It’s Nominate Your Fav Writing Blog Time Again!

If any of the CCC family would like to tell us why you love the CCC, a good place to do so would be Write To Done’s 6th Top 10 Writing Contest:

Write To Done is having their 6th such contest and I’d like to get our name up there. Take a look and if you believe it to be so, vote for the CCC. If you don’t, vote for another one you like.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


5 Comments on “It’s Nominate Your Fav Writing Blog Time Again!”

  1. Frank Ruiz says:


    Here’s what I wrote:

    “I nominate The Creative Copy Challenge at In addition to the great writing advice and guest posts from published writing gurus, they also host a twice-weekly writing challenge where they give you 10 random words that you have to weave into a short story, poem, or other piece. In a world where excuses and slacking abound, this challenge has the power to keep you writing regularly!”

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Shane!

  2. If Shane’s not going to give us a prompt today (thinking we don’t have time while cooking a bird to WRITE), I will:
    1. turkey
    2. gratitude
    3. international
    4. tattoo
    5. India
    6. herbal
    7. thermometer
    8. bulb
    9. foil
    10. plastic
    Hope everyone’s having a very happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to show Shane just how thankful we are for CCC - go show the love by telling everyone over at Write To Done’s 6th Top 10 Writing Contest just why they ought to be spending part of their holiday break over here, with us!

  3. Dee says:

    @Shane Done 🙂
    @Holly – thanks – I will play if I have time. I’ actually cooking tonight.  Family couldn’t all get together until tomorrow 🙂
    @Everyone at CCC – have a wonderful, safe holiday!

  4. I also nominated the CCC

  5. Jeanette R. says:

    I nominated CCC!

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