Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #210

BET YOU CAN’T do this writing prompt. Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Narrow
  2. Shallow
  3. Broken
  4. Sign
  5. Straight
  6. Chase
  7. Screen
  8. Sneak
  9. Luck
  10. Between

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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71 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #210”

  1. margaret says:

    Please do not run amok, or try to push your luck
    because the traffic sign is broken..just know the rule’s unspoken.
    The cops will chase you down, beat your head and break your crown,
    and take your butt to jail, if sobriety tests you fail.

    So you best not sneak that drink, walk the straight and narrow and just think
    before you get between a hard place and a rock and need to do some fancy talk.
    And at the risk of shallow seeming, how would you like your mug shot screening..
    for your friends and all to see….on YouTube or news TV?


  2. Cathy Miller says:

    There was a narrow opening in that thing we call hope. Her breathing had become so shallow. the whispers of her mind were almost silenced. But, she was not broken.

    As if a sign from God, a ray of light squeezed  straight through the keyhole to kiss her reddened cheek. She struggled to open her eyes, to chase the fear that became her life. She raised her bruised hand to screen the light of hope. For it truly was hope that looked for a way to sneak past her fear to grab the hand of luck between her cherished past and a future of its return.

  3. Jen says:

    Later, when the sun had broken their backs, and they’d opened all the windows, letting what little breeze there was between here and Kansas through the screens, they sat on the shallow bench, Mercy between them like a prayer.
    The women knew it was not luck that brought them together, but luck that so far had kept their sneaking friendship, blooming as it was with narrow patches of bright green, from notice of the eyes that always peer, the squinting globes of the women prowling town, looking for signs that their precise, measured order was not as straight as they demanded.
    Mama and Auntie rocked the swing, their tired feet pressing into the planks of the porch,chasing away the sun, away the hate, rocking her to sleep.

  4. Lisbeth plunged the cleaver between April’s shoulder blades. She had a very narrow window of opportunity here. She would spend half of it ensuring that the evidence pointed straight at her band of henchmen.


    15 minutes ago …

    “Those thugs and that money is long gone, Thomas. All that’s left is your inheritance. You’ve just forfeited that.”


    Lisbeth gasped involuntarily as the gun exploded in April’s hand. Thomas’ lovely silk shirt bloomed red. Luck was with her, as the loud bang masked her pained growl. She watched the life drain from his eyes, thankful that they gave no sign of her presence behind the screen.

    Thomas had lost the argument against her sneaking into the mansion so soon after the blackmail play. Lisbeth had convinced him that it would take too long to meet up after they had extorted the money. Of course, her shallow deception was too deep for Thomas to swim through.

    Unfortunately, crazy-ass April hadn’t gone along with the blackmail, as Lisbeth had told Thomas. Lisbeth had improvised on the spot, even as she was being chased out the door by that madwoman. She didn’t think that she would be sending Thomas to his death.

    Thomas had gone in, expecting a broken, tearful Mother to cover up – once again – for his sins. Instead, she had confronted him about the malfeasance of the trustees. Apparently, mama bear had plans of her own. Lisbeth pulled a wicked knife from her carry-all and ran like hell into the den.

  5. sh13151223 says:

    Hai Mitch you are surely enjoying this as much as the readers……as I read the scenes are coming live before me.

  6. sh13151223 says:

    It is always a narrow line, that you cross before you can think of the after effects. Even that shallow screen of rage is enough to block the view of deep love lying inside. And when the heart is broken you could find no real solace that will erase every bit of wounds made. He sat there mutely, desperate to see his son’s smile. Luck was with him five years back, which he couldn’t hold tight. It drained through his immature hands.
    Straight before him on the wall, hangs the most disturbing yet precious photo. Framed inside is his beloved wife and the twin sister of this poor Jack lying in sleep. Destiny sneaked them away. For his wrong, Jack was punished. He was not able to build that strong feeling of security and need between them, still ! The dreams he chased show no sign of fulfillment nor was he able to see the dream that was with him, a trace of it still lingering….poor fragile little soul, was still fast asleep.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Sh: Love it! Sol Stein says not to fill the box with every detail leaving your readers with nothing to imagine. You did a great job of letting us fill the box.

