Showing vs. Telling #1

I found a fantastic resource for explaining the difference between showing va. telling. This resource should help all of us with our storytelling.

Let me know what you think. I’m blown away by this show vs. tell tutorial.


4 Comments on “Showing vs. Telling #1”

  1. Chris Fries says:

    Nice article — Excellent use of examples to SHOW us how to do it, instead of just TELLING us what to do.

  2. When the dust had settled, Mr. Tell gingerly picked up his trampled microphone, reminding himself to give wide berth to Ms. Show. He didn’t even bother with the shredded index cards.

  3. Shane Hudson says:

    It is a shame that it looks so much like an advertisement with the way the website is designed, as that is probably one of the most useful articles about writing I have read in my life. Thank you for the link Shane!

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