Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #186

If Sean Platt keeps writing books this fast, we’ll have to have challenges three days per week. :)  In his own words …

There is no substitution for that one perfect word
Which will get the page read and your stories all heard
There is music to language, each word has a beat
To get you nodding your head and tapping your feet

Each word has a sound, whether they run short or long
They are notes in the verse of a sentence’s song
Choose each one wisely, place them all in a group
Then share a savory spoon full of syllable soup

I LOVE language.

That’s why I wrote Syllable Soup.

With an ear for the music of language like no other book you’ve ever read, Syllable Soup has magic on every page. From characters such as Abumchuk the Buffalo to Ocho the Octopus and a puppy that uses Facebook, Syllable Soup is thoroughly modern and absolutely wonderful. I celebrate the passing of time, growing up, understanding self and the inescapable beauty of life as seen through the prism of well articulated words and magnificent rhythm.

If you love language, you’ll love Syllable Soup. It’s $2.99, and if you’re awesome enough to buy it, I will give you a triple-upside down high five if you would also be kind enough to leave a review. That’s the best way for self-published authors to get found.
Get Syllable Soup here.

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Happy 
  2. High
  3. Sunny
  4. Blue
  5. Feathers
  6. Horns
  7. Diamonds
  8. Grass 
  9. Fire
  10. Stars

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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161 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #186”

  1. Shane Arthur says:

    “Hey Billy. I find dat I’m happy as turkey feathers & bull horns, on a bull and chicken respectively, when I’m high on da Mary-J-Wanna, a.k.a. Aunt Mary, Cannabis, Cheeba, Chronic, Doobie, Dope, Ganja, Giggle Weed, Jive Stick, Pot, Reefer, Sinsemilia, Weed. I’m like a sunny sun, like a happy, drunk rockstar—cept for the diamond-bling and da drunk part.”

    “Not me, Billy. I’s gets all blue and paronoid when I fire up da grass.”

    “Dat’s your problem, Billy. Grass is for goats.”

  2. Queenie was not going to let the plane crash a third time. Her sunny disposition was put to the test as she conjured blue feathers to shore up the torn left wing of the slightly crumpled craft. She let a bit of tension breathe out in a sigh as the plane righted itself and caught an updraft.  The sharp edges of the white plane contrasted with the downy blue feathers, causing a nauseating yawing as it circled high above the large field and began a lazy descent. Queenie clung on for dear life.

    Finally! A perfect touchdown on fragrant, lime-green grass. Queenie relaxed for a moment, having forgotten the exhilaration of flight in the face of near-disaster.  She had earned her wings, lost them and never thought she’d feel the air again. No amount of powdered unicorn horns and dust from the stars could undo the natural order of things. These other-worldly excursions were beyond her powers. She was happy to be back on the ground.

    Just as her heart slowed down to normal, a massive beam of light descended from the heavens.  Queenie’s eyes converted the bolt of fire into a shower of diamonds. This wasn’t her magic counter-spell, just her usual kaleidoscopic view of the world. Still, she had never witnessed such intense heat. It didn’t take long to cook Queenie into oblivion.


    “Barry! Put that magnifying glass away! Are you trying to set the whole park on fire?” Melissa sighed. She regretted letting her son watch Toy Story.

  3. Cathy Miller says:

    Happy flew high across the sunny, blue sky, her wings’ feathers ruffling to the sound of heavenly horns. It was days like this that she loved being an angel with all of the blessings below – the dew sparkling like diamonds on the green waves of grass as it rolled on its path to the chromatic splendor of the sea.

    Suddenly, a flash of fire grasped the scenic beauty by the throat, sending its gasp of breathy air into billowing smoke.

    “Oh, my stars,” Happy cried out.

    The devil had come to play.

  4. Jeanette R. says:

    The noseeums glistened like frozen stars above the grass. The cold front had brought in a sunny and cool morning with endless blue skies. The air seemed to carry a happy disposition; traffic was light and there were less obnoxious car horns.

    Pam stuck her hand out the car window and let the breeze run through her fingers. She noticed her fourth digit was swollen above her wedding ring.  The day she shopped for diamonds with her fiancé was one of the moments she put into her memory box.  He insisted that she be present to pick out exactly what she wanted.  

