Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #209

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Precious
  2. Fragile
  3. Special
  4. Handle
  5. Done
  6. Damage
  7. Silver
  8. Plan
  9. Trust
  10. Little

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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72 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #209”

  1. Anne Wayman says:

    Came from twitter – am I really first?

    Life is so precious, so special and fragile. Please, handle with care. When damage has been done, and it happens, plan the repair with care, do it and trust there will be at least a little silver lining.

  2. Cathy Miller says:

    She had precious few options. Her fragile hold on sanity slipped through the unspoken channels of her mind.

    What made her so special? What did he want?

    Her heart raced in fear of what it could not handle. Was her life as she knew it done?

    Her labored breathing drummed a percussive beat against the damage of her battered body as the silver edge of night brought darkness once more. A solitary tear tracked its way over a reddened cheek, over lips that would not speak. She had no plan. Her trust in God diminishing with what little she had left.

  3. April shot her son. The little bastard had done enough damage. As she pressed his fingers around the silver handle of the decorative letter opener, she went over the plan one more time.


    15 minutes ago …

    “Mom! I never touched the money! It’s in trust! How could I?”

    “Liar! Your precious whore told me the whole story!”

    “Lisbeth? What? How?”

    “What? How? She tried to blackmail me! She made the mistake everyone has done since your father died – figured I was fragile and vulnerable to bad publicity! She came charging in here, threatening to reveal your special arrangement with the trustees.”

    “Damn. I knew she had a big mouth. I was going to put it back, I swear!”

    “Those thugs and that money is long gone, Thomas. All that’s left is your inheritance. You’ve just forfeited that.”


  4. sh13151223 says:

    Hai Mitch, there is a whole novel in that small paragraph.

  5. sh13151223 says:

    He tiptoed slowly through the corridor. Time was precious, so was total secrecy. He peeped into the room, the door was open and the little fragile soul was fast asleep. The damage done last night stayed vivid in his mind. The fine thread of trust needs to be handled carefully, alas a drunkard’s plans are mere day dreams. He moved creepily into the room and took the silver box that shined, as now light entered the room through the window.He kept that special gift near his darling son who had slept crying last night. Yesterday was his birthday but his drunkard father forgets things easily and gets into rage even more easily. The day was slowly blooming as the repenting father waited to see his son’s face glow up with happiness.

  6. John was as always, a man of strict business and at this particular moment, a pimp exporting escorts for all those tourists visiting to taste some flesh in the name of travel & adventure all over Nepal. He loved playing with FRAGILE Chinese doll like innocent & unexplored yet aromatic curved fleshes.Yet he was all set & pretty clear about his visions.
    One last job to be DONE before he could earn the TRUST of his beloved again by collecting some money for their daughters fight against a severe leukemia & return back to merry land to live happy & content forever again.
    Exported from the far away steep mountain ranges of Tibet & cross-over borders connecting Nepal & china, SPECIAL arrangements & proper contacts & channels were already set & in place to make sure the heard of new flesh were transported safely inside the valley for all the hungry, rich & filthy seekers of the never ending quest towards licking new aromatic cunts.
    “Hell yeaa… gimme one of those damned tears of your’s again, bitch, and i shall make sure of you neither ever earning through your cunt or either even the best of the men savoring your PRECIOUS body. If you do that one more time, i am going to DAMAGE your face with acid splashed all over your face” shouted john in disgust upon hearing “dharke” one of the middle men’s deciphering of the PLAN set by supposedly the most expensive of the baby girl & some of her friends attempt to escape out of the heavily guarded territories of the camp set out by the exporters somewhere in between the hills connecting highways of Tibet & Nepal. Pulling the LITTLE soul by her long black & silky hair, dharkey drags her to one of those confined room filled with all the rest of the 9 more such beautiful creations of nature, all fearful & gazing with uncertain eyes wandering how the almighty wanted to HANDLE their godforsaken future.
    A ray of SILVER lightning thundered across the cloudy & freezing night on the hilltop while john was still busy sipping his last shot of jd on the rocks. He lifted his head to look up at the sky and smiling creepily at god knows what demoniac thought that surpassed through his evil mind, he shouted out loud, “fuck yeaa… don’t take that chance & you’ll never, ever, get whatever it is that you want”.
    The clouds still kept thundering, however not at all affecting any of the worldly sins.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Shantanu: Damn! That was powerful stuff!
      Welcome to the CCC. I’m lovin’ your style thus far and I’m sure the others will too. What did you think of the challenge? Let us know.

      I’ll add your name and url (if you have one) to our CCC Community Links page next. Everyone welcome Santanu to the addiction.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Santanu-Welcome to CCC!

