Happy Memorial Day 2011

Hey all. I forgot today was Memorial Day so I’m going to push Writer’s Digest’s words from today to Thursday. That means you guys just enjoy your day today without a challenge ( but hopefully surrounded by those you love).


4 Comments on “Happy Memorial Day 2011”

  1. LOL – You too, Shane. I thought Memorial Day was the reason for giving us the word list early 🙂
    See you on Thursday!

  2. Thanks for the break, Shane!
    Hope you all enjoy the extended weekend back in the States! I went to a place called Storforsen today. Its name in English would be something along the lines of Big/Grand Rapids. And it’s pretty huge. Played around there for a while. Might go hiking tonight after supper. I’m going to have to keep a check on time though. It doesn’t get dark here anymore. But more on that later. You guys keep enjoying the last day of your three day weekend back home, that is, if you have a three day weekend, but most of you got it, or I hope so at least. But have a good one, and grill some good burgers and dogs for me (or something vegan if that’s more your style).

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