontification
    and punishments with no repercussions
    Instead give debt consolidation
    to the biggest corporations
    Wealth progession—
    the grand seduction
    with accumulation
    Raw ambition
    Status preservation
    Bet one day I’ll be in that position
    Won’t stop your train from leaving the station
    but I wonder why the mess we’re in gets worse, or best, stays flat

    for modernization
    without conservation
    No mobilization
    to save civilization
    of the cannibalization
    in preservation
    of tiny wildlife reservations
    So much is disinformation
    You appealing, for my persuasion
    Are *we* headed for obliteration?
    Can’t look at it without emotion
    Just put it up for more discussion
    Do you wonder why the mess we’re in gets worse, or best, stays flat?

    Administrations, corporations,
    institutions, nascent nations,
    don’t focus on my contradictions
    I think I want a revolution
    if it won’t pinch my remuneration
    & causes me no complications
    I do see its sultry charm
    though I like things as they are

    So I let you out of obligations
    then blame it on some other faction
    I’m in full participation
    but that’s not my interpretation
    It’s far too late for hesitation
    and this whiny vocalization

    I let you have your way
    and though I won’t say so today
    You let me have mine.

    That’s prob’ly why the mess we’re in gets worse, or best, stays flat—
    Self-deception’s where it’s at

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Kelly: Loved it. My grandmother showed me her ration book she still has from WWII era. Fascinating stuff. I could hear this piece as a song like the It’s the end of the world as we know it REM song.

      • Kelly says:

        Shane – believe it or not it actually is the draft of a song I’m nearly through with. Had to change it a bit for the challenge words, but it helped me work through some issues to re-do it here.

        You never know what uses we’ll come up with for the CCC.


        • Shane Arthur says:

          @Kelly: I have a country music song all ready to go. All I need is a cool, PUBLISHED song writer to take me under their wing and help me polish it. Wish I could play an instrument. I’m working on that.

      • margaret says:

        Love it, Kelly…very well thought out and phrased. you did sing-song proud!

    • Okay, you HAVE TO listen to the last minute or so of the Sting song “Inside” the way you incorporate the words with *ion and even the words you used rang so similar though the meaning in which you apply them is very different.
      Really interesting poem.

    • Nice song, Kelly! An anthem for the 21st century. Had me thinking of Ball of Confusion.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Vivienne Ambrose was tempting fate by pursuing Jack Dalton, but she couldn’t help herself. She found his Southern charm appealing and tingled all over at the thought of him. His dark hair and dark eyes were alluring; he became more attractive with each meeting. Convincing him to leave his wife wasn’t easy. After all, Jacquelyn Montgomery was heir to a multi-billion dollar publishing fortune that was started by her grandmother in the late 1880s. Normally, Vivienne’s powers of persuasion would work on anyone but Jack wasn’t easily swayed. She was skilled in the art of seduction but had to step up her game. Dressing in sultry attire wasn’t enough. She needed to revise her plan in order to pull Jack away from Jacquelyn once and for all.