    Stopped at a light, she glanced down at the post-it with directions to the hospital.  Earlier that morning, she had stared at the note stuck to her bedroom mirror.  Since college she had gotten into the habit of leaving notes around the house to remind her of all things important.  The handwriting was almost illegible. That day, her hands shook with such force that she could barely write the words down.

    The support group suggested she start her day with something that made her happy.  Her suggestion of getting high gave them all a chuckle. But Pam was serious.  The only thing she remembered feeling in the morning was the fire in her veins from the previous day’s chemo.

    In the parking lot, Pam stared at the dream catcher hanging from her rear-view mirror.  She closed her eyes and stroked the feathers. Her wishes had become a lot less complicated.

    • Jeanette, you really have a gift for imparting the depth of feeling within the mundane, everyday world. I feel as if you’re floating by individuals, taking snapshots and asking yourself, “What’s going through her head? What’s he so grumpy about?”
      This is one of your best submissions, packing such power into a brief space!

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Jeanette: Literary Nectar!

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @Jeanette-wow, rocks you down to your toes. It’s such a fine combination of feelings and the physical expressions of those feelings – like the line She closed her eyes and stroked the feathers. Her wishes had become a lot less complicated. Brilliant!

      • Jeanette R. says:

        @Cathy.  I was inspired by the Lifetime movie “Five” which focuses on breast cancer stories from the 60’s to present day.  I was so touched by it.

        As I was driving to work, I saw the noseeums glistening above some grass and… voila, a story is born.

    • Jen says:

      The swollen ring finger is a really great allusion to impending disturbance. Wow.

  5. I have to go hit the gym, but whipped this one out after checking emails and before I leave:

    Blue feathers

    like diamonds
    glittering in

    Sunny beams
    like fire
    high above

    Ancestral stars
    watch down
    over their

  6. margaret says:

    I like to spend my days being high on life
    because it’s great to be happy and minimize strife.
    My world is sunny and my skies stay blue
    but I prefer it that way, how about you?

    If angels’ wings have feathers and devils have horns,
    which one would you prefer to share your morns?
    My friends are precious as diamonds, no snakes in the grass
    Begone anyone who is a pain in the ass!!

    I keep my passion burning, like a fire in my heart
    and look to the stars (so will you if you’re smart!)

  7. Troy Worman says:

    He was happy.  It seemed.  Finally. High atop the eastern tor.  Standing at the center of a sunny patch of bluegrass.  Feathers unfurled.  Horns erect.  Diamonds gleaming in the morning rays.  Below, the fire was spent.  Set under the stars, it raged against the black night.  Now, only smoldering remnants of the once proud city remained.  Yes, finally, it seemed.  He was happy.

  8. Shane Arthur says:


  9. Pam says:

    The phoenix burst from the ashes, beating its wings furiously as it climbed high into the blue sky. Its feathers were made of fire, and its movements sent small flames and embers cascading down to earth like falling stars in the sunny sky. The dragon watched from the ground below, its face wearing a happy expression as it watched its companion enjoy rebirth. Small embers fell from the phoenix to the grass below, and the dragon carefully pinched them out before they could set fire to the plants. The phoenix swooped down suddenly and landed on the dragon’s head, between where its horns should have been. Only one remained – the other was a ragged and bloody stump, courtesy of a knight who had tried to take the phoenix while it was in its egg. The dragon had defended its friend, and now the phoenix was going to repay the favour. Tears glistened in its eyes, then fell like diamonds onto the dragon’s damaged head. As the phoenix cried for his friend’s bravery, the horn regrew as strong as it ever had been. Both fully restored to health, the friends leaped into the air and flew away to enjoy the sun.

  10. Anne Wayman says:

    I’m happy and high simply because it’s sunny and the sky is a brilliant blue. The hawk shakes her feathers, the horns on the horned toad relax, the diamonds on the snake peak through the grey-green grass. Tonight I’ll rest by the fire, gazing at stars.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Anne: Such a great shortie. And I know this is close to your heart because you frequently tweet those bird/aminal links. Cool stuff.