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @sh13151223-whoa-powerful-love this line - Even that shallow screen of rage is enough to block the view of deep love lying inside. All of it is pure poetry.

  7. Darn it, a day late again.  Here is my entry for today:

    Narrow Escape
    As you chase the sneak
    straight past a sign
    between dark streets
    stolen screen gets tossed
    broken glass scatters
    shallow cuts to your feet
    luck rides with the robber
    with his narrow escape
    Also, I just released my first audio poetry volume for sale, 102 audio poems for $3 would appreciate any help sharing http://www.wandererthoughts.com/buy-wanderer-thoughts-audio-poetry-volume-1/

  8. Ingrid says:

    Here again, my FB-friend writing fantasy… Courtesy of me and my friends:
    ‎”Your eyes are a bit. . . Well, they’re a bit narrow,” Maria said to her date, as she checked a few “no” boxes on her dating checklist.
    ‎”Well that is a shallow criticism” she replied to Maria ” I wouldn’t have expected that straight off when it’s so difficult to meet people”
    ‎”Sorry, that’s a reflection of me being from a broken home,” said Maria. “I am terrible at relationships since I tend to blurt out the first thing on my mind.”
    ‎”I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign that you like me more than you are willing to admit. You’re looking hard to find my faults because I am hard to resist otherwise. It’s true, isn’t it? You’ve already said that commitment doesn’t come easily to you. If that’s the case, it’s fine by me.”
    Maria looked straight at her date and in an attempt to make things right said, “Well, they may be narrow, but you do have nice jewelry. And you know what they say about nice jewelry.” Maria was never a very good flirt.
    “Look”, said her date, “with me, what you see is what you get”. As Dr. Chase Meridian said to Batman: “my life is an open book. You read?”
    ‎”Will you be quiet!” hissed a man behind them, and they both directed their gaze at the man dressed as a bat on the big screen in front of them.
    “I have a proposal,” said Maria,testing her date, “Do you want to sneak into a movie theater? It’ll be exciting!”
    ‎”Ooh! James Garfield once said that a pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.”
    Feeble flirting and a comic strip hero between them, they embarked on their search for a gullible theatre attendant.

  9. I am not sure if i should be posting this, but here it goes.
    a narrow is as narrow as shallow as it could be
    a broken is just as straight, as a broken heart can be
    a chase of & for luck, that’s a sign of a life lived in between
    may be a sneak to the peak, a vision to screen your future
    that’s what makes the journey worthwhile,
    so live enough to rest in peace, calm, joyous & wonderful
    after all, that’s’ all, that everybody needs.
    I just wish there was a way i could help their end’s meet. 🙂

    ……dedicated to all the wonderful drug addicts in my community who have no vision towards life & living. I wonder how the vision vanishes from peoples’ heart once drug enters inside’em veins. 😥

  10. Angela says:

    Chase the distant stars, though your feet may fall only on near craters;
    Roads straight and narrow beget merely shallow souls,
    And difficult luck‘ll not leave you broken.
    Bleak acts as a screen between Soul and Triumph,
    Through which sparks of splendor may sporadically sneak,
    Signs of the brilliant beyond awaiting your perseverance, your passion.
    Befall you poverty or plenty,

  11. meek willed says:

    When Jimmy woke up that morning there was no sign today would be good as he woke up in a shallow puddle with a broken will.
    The night before he had try to sneak in and rob from a local drug den.
    He was sneaking out the back of the house as the dealers sore him thought the screen glass window an as the shot at him he ran and ran like a mad man straight though the street and ducking between narrow ally’s incase he was being chase yet dumfounded that his luck held out and not shot had hit him he.
    Once he was a good distance away the shakes set in and he fumbled with the needles of heroin putting as much in to his arm as he could in an attempt to be rid of it all.

  12. Shane Arthur says:

    /* Style Definitions */
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    font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    “Hey Billy. It’s a sign of da times. Da economy is broken, no luck gonna change dat, and we’s chasin’ our tails trying to find work. So if I has to choose between your maw’s basement and my maw’s basement, I’s gonna go straight to choosin’ your maw’s basement to live in until we finds us some jobs, ’cause her dirt floors are way cleaner den my maw’s.”