  8. Foreign Identity
    Part 34
    When Jax awoke, his mind was fuzzy. His muscles ached. They were sore and stiff like he’d been asleep for days. Maybe he had. His stomach growled loudly, but it was the least of his concerns. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in a small room. It had four white walls, a hard floor and one light fixture mounted on the ceiling above. He was alone.
    He tried to concentrate, to focus his brain. He couldn’t remember how he’d gotten here. He remembered being assaulted by the mass of waves, but nothing after that. Something wasn’t right. He stood, turned in a circle, and then a startling fact hit him. There wasn’t a single door. Or any other way out. In or out. He was utterly trapped, and there was no hope of escape.
    He crumpled to the floor, dropped his head into his hands and wept.
    He remained a prostrate heap on the floor long after his tears had dried up. There were so many questions left unanswered, and yet all he could focus on was the bitter regret.
    Why had he ever left the cabin in the woods? Why had he been curious enough to risk it all, to come back to this horrid place? Back there, he had sustenance. A soft bed. And he had Kel. A lump lodged itself in his throat when he thought of her – her alluring blue eyes, her sultry lips and her soft, endearing manner.
    He hadn’t allowed himself to think of her since she had fled the room. Hopefully she’d made it out of the building safely. The idea that something else might have happened was too dire to consider. He sat back against the wall, put his head in his hands and wondered what she was doing right at that moment.
    If they hadn’t left, they would never have found the wedding picture or the journal. They had been married…they were married, but that was in another lifetime, back in some other world where their identities were known.
    If he hadn’t been so desperate to know, he could have settled for peace and tranquility. They had had all that back at the cabin. But instead, he’d used his powers of persuasion to get her to come with him. He should have gotten on one knee and asked her to be his, forever, once and for all, instead of traipsing back to this nightmare of a place. They could have started a family. Watched their children grow up. He could’ve become a grandfather, she a grandmother. The prospect was more than attractive from where he now sat. But for some reason, seeking answers had been more tempting then. Perhaps the greatest mystery was why this place held such great powers of seduction.
    He looked up suddenly, realizing he wasn’t alone. A single ripple hung in mid-air on the other side of the small room. How long had it been there? He shot it a glare. “Here to torture me some more?” But it just hovered, silently undulating in place.
    “Where are the rest of them? Did the other bug zappers draft you to do their dirty work? Or did they just want a break from all the zapping?”
    No response.
    “Take your time. I’m in no hurry for an answer.” His voice dripped with sarcasm. He scooted back against the wall, folded his arms across his chest and stared daggers at the thing. After several long minutes, his stomach rumbled again.
    As if on cue, the wave flickered a few times, emitting a short series of buzzes. Then, it vanished.

    “Well, that was weird.” He frowned. Everything in this whole place was nothing less than bizarre.
    A few minutes later, the ripple was back. It had just materialized through the wall. With it was another object – an apple. The fruit floated over to him and gently descended to the floor in front of him. He looked at it, blinked, and then looked back at the wave.
    “Bringing me food? What do you want from me, anyway?”
    “I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but it’s going to take a lot more than an apple to charm me.” He gave it another glare.
    After several minutes, the wave disappeared again. When it returned, a huge assortment of fruit materialized, one by one each piece gliding to him and plopping itself down at his feet. His jaw dropped open, but then he looked back at the wave, clamping it shut again.
    He sat there silent for a long time, his gaze alternating between the fruit and the ripple. It was almost as if it was trying to be…nice? Or maybe it wanted him to think that. But he needed more convincing.
    While the fruit smelled quite appealing, pride kept him from diving for it. He still couldn’t get his mind off Kel, or shake the feeling that something had happened to her. He felt weak, dizzy. He was wearing thin. Finally, the last of his obstinacy melted away.
    “Where is she?” he asked.
    The wave flickered blue light and zapped for an instant.
    His eyes widened. “You know something, don’t you?”
    It flickered again.
    He frowned. Even if it could understand him, how could he communicate with it? All the stupid zapper could do was flash and buzz. Then he had an idea. He sat forward. “Can you understand me? Zap once for no and twice for yes.”
    Zap, zap.
    His heart raced. What did he want to know the most? “Is she safe?”
    Zap, zap.
    “Why are you here?”
    The ribbon stuttered a mess of flickering buzzes.
    He closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. Let’s try that again. He looked at the ribbon. “Are you here to hurt me?”
    He took a deep breath. “I’m not on Earth anymore, am I?”
    “Are we on another planet?”
    Zap, zap.
    “Can you send me back home?”
    He sighed and collapsed back against the wall. Then what was the point of anything? He grabbed the apple and sunk his teeth in, tasting only the bitterness of his hopeless situation.

  9. Here is my entry today and many others have lumped an older woman together as a sign of positive as in (she still has it in her age), but my poem took a darker look at the other side of the coin.