      Speaking of birds. Anybody with stink bugs will love this. For the last two weekends, I’ve seen these swarms of birds in my trees. At first I thought they were fighting, but as I watched them closely, I noticed that they were dancing around the tree limbs and going after “something”. I realized these birds were feasting on stink bugs. I don’t believe anybody has seen this yet or written about it yet. I’ve been trying to find out what birds they are. I believe they are Starlings, but either way, they ate for 30 minutes until nothing remained. I used to hate all their crap on everything outside until now. 🙂
      Should have taken a video of this as I’m sure some might not believe it.

      • Anne Wayman says:

        Would be great to get a vid if possible… I keep thinking I might set up a webcam on my deck to watch the birds, crows, hawks, humming birds and bunches I don’t know the names of .

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @Anne-reserve me a spot 🙂

    • Anne, sounds like a perfect way to spend an autumn day. Thanks for tantalizing my inner slacker 🙂
      I wish I could just blow off all this work… (Holly would love it if I did.)

    • Jen says:

      Big fan of snakes in the grass, metaphorically speaking of course. Especially when their diamonds are described. Lovely.

    • Jeanette R. says:

      @Anne This made me smile.  I wish I could rest by the fire and gaze at the stars!

  11. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane … Billy and Bobby made me smile today. Thanks for the ‘pick me up.’ I needed it today!

  12. Rebecca says:

    @ Mitch … Nice imagery … I would love to learn how to fly.

  13. Rebecca says:

    @ Jeanette … I love the line about the ‘memory box.’ That’s not a bad idea. Great piece!

  14. Rebecca says:

    @ Cathy … That was fantastic … I loved the last line about the devil coming to play. Great twist!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I was extremely happy living in Arizona,
    It was peaceful and warm; I had high energy.
    The sunny weather and blue skies were gifts,
    I treasure and carry them with me always.
    ASU students and fans cheer on their team with pride,
    They make horns with their hands and wave them in the air.
    Meanwhile, the ducks dive in and out of Tempe Town Lake,
    And shake their feathers to remove the excess water.
    Sitting around a fire pit at night was serene,
    The stars glistened in the desert sky like diamonds.
    A cool breeze would sweep across the grass,
    Yes, there is some grass in Arizona.

  16. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane … Thanks … I miss Arizona and sunny weather. 🙂

  17. Sean Murphy says:

    Hello everyone!
    As one or two of you might have noticed, I’ve been slightly (Ok, totally) absent for the past few weeks. Basically, I ran into some trouble making ends meet in my zombie story (trying to get my flashback to lead into my beginning, if that makes sense). I experienced writer’s block for the first time since seriously starting to write fiction, then got distracted by life stuff and didn’t feel like I had the time to break that block (An untruth, of course). So, since breaking writer’s block is what this site is for, I thought I’d try again!
    A brief summary of the plot so far: Our intrepid heroes (Grant and Dave) escaped from a zombie-infested Brisbane, heading north in a four wheel drive. Finally stopping to rest in a forested area, Grant was forced to confront his memories of the outbreak, including the transformation of his girlfriend Emily (The part I’m blocked at, so sorry if there’s no payoff yet :P). We now skip back to the present, as the brother’s converse:
    The Transformation: Part 12 (though the number system has broken down slightly)

    The morning was filled with bird calls, invading Grant’s troubled dreams with a maelstrom of feathers. Stirring from his position in the bed of the truck, he shielded his eyes from the sunny rays of the new day. The night before was a nightmarish blur of bad memories and twitching with fear every time something moved in the grass. Still, as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked up at a bright blue sky, Grant felt a new sense of purpose.

    After reliving every moment of Emily’s transformation in detail, he’d spent hours gazing at the diamond-littered sky, seeking wisdom in the fire of uncaring stars. It had been a struggle to sort through the painful layers of emotions that stirred when he allowed himself to focus on her. Strongest in his mind was a screaming revulsion at the thought of Emily as he’d last seen her. Whatever instinct made him feel cut off from the infected had been a hundred times worse with her. The bond they’d shared now felt like a perverted and twisted thing, as if he was intimately tied to something profoundly wrong.

    At the same time, guilt gnawed at him. Distanced from the chaos and fear of the hospital, he felt ashamed that he’d abandoned the girl he loved. And he did still love her, he’d realised. If he focused all his effort on it, he could even force his image of her back before the change, until that love no longer filled him with nauseating wrongness. And once he’d realised that, there was really only one option.