        You have found our precious, little secret where fragile hope becomes a special joy.When life’s handle is beyond words, we get it done here, battling against the damage of a silent world. Words come alive with the silver shine of a shared cup where the plan you have is the trust you find in a world where dreams still count. Little did we know it was so close.


    • Welcome to the CCC, Shantanu. This entry lays it bare, eh? If there was any doubt about the cruelty of the world you have created, the disdain of the clouds in the final sentence erases it.
      Great job! I look forward to the next offering.

  7. Found Experience

    Little fragile package
    special and precious
    damage done
    trust broken

    Handle with care
    plan thought too late
    found experience
    a silver lining

  8. Ingrid says:

    We’re back! The FB group entry extravaganza! 🙂 (Thanks for letting us play this way. I have encouraged the group to come here too… but alas, our game is fun too.)

    ‎”Aren’t you just precious,” Mavis said condescendingly.
    The police officer simply grimaced in reply, delicately placing the old woman’s fragile wrists in handcuffs.
    He couldn’t believe it… how could this 84 year old woman be a member of the special ops?!
    Now really infuriated, Mavis declared…”This will go down as a special day in your career officer, for arresting little old ladies, INDEED!!!”
    “Listen ma’am,” he said as firmly as he could, “I’d been told an agent, that’s you, went rogue and that I needed to handle the situation.”
    Mavis, never one to focus on what has been done – only on what remained to be done – grasped the officer’s arm, angled her leg behind the officer and shifted her weight into him.
    Within seconds she had introduced the officer to the ground. She shook her grey curls out of her eyes, and surveyed the room. Remembering the cuffs, she looked at her hands and saw that she had broken a nail. Collateral damage. She was used to this. Mavis, never without a plan and blessed with flexible joints quickly slid her hands out of the cuffs all the while deciding what to do about the officer…
    ‎”Listen,” she said with a hiss, “You wouldn’t want word of this to around, and tarnish that shiny silver badge you wear, would ya?” Following in a more indulgent tone, “I’m sorry about all this, but you’ve really connected the dots all wrong. It always happens when people do it backwards. You’ve just got to do it looking forward and trust in yourself.”

  9. Thanks Shane. Thanks muchos Cathy. & though i didn’t really got what u meant by Oops-sorry-make that @Shantanu, i really like how words flow through your fingers. Thanks to you all for inspiring me so much. i m gonna keep coming back for and with a lot more of these from here on. 🙂

  10. lmao. no big deal. u can call me santa for short. thank again ma’am.

  11. Sean Murphy says:

    Trust me, I’ve got a plan.” Kelsith whined miserably, Achon’s boot grinding his neck into the dusty stone floor.

    “That’s what you said a week ago, you miserable little runt! If you can’t pay me back what you owe, then your fragile carcass is worth more to me as an example to others than anything else!” Achon roared, infuriated.

    “Please,” Kelsith squealed, writhing as he struggled for air, “I can get you back your silver! I’ve got a, argh, a connection that’s gonna get me something real special, worth three times what I borrowed, I swear to god!”

    “If you had a way to get me back my money, you would have already done it.” Achon observed, but the anger in his voice had muted slightly with interest.

    “I needed time to get a handle on it!” Kelsith burbled, sensing his way out, “I’ve been working a man inside the Daintree manor, made friends with him over drinks, offered to get him some harder stuff after a while.” He gasped for air, straining to get his information out fast enough. “He’s hooked on Scorma now, can’t go two days without feeling the damage, and he can’t afford the habit. I told him I could get him set up with enough to last him a lifetime if he could get the combination to the Daintree safe.”

    “The Daintree safe…” Achon repeated, words slowing with a tinge of awe, “Did he get it?” he questioned urgently, pressing his foot down again.

    “Ack, Yes! I was going to have him leave a window unlatched tomorrow night! Just think of it! I’ve heard the Daintree family has precious jewels in there that would keep a man living like a king all his life!”

    Relief had crept into Kelsith’s voice, certain he’d found his way out of a rough corner. He couldn’t see the vicious grin creeping across Achon’s face.

    “I’ve heard that too. I think perhaps you and I should have a little chat about that combination.”

  12. meek willed says:

    such Precious Fragile things love be with Trust we Handle carefuly but once Damage be Done no silver can repay nor little plans reclam the love of that some special.

  13. Shane Arthur says:

    “Hey Billy! Look at ‘um. They’s so precious… so fragile… so little. We’s got to handle ‘um wit’ care so as to not damage ‘um. And da special silver border is just lovely. I can’t believe we’s done.”

    “Me either, Bobby. But you has to have trust in da good Lord’s plan. If he didn’t love us to pieces, we wouldn’t be sittin’ in dis here college auditorium goin’ through graduation.”