    She is of the saddest persuasion
    convincing others of a charm long lost
    appealing to base desires with sultry intention
    yet attractive looks and alluring qualities faded
    once tempting seduction to bring men to their knees
    now just a sad cry for attention from a grandmother
    and now the cougar no longer catches any prey

  10. Chris Fries says:

    arrrgggh… now I screwed up the formatting…

  11. Chris Fries says:

    I’m travelling this week, and currently have spotty internet access, so I’m going to try and leave this abbreviated posting, and then see when I can get back to comment on everyone else’s pieces.
    The Look of Murder — Part 8

    When Lieutenant Walls said he was taking Margaret in for questioning, her brother-in-law Lawrence huffed and harrumphed, but his stuffy and inept powers of persuasion had no effect in convincing Walls to refrain from carting her away.  Margaret seemed too stunned to make any attempt at using her alluring charm to slip out of the grasp of Walls.

    I had to admit it; that film canister seemed legit, so it would be hard for anyone to schmooze their way out of a trip downtown once that turned up, even an attractive rich woman.  Attractive rich women have been known to rub out their husbands, and Walls was no dolt.  When a stiff turns up, any decent cop is going to suspect the spouse, and an incriminating piece of evidence sitting on their dresser is going to make them damn appealing as a suspect, whether they’re a sultry heiress like Margaret or some feeble old grandmother.

    But I didn’t for one second believe that Margaret had left that canister on her dresser.  She was too smart of a broad to do something as stupid as leave something like that out, even if she had knocked off Charles.  Which I didn’t believe either, and not just because I’d fallen under the power of her seduction.  I’d seen the look on her face when she realized what it might be.  She’d been shocked.  And if she’d killed the guy, why the hell would she have left the body lying there and then sent me to the cabin to find it?  It didn’t make sense.  So as tempting as it might be for Walls to consider her as a suspect, I wasn’t buying it.

    After I watched them drive off with Margaret in the back seat, I came up with a plan.  I needed to talk to Dotson, the lawyer who’d recommended me to Margaret, and I needed to find out from the cops what was on that film.

    Then I might be able to get to the bottom of this.

    For Margaret.

  12. meek willed says:

    Sue’s father over shadowing me in an intimidating fashion and then grind at me to my surpries and ask “did my little girl ask anything” in total shook i gust stood there wide eyed not wanting to say i had been the one to ask her out.
    Then he patted me on  the head as if I was a five year old and told me “your mum called and  I let here in on why you were out so late and she told me to let you know your grandmother has come for one of her surprize visit’s” to which my only response was dam I gust my lost bed and room.
    Then with big alluring eyes sue asked “would you like to come in for coffee” her dad node and walk in and with a great amount of charm she added a please then with some seduction beckoned me  with her index finger.
    I came in closing the door behind me and remembered to seen a little text saying  “I might be awhile I am Sue’s and ow yer say hi to Gran for me” before going in to the kitchen to be with Sue.
    As I went to talk to Sue my phone went off and altho it was tempting to Ignore it  i decided i best answer it which I did only to be ask what’s going on and if I was going to come home before one in the morning which bout up the appealing thoughts of sleeping over like i had done in the passed.
    So i ask my mum i could stay over and with a little persuasion she said it would be ok as long as she could speak to Sue’s dad first which I had nothing agents and Sue who forgot about making coffees and had taken to listening in on my conversation had ran to ask.
    After letting them talk Sue’s dad said it was ok as long as we did not do anything sultry under his roof to which we both convincingly answered yes too and I blissfully followed my attractive new girlfriend up to the spare bedroom.

    • And we both know how THAT went. LOL

      • meek willed says:

        @mitch: you dirty minded fool lol I sead I wasent going to do anything 18+ in these storry and any dirty thorts you come up with are all your own.

        • My mind is clean. I was hinting at the coming pillow fight. What were you thinking???

          • meek willed says:

            @mitch: ow i was geting at one of a many posebel thing i not going to wright about 🙂 and iv never made out I have a clean mine but i’v never hear of an 18 year old copule going up to bed to have a pillow fight lol.

          • Well, I did. And it sometimes leads to that one possibility of which you hint.
            A really violent version of that idea was played out with guns instead of pillows:
            Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  13. Once upon a time, there lived in the woods of Abstemia, a wicked witch by the name of Hedwig. She was the joke of the kingdom; all of her spells had the opposite effect on her victims. The king never bothered to have her burned at the stake because, frankly, he found her antics amusing. Besides, she had turned many of his enemies into his dearest friends. That feat alone was enough to stay the king’s hand.