    The sun was starting to get higher in the sky. Though he didn’t relish hashing out his plan with his brother, he knew he had to take the bull by the horns, whether or not it would make Dave happy to hear it. Somehow, he had to save her.


    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Sean: So glad you’re back. Block or no block, write anything about this story and I’m lovin’ it. Write on.

      • Frank Ruiz says:

        Sean!  Glad to see you back, and if this is you with Writer’s Block, then I don’t think you have anything to worry about!
        I wonder if the brothers Grant and Dave will ever come across two fraternity hillbilly brothers while they’re out in the woods? 🙂

    • Jeanette R. says:

      @Sean M. I agree with @Frank, I can’t believe this is what you came back with after having writer’s block.  Once again, you pulled me into the world and I loved the visit 🙂

  18. Rebecca says:

    @ Cathy … Lol! I’m surprised at how many people have grass lawns. Of course, Arizona has a lot of golf courses. They are well manicured. I never made it to San Diego. It looks beautiful.

  19. Rebecca says:

    @ Mitch … Lol! Arizonians love their ASU Sun Devils. BTW: I often wonder if birds get cold. Then again, geese fly south for the winter.

  20. Frank Ruiz says:

    Ah, to be happy.  It’s so wonderful when the feeling catches me by surprise and envelops me in its warmth.  It’s such a high, and the buzz radiates like light on sunny days.

    It’s pure joy when happiness catches me.  As a result, I always try to reverse the equation of “what controls who.”  I want to be the one that catches happiness.  I want to be the driver of my emotions!

    My life is like a sailboat whisked on the waves and winds of emotion.  I enjoy the warm peaks but rue the blue lows.  My mission is to find a motor powerful enough to cut through the wakes before I get seasick.

    I’m like feathers being blown by emotional gusts.  I’d rather be horns tipped with diamonds, stabbing through everything that would divert me from the bliss I’m rumbling toward.

    Maybe this lack of control is for the best.  Even the most delicious warmth from the stars of happiness can burn if left focused on us without breaks, like grass bursting into fire on dry summer days.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Frank: If there were no peaks in the water, we’d be stalled at Boring-Sea with no sails. Great write.

      • Frank Ruiz says:

        Good point, Shane.  We need variety to appreciate what we have… even though it’s hard to keep that in mind sometimes during the down times 🙂

    • Jen says:

      It is a good day when we can release control of just one more thing. And catching happiness? I’ll be chewing on that for a while.

    • Jeanette R. says:

      @Frank. I caught some happiness this morning driving to work…for no reason at all.  You took me on a journey with this and I was left feeling lightheaded, in that ‘hey I just had a few dranks and I’m feeling no pain’ kind of way.

      In AZ, I experienced temps in the 100+ and I’m pretty sure I saw grass burst into fire…just sayin’.

      • Frank Ruiz says:

        Thanks for the comments, Jen and Jeanette,
        @Jen: Releasing control (or our illusion of it) does feel liberating
        @Jeanette, that’s awesome that you caught some happiness without even trying.  Maybe it’s the trying that’s getting in my way sometimes 🙂

  21. Jen says:

    Wow, ya’ll were busy today. I hope I didn’t miss all the fun. Here ya go:

    It rarely happened. In fact, it’s the one good memory I have, because on that day, on that bright and sunny day, we was happy. High above, fat clouds tumbled through the blue sky that I will always remember as having, like, a shimmer to it.
    We was in the grass, all of us, our heads making a circle of blond tangles as Mama lay quietly, her chest falling up and down in rhythm with the slowly tilting upside down world. Daddy lay across from her, like a whatchacallit, a north to her south. My fingertips grazed the blades of grass and my mind wandered while Sis stroked the white underside of my arm. Bub fidgeted next to her, gurgling and humming, too young to rest for long. Mama and Sis took turns keeping his attention. Then Big Bo whose face pinched into fire, his eyes glinty like them diamonds we seen on the TV at the laundromat, whenever I called him that. Even Bo had a slackness to him, like a empty pair a jeans he’s worn too long and left on the floor.
    Daddy said, “Lookee! Hey, Tootie. Look. That cloud up ‘ere’s got feathers floating off its back. See it? That one there, with the horns.” Big Bo didn’t bother looking, Sis had her eyes closed and Bub, well, he couldn’t hear Daddy with his racket. I coulda laid there all day in a circle of blonde and emerald, with my mama and daddy, my bubs and sis, looking up into the great big world until the stars came out to play.
    Instead, Mama coughed, and the happiness snapped, sounded just like broken glass.