    “Yeah, it’s a bit shallow down there — a bit narrow too — but we can still sneak gals through the tunnel I dug when I was young, da tunnel dat leads to under da screened porch in da back where we buried my dog Rango-Sue. ‘Member dat time when we tried to sneak Twinkie-Sue in through da tunnel but her ass got stucked?”

    “Yep I ‘member. Took her two days to have dat bowel movement dat shrunk her enough to set her free.”

  13. KathleenL says:

    Between the Luck of the Irish and her broken heart the auburn hoped the screen she put up would allow her to sneak in and out of the drinking establishment without a hassle.

    “Glass of Cab with a Gold chaser, please,” Isabelle said as she sat straight-backed on the barstool.

    They were contoured like a tractor seat so even folks with poor posture would sit straight up in the saddle, although her natural posture called for her to sit that way, it was only made straighter by the tension she carried in it.

    The bartender raised an eyebrow, but poured the customer her request. He placed them on the square napkin that lay in front of her on the oak.

    “Do you want lime or salt with that ma’m?” the bartender asked.

    “No sir, no need to waste that stuff on me, thank you,” she softly said handing him a ten-spot.

    “That’s not a usual combination there missy,” the jean clad fella sporting a John Deer cap said from three stools down.

    She ignored him as she placed her lightly unsteady left hand on the shot glass. She sighed deeply.

    “Here’s to you Lovie,” she said, mostly to herself, but not without another deep sigh as she brought the shot glass to her lips.

    It was then that her head tilted back and the golden liquid warmed her narrow esophagus. Her movements were slow and steady as she returned the empty shot glass to the napkin… except she placed it on it’s rim … rolling it slowly ‘round and ‘round as she focused on it or the thoughts in her head, no one could be sure. But within minutes her breaths were shallower than before. She was forcing herself to relax.

    “You okay?” the bartender asked as he stepped closer, he had noticed the tears escaping out from under her sunglasses.

    “Oh … don’t ‘spect I ever will be “okay” again,” she said softly accompanied by air quotes, “but for a momma missing and wishing the stairway went both ways,” she said looking up to the roof, “I guess, I’m doin’ as good as can be expected.”

    She released her light grip on the shot glass allowing it to come to rest flat on its rim.

    It was then that the eavesdropping rancher decided her shades and her silence were sign enough. He just bought them both a shot ever so slightly lifting to her and then to the heavens and left her to her glass of red wine.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Jaxen ran down the straight, narrow alley to catch the purse thief. He dodged broken bottles and garbage that was scattered on the cobblestone. The chase left him out of breath. He found himself at the end of the alley; the purse thief was nowhere to be found. Even though he was in good shape, Jaxen’s breath was short and shallow. He leaned against a brick wall not realizing it was a seedy hotel, even thought a red vacancy sign flashed above him. “Better luck next time,” said between gulps of air. He didn’t notice the woman across the street starring at him through her a battered screen window. Before Jaxen knew it, the fog sneaked in and engulfed the entire street.

  15. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane … Thank you 🙂 I want to know what happens too. I’m leaning more and more towards paranormal, supernatural, etc. with my stories.

  16. Kelly says:


    Turn right at the broken sign. The road’s narrow, but not impassable, except during the rainy season. Don’t come during the rainy season. And definitely don’t come in the winter. We get a bit cranky then, anyhow. Might chase you back out after only a couple of days… then you’d just have to negotiate the roads again. Come when we’ll be more hospitable.

    There’s a shallow dip (watch your muffler!), then straight on to the house. Sneak around past the ivy and come in at the screen porch in the back. Only bad luck and bill collectors use the front door! There’s not much space, but you’re welcome to the living-room floor.
    “Let me get this straight: Come between June and September. Avoid the front door. Bring a sleeping bag. Anything else, Mom?”

    Nothing else, dear. We love you, and we’ll see you soon.
    Well, not too soon… it’s raining now, y’know.

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