    It so happened that the king was hunting wild boar on a fine summer’s day. As he approached the edge of his lands, his steed stepped into a culvert, which was hidden by overgrown brush. The horse lost its balance, throwing the king across the border. Amazingly, the king was unhurt. Unfortunately, the horse landed badly and broke its neck.

    As the king stood up to brush himself off, an old man shambled out of the nearby thicket and shot the king with a crossbow. “You’re trespassing!”

    “Ouch,” said the king, wondering why the bolt through the heart hadn’t killed him. “I am King Oleander of Abstemia. I was hunting and my horse suffered an accident. Is this how you greet visitors?”

    “Indeed, I usually employ a flaming arrow. Just now, though, I’m a bit low on pitch.”

    “Be that as it may, I’m in need of a new horse. As you can see, Gulliver’s travels have ended.”

    “I will provide a mount, in return for the Witch you know as Hedwig.” The old man lowered the crossbow and eyed the king, greedily.

    “What has that old hag to do with me? She is a hermit in the woods. Besides, who are you to make demands!”

    The old man scowled at the king. “That old hag is my grandmother. Baba Yaga has ruined my life and I wish to exact vengeance.”

    At that, the king laughed. “Surely, you must be the biggest fool in all the lands to succumb to her bumbling hexes. Why, she can’t even poison an apple without she make a refreshing cider.”

    “Laugh if you will, sire. In this land, her power is anything but raillery. She gave me a charm that she promised would ward off  seduction by attractive maidens. I had been having trouble resisting the tempting wares of a sultry serf who was in my employ. Instead, her so-called Guardian Knot just made the wench’s alluring advances even more appealing! Her persuasion was so powerful, the scent of her musk assaulted my wife’s nostrils. My wife took her dowry and left me penniless.”

    The king became serious. “That is a grave accusation, old man. In my kingdom, such an offense against God would be grounds for burning at the stake! Not only for the witch, but also the participants, yourself included.”

    “I’m not interested in your laws, sire. I daresay, you and the church doth mingle overmuch. Yet, my only desire is convincing you to hand over Baba Yaga so that I might deal with her on my own terms.”

    As the king had need of a horse and did not wish to make an enemy in a foreign land, he agreed to deliver the witch to this very same border in thirty days’ time.

    The leaves had begun to cover the forest floor, when three knights brought Hedwig to the border of the kingdom to meet the old man. The king had warned them not to trespass, as he was certain that the witch would overpower them once they left the safety of his land. However, looking at this pitiful old woman with her bony legs and rotten teeth, the knights cheerfully disregarded their orders and jumped over the culvert into the neighboring land. Immediately, the woman spoke an incantation, enslaving the knights, forever.

    To this day, the White Horseman, the Red Horseman and the Black Horseman can be seen doing the bidding of the mighty Baba Yaga.

  14. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane, Mitch, and Justin … Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you liked the story. I think I’ll expand it. It’s on my ‘project’ list.

  15. Lydia says:

    Og paused at cave entrance to look at those behind him.
    “Go!” said his grandmother in her most convincing voice. “Stop tempting the gods with your indecision.” Og walked into the sultry afternoon sun and headed in the direction of the Tree of Persuasion.
    If he was to charm the gods he’d need something alluring. Two fistfuls of ripe blackberries in the offering basket were an appealing start. A rustle in the bushes. He quietly took out his sling. Two stones thwacked against their target. The ptarmigan gutted, wrapped in leaves made an attractive addition to the offering.
    He stood at the tree, stretching his arms to fit the basket into the lowest branches. Now to wait for a sign. Would this gustatory seduction be enough to end the sickness? How many more would die?
    Nightfall. A light in the sky  streaked and scuttled suddenly past the rim of the world. He had his answer.

  16. […] the writing prompts again and have received tremendous feedback on two of my short stories. The one short story was more of an introspective piece and the other is a ‘hot n’ spicy’ story. The […]

  17. Who would pass on something as sultry an offer as that one? My grandmother always tells me to follow the beats of my heart. He was tempting me through every cell of my body in his sweet, convincing charm; a persuasion so appealing you cannot resist. The attractive jawline and the alluring smile never fail to stir some sensual seduction.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Kanmani: Welcome to the CCC. I enjoyed your 1st submission and I hope to see more (each Monday and Thursday). You should always listen to your grandmother. 😉 Everyone welcome Kanmani to the addiction.
      Adding your name and URL to the CCC Community Links page now.