    • Jeanette R. says:

      @Jen. You have such range in your writing. I look forward to where the words take you each week.  This piece is so inviting. If I picked up a book and read this as the first chapter, I would so buy it.  Write on.

    • Dee says:

      this is…wow.
      I was there on the ground, looking for pictures in the clouds.  Then slammed back to earth. You rocked this!

    • Sean Murphy says:

      Very evocative, you relaxed me for a moment lying in that grass!

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Jen: The power of writing on display! A cough is just a cough, until you did your magic on it. Reading stuff like this is why I love the CCC.

  22. Dee says:

    Happiness is as light
    and fleeting as feathers
    in the wind
    beautiful and hard to hold
    as bright stars
    too high to reach
    but we try anyway…

    We are on fire
    strive for diamonds
    find them perched
    on sharp horns
    that cut us leaving us
    skewered and bleeding
    in the grass
    staring at the blue sky

    watching hope float by

  23. Rebecca says:

    @ Jen … Lol!
    @ Jeanette … I loved Arizona! If you like snow, you can always head North to Flagstaff.

  24. “I see you’re still at your studies,” said the old man. A flood of relief had rushed over him as he discovered his student still in the library.
    “Are you happy?” asked the student as he turned around to look at his teacher.
    “Why wouldn’t I be? You’re such a voracious student. Is there any way to reward you?”
    “Could we go outside today?” The child often had high hopes of studying out of doors.
    Arne shook his head. “I think it would be best to stay in today.”
    “But it’s so sunny out there!” shouted the student, jumping from his seat.
    The old man patted his pupil on the head. “And so many distractions, as well. How about I allow you to ask any five questions?”
    The child scratched his head for a minute, pondering. “Ok. Why are the skies blue?”
    “They’re not. It is only an illusion played by the sun. That’s question one.”
    The student turned to the table and flipped through a book. “Why do birds have feathers? Do they allow them to fly?”
    “Question two,” counted the teacher, shutting the book the child opened. “Feathers are only one of the many mechanisms birds implement for flight.”
    “Why do deer have horns?” asked the student, touching his thumbs to the sides of his head and extending his fingers.
    The old man chuckled at the sight. “Those horns are called antlers, and they have them for their defense. That was question number three.”
    “Why do animals eat grass and we don’t?”
    “Because they are animals, and we are not. Stop wasting your questions. That was number four.”
    “I still have one more question.”
    “Yes, that you do.”
    The boy reached into his satchel, pulled out the marble, and asked, “Why does this glow like fire?”
    “I don’t know specifically, but I can tell you one thing.” The ball flashed. “I know it fell from the stars.” He sat the boy back into his chair and knelt beside him. “It’s my turn for questions now. Where did you find this?”

  25. siggiofmaine says:

    Her friends called her Sunny,
    high energy and full of fire and vinegar.
    Sunny had stars in her eyes when she spoke,
    and fire in her spirit when she talked.

    Sunny had a sadness about her…
    like a secret that she wanted to tell
    but couldn’t.
    Maybe it was about the diamonds in the
    earrings she wore,
    or the feathers she wove into her hair…
    she didn’t speak of where they came from,
    the diamonds or the feathers, but they seemed
    to be special as she evaded the comments
    but looked happy to have them noticed.

    When Sunny gets blue, she likes to go sit on the
    grass in the park and talk to the birds and squirrels
    and other little animals that seemed drawn to her.
    The street musicians played their horns and guitars,
    and sang.  Men in the cars driving by, noticing her
    would honk their horns and whistle at her,
    but this did not cheer her. 