    “You’s right, Billy. Look out corporate world; here we go!”

  14. Jen says:

    Wait. This is Monday’s? Now I don’t feel so behind!
    The small hand opened, then its chubby pink fingers curled around the silver handle. Mama didn’t worry that Mercy would break it; the spoon, a precious gift from Auntie Mae, was not fragile. Auntie Mae planned and saved for the stainless steel trinket, a special gift for a special little one.  Mama trusted Auntie Mae, a kind of trust that does not tarnish like the sterling Auntie polished every Friday, that would not fade like the sheets she’d hung on the line that morning. Mercy looked from Mama to Auntie Mae, done with her toy, no damage done, she handed it to Mama and hugged tight to Auntie’s elephant knees, her knee highs drooping around swollen ankles, so big to hold up her heart, Mercy knew.

    • Okay, then Jen, bring it! The Help ain’t got nothing on you. LOL
      That was one beautifully detailed scene, shown with perfection.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Jen: Yeah, you should write your own version of The Help. Super stuff.

      • Jen says:

        It’s not “The Help” I’m writing, but it is set in 1921, just before the race riots that burned much of Tulsa. Thanks for the kind words. These exercises helped me find a tone I had been looking for.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Holly came home and found a silver wrapped package on her doorstep. This caught her off guard because her plan was to come home and chill. The silver package had a “Fragile: Handle with Care” stamp on it. She smiled because she just viewed a YouTube video where a postal worker tossed a package over the fence. The owner ordered an iPad and the damage to it was surmountable. Without thinking about it, Holly picked up and shook the package and trusted that it wouldn’t explode. There was no reaction. She placed the silver package under her arm and opened the front door. Holly placed the special package on the island in the kitchen. How special? I wonder who sent this to me. She tore the silver packaging carefully which eventually revealed a precious, little plain brown box with a strip of tape across it. At least that’s done. She started to walk towards her office nook to get a pair of scissors when the box started to rock bath and forth. Holly’s eyes grew wide. “What the hell?” said Holly.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Rebecca: How’d I miss this! Sorry for the delay. Great stuff. I saw that video! Unbelievable!
      Damn, can’t believe you left me hanging like that. But I’m glad you did. Continue!

  16. Rebecca says:

    Lol! I was late with my submission. It’s been crazy. 🙂

  17. Stacia says:

    When you were born, you are delivered

    Handle this little soul with special care, He told me. “Trust me, my precious,” He whispered to it. “Trust the plan.”
    The package was labelled “fragile“, then tied up in silver linings. “My will be done,” he insured, lest any form of damage should happen along the way.

  18. Kelly says:


    The Kid is obsessed with babies lately. This is a true-enough story, and I haven’t a clue what’s to be done about it. Everywhere we go, it’s “precious” this and “adorable” that, and have-I-noticed-how-many-little-people-there-are-all-around-us?

    “No more than when you were one of them,” I say in my best neutral voice.

    The Kid will be 13 in a couple of weeks. When she was much younger, I certainly had hopes of coming up with a baby brother or sister for her, but those plans haven’t panned out. I always figured on being the mother of a large brood. If four’s nice, then five’s better. Neveryoumind that big families are out of style—I’m good with kids and I adore ‘em en masse. Never, never thought of being a single mama of an only child, and back when insensitive folks pointed out to me that time was passing since the d-i-v-o-r-c-e, I must say I was sometimes in a bit of a fragile state about it. (On the inside, mind you! I was raised to keep my longings very much to myself.)

    Well time has passed, the damage is done, and I don’t have to wish for a “Handle With Care” sign on my forehead about my complete lack of a new life partner to knock me up. Now nobody touches the subject at all.

    Except, in the last few months, The Kid.

    “If we win the lottery, I want you to get us one,” she says of a passing toddler.

    “You don’t win ‘em in lotteries,” I say, one eyebrow raised high.

    “If we win the lottery you can adopt one for us, or go to the doctor like Melissa Etheridge’s wife,” she says casually, in that special way that a tween has—she simply trusts that with money concerns aside, I’ll acquire a wee sibling for her, like I’ll take her for an ice cream if she gets all As. She hasn’t lived a day with a silver spoon in her mouth, yet she has utter confidence in me to take care of her needs if it’s within my power. Up to and including baby brothers & sisters.

    Has she sensed something in me that I’ve been trying to repress for years? I try so hard not to wish for the little cuties myself. To accept that this is the hand I’ve been dealt. But when she pushes and prods, these last few months…
    I keep my longings very much to myself, of course! But I’m wishing for the Handle With Care sign again.

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