      • KathleenL says:

        Kanmani — Welcome to the addiction! Great first showing. I’d like to see him, too.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Kanamani-Welcome to CCC!

        CCC is a sultry, tempting vixen, full of persuasion and a convincing charm. Appealing and attractive to all who visit, the seduction is one of words that offer an alluring dream with the comforting warmth of a beloved grandmother‘s embrace.

        Welcome to our world.

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to more submissions. 🙂

  18. sefcug says:

    My submission in numerical order:

    A Woman’s Influence
    “She was sultrytempting, adept at the art of persuasion and very convincing when she did so, full of charm,appealing in a subtle way, attractive, known to indulge in seduction, and particularly alluring.”

    These were the words my grandfather used for his eulogy for my grandmother.

    Though a woman can be old, she can still spark a man to appreciate her good qualities, even after she is gone.


    If you are interested here is a link to my post inspired by the April 1st through April 7th, 2011 word of the day entries of The Free Dictionary:



    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Steve: This one initiated unexpected laughter at the eulogy line. Didn’t see that coming. That was like Stephen Wright style there. Write on.

      • sefcug says:



        Never read anything by Stephen Wright, but after your comment I will search for his writing. It sounds like I would enjoy reading his stuff.

        • Shane Arthur says:

          @Steve: Stephen Write is a comedian. He humor comes out of nowhere to make people laugh.

          • KathleenL says:

            sefcug — I hope someone writes a eulogy as wonderful for me… Maybe I should just hire you… I would get a better shot at it. LOL — Thanks for the Smile!!!

  19. KathleenL says:

    “‘Sultry…’ don’t you mean salty?” Shannon laughed. “It is tempting to enroll him in charm school and send him the Gift Certificate in the mail.

    “Yah, because convincing him that alluring southern accent is attractive when there’s sawdust and horse shavin’s on the barn floor.”

    “So you think he even knows blowin’ your nose by puttin’ your thumb up and pressin’ one nostril closed, without benefit of a tissue or hankie is not appealing? That it misses the seduction train by a mile?”
    “My grandmother would even be kickin’ his back-side to the curb,” the people watchin’ sisters laughed heartily.
    “Oh… but his swagger is so full of… persuasion… yah… that’s it… persuasion,” their laughter got the best of them, their volume increased as they could not hold it in any longer. It made the back yard dog look their way.

    “Somebody’s having a good time,” he said to himself as he continued on down his myopic path.

  20. Tiffany Hudson says:

    I looked at my self in the mirror. My long blonde hair in waves pouring over my shoulders. My light blue eyes shone like the sun on a parliculy sultry day. My gazed ran down the long strapless, lined skirt ivory wedding dress with the metallic gold thread and hand-sewn crystals. Even I had to admit that I looked pretty damn attractive.
    I span around to look at the others. Jenny, Rachel and Marla. Jenny’s my maid of honor while Marla and Rachel are my bride maids.
    “Your Grandmother just arrived” my mum chimed as she walked in the room. She gasped as she looked at me. “Beautiful. Alluring. I like that dress it’s very appealing.” She grinned at me.
    The door opened again. My father and Alfie walked in.
    “I had to bully my way into see you. But I wanted to see you before you became my tempting little sister-in-law with all your charm and seduction.” Alfie grinned – like a maniac.
    “what had seduction got to do with Coral?” Rachel asked, her voice shrill and panicked.
    “Don’t know.”
    “Alfie is very good at persuasion. Just like his brother. His brother was convincing me to let you marry him before you broke up. You never told me why, you did break up actully C.” Dad woundered.
    “He punched Alfie and I got annoyed with their fighting.”
    “come on. Everyones ready.” Alfie shouted at me. Scaring the living-day-lights outta me.
    The music started and we started down the ile. Everyone was watching me, but my eyes were on Sam. Alfie was next to him. Both grinning like idiots.
    The ceramony went on. Blah blah blah. Do you do this? Do you do that? And the rest of the bubbly bom. You may now kiss the bride. We kissed. It was amazing as always. Move place. Get food. Different room…
    “Congratulations.” Marla screamed at me. I laughed and hugged her.
    Jenny ran up to me.
    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She moaned as she hugged me. Tears stained her face and her make-up smudged across her face.
    “Jenny, whats the matter?” Sam asked. I was frozen. Jenny was the tough one. Stand up and laugh in the face of danger. Something happens move on.
    “He’s here. The one that stabbed me. Garret.” she whispered.
    Nodding to a man at the corner of the room.
    He was watching us intently.
    She was right he was hot. In a scary ‘I could kill you way’ So Jenny’s type. Or her normal type.
    I growled low in my throat and I knew Sam was readying for a fight.
    “I’ve wreaked your whole day.” She whispered through her tears.
    “No you havn’t. He has.” Sam growled and walked over to a security guard. “That man over their wasn’t invited he’s making my Sister-in-law up set.” I heard him say.
    Garret got removed from the room and I looked at Sam and nodded my thanks to him and the guard.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Tiffany: Wow, I have a wedding to attend this weekend. I’ll be thinking of this there. 🙂