    Maybe some day the stars will align and Sunny will
    no longer be blue when asked about them,
    and feel free to talk about the diamonds and feathers
    and what happy events surrounded them
    when the stars of the universe had aligned in the past.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Siggi: OUTSTANDING! Read this aloud and it’s like a flawless dance. The timing and pace of this was perfect, especially the ending.

      • Frank Ruiz says:

        I immediately felt for her when reading about the times Sunny felt blue… and how the cat-callers probably did the opposite of cheer her up.

  26. […] Creative Copy Challenge 186 […]

  27. Games says:

    Syllable Soup. That’s a nice catchy name. Lets see if I have $2.99. 😉

    • Games says:

      My head is high like the stars, because I am so happy to see the green on the right side of this page that reminds me of grass on a sunny day.
      Sometimes when I see the birds feathers on fire, I feel a bit blue. Then the horns honk, reminding me I am writing from inside my car. I glance in the mirror with eyes that sparkle like diamonds, bringing me back to reality.
      I’m still at CCC.

      • Shane Arthur says:

        @Games: Welcome to the CCC. That was a fun first submission. I can never get enough fun, so welcome to the Triple C. What did you think of it?

        • Cathy Miller says:

          @Games – Welcome to CCC!
          We are so happy to have you join us as we get high on yet another brilliant submission. CCC is the sunny spot of inspiration like the soulful feel of rhythm and blues. The wild characters may soar with feathers and horns or hide as diamonds in the grass entryway to creativity. The fire that burns inside explodes into the stars of tomorrow dreams. Welcome to the ride.

        • Games says:

          Hey Shane & Cathy, thanks for Welcoming me. Look forward to reading more articles here; very fun and engaging site you have!

  28. Avenged in Blood part 57
     Again I woke up in that stinking hole. I didn’t know how long it had been but since I wasn’t dead, I figured they hadn’t found me yet. Blissfully, the light was still on and for a second I felt as happy as an alcoholic in a distillery. Then I moved and reality struck. I hurt all over. Nothing seemed to be broken but moving certain parts brought fire raging through me.
    But stand I did, finally. I was going to leave this pit and the door was just to my right. I moved towards it and diamonds filled my vision as the pain nearly took me. I couldn’t let it. I couldn’t give in. I reached the door.
    The knob was large and rusty. This place hadn’t been used for a while I guessed. I reached out and grasped the handle, ready to exit this place when I realized that there could be one of Mueller’s goons on the other side of this door, just waiting to blow anything that came out of it right high into the sunny blue sky. That was not going to be me.
    I gritted my teeth and took a few deep breaths as I checked the magazine of my .45’s. Both were half full, and I had extras still in my jacket pocket. One last deep breath and I flung the door wide, diving to the side and ready with my guns. No sound came. No bullets shredded the air. I was still alone.
    I moved again, back on my feet, stars dancing in my eyes. Yet on I went. On down the dark corridor following it to its end. Mueller would live this day, whatever day it was. I no longer knew. I only knew that I had to get out of here, I had to get back off of Mueller’s estate, back over the well manicured grass and lost into the city. I hoped I could make it. I didn’t know if I could.
    My head was not thinking properly, simultaneously blank and full of feathers. I kept moving. Dark was cut by small electric lights set into the corridor wall; there was no end in sight. If I was thinking right, and there were no guarantees of that, I was almost outside of Mueller’s estate, underground. There had to be an egress somewhere.
    I kept on. Vague images of carnage came to my mind as I walked. Deaths I had caused. Deaths I hadn’t caused but still had been responsible for. Lola. I wondered if I would ever see her again, alive or dead. But I had to be cold. I could worry about no one but myself. I unconsciously touched the top of my head to make sure I didn’t have horns growing, I was becoming evil enough even if it had been hours since I shot somebody.

  29. Sean says:

    Took me forever, but here it is!

    Happy slappy, sunny smiles
    Blue sky high for endless miles
    Brilliant stars are balls of fire
    Shine like diamonds, maybe brighter
    Feathers and angels, devils and horns
    Decisions made with crowning thorns
    Grass isn’t greener, the further it lays
    Its gets all its color from fertilized days

  30. Kelly says:


    Happy high sunny blue feathers,
    Horns, diamonds, grass, fire, stars
    We wish every day for this weather
    In cloud-pictures, dreamland is ours

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