      • Tiffany Hudson says:

        @Shane, Cool. 🙂 Though it’s not what happens alot at weddings. I didn’t know how to make the ceramony short so I disided on almost making fun of it.

  21. Troy Worman says:

    As night fell once more on the dunes, Shane climbed the stone steps to the altar constructed above the courtyard of the keep on shore of the Sands.  At the onset, this baptismal journey had struck him as somewhat less than appealing, unnecessary and superfluous, but in end, convincing the prince to leave the comfortable confines of the Capital City did not require much effort.  His father the king, after all, was a master of persuasion.
    “You can not rule a land you have not yet seen and you can not govern a people you do not yet know.”  His father left no room for doubt.  “You will travel to the four corners of Miminde and you will demonstrate your will to lead its people.”
    Shane paused for a moment atop the altar to take in the sandscape one last time.
    The seductions of the sands were undeniable: the alluring sweat meat of the deep diving Azurian Santatee, the intoxicating currant-blue cactus fruit, the song of the sultry cerulean sand sirens.  Shane fingered the gnome foot hanging from his belt, a charm given to him by his grandmother, and he prayed to the God Father for strength to withstand the tempting of the sands one more night.
    Then he turned on the sacrifice.  She was an attractive girl, perhaps fourteen.

  22. aavi says:

    My first one on CCC.
    The sultry heat of summer worked like a charm for Suhan and her friends. Without excessive persuasion, Suhan’s grandmother gave each one of them a share of tempting almond choco bars, giftwrapped in glossy and attractive paper and it was convincing enough for them to hit for more. Grandmother’s clever and alluring offer made them fall in the chocolate seduction trap and eventually Suhan couldn’t deny her grandmother’s appealing offer to spend the weekend with her.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @AAVI: Welcome to the CCC. Glad you showed up. I like your style. Well done. Everyone welcome AAVI to the addiction (every Monday and Thursday). If you have a website, let me know, I’ll add that to the CCC Community Links page.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @AAVI-Welcome to CCC!
        We are glad to see our sultry and tempting words did not scare you. We are of the persuasion that the world is full of great writers and your submission is a convincing argument. You’ll love the charm of this place with its appealing and attractive host. Be warned, the seduction of CCC lures you in until the addiction is as unforgettable and alluring as your favorite grandmother.
        Welcome to our CCC home.

    • Lydia says:

      Welcome, Aavi! You’ve given me quite a craving for a chocolate bar. 😀

    • aavi says:

      Thank you all ! Great to be here.
      @Shane: I don’t have any website.
      @Cathy: To be honest word list did scare me and to begin with I chose the most easiest one 🙂
      @Lydia: Ohh.Nice, then my story worked!

  23. […] entry from a while ago in the Creative Copy Challenge #134, this poem used 10 words (bolded for reference) and I crafted a poem of someone who still acted far […]

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