Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #238

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and, in the comments, crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story tying all of them together! And remember: after (if) you finish, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Bizarre
  2. Party
  3. Clean
  4. Cover
  5. Fire
  6. Hole
  7. Jack
  8. Tall
  9. Started
  10. Sneak

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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51 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #238”

  1. MRMaguire says:

    Dear Diary,

    I started early this morning with chores. After hours of wrestling with Mr. Clean, a mop, and my trusty feather duster, the apartment looked half-way decent. My “Lord of the Rings” party prep was done! After scarfing down a meal that consisted overwhelmingly of stale potato chips, I braced myself for my guests. Of course, the first one to arrive was Jack. I had to admit he outdid himself by dressing like Mt. Doom, complete with “flames of fire” coming out of his head! The “flames” were so tall that they almost reached the ceiling! What a dork! But a lovable dork, which is why he’s my best friend. The place was soon filled with elves, hobbits, dwarves, and even a few orcs. However, someone showed up dressed like Spock, which was rather bizarre since I made it clear my Trekker party would be next month. Beatrice showed up, dressed just like Arwen on the cover of Sci-Fi Magazine. She looked fierce!  

    The evening took a wild turn when people started throwing Nacho Doritos into the hole on top of Jack’s Mt. Doom volcano-head! Okay. Yes that sentence really happened. More later. Time to sneak into bed. Jack’s still out there, doing his Gandalf impersonation…

    Hi Shane and CCC-ers!  I’ve missed this place!

    Jack surveyed the bizarre scene of the remains of his mother’s garden party.  The plastic cover of the old trash can was burnt clean away. Embers and burning rubbish sprayed around the ground. 
    Fire in the hole!” was the last thing he’d heard before the explosion causing him to dive to the ground.  Thankfully, most of the guests had already left, so no one was hurt. 
    He had no idea who started this prank war against him and his family, but he had the sneaking suspicion that the tall kid climbing over the hedges had something to do with it. 
    Jack goes after him.

  3. Cathy Miller says:

    She couldn’t shake this bizarre feeling that she’d been here before. But, that wan’t possible. It was Merry’s first trip to Ireland. so why did the vibrant, green hillside seem so familiar?

    Had she spent too much time last night at the local pub? Party was too tame a word for her experience. It was like a step back in time. Or at least she assumed it was as she had never stepped foot in an authentic Irish pub before.

    Her jet-lagged body could not rest on the clean sheets, beneath the warm cover of a comforter meant for snuggling. So, Merry asked the friendly staff for suggestions for entertainment.

    “Ah, now that would depend on what you’re seeking,” replied a waiter with the twinkle of mischief in his eye.

    “Murphy’s is always good for putting a fire in your belly.” 

    “Or a hole in it if you’re not careful,” laughed another server.

    “Is it safe then,” Merry asked.

    “Safe as if you were in your own loving mother’s arms.”

    “Well, then that’s settled. I’m off to Murphy’s.”

    Merry had planned to slip in to a quiet spot and enjoy the local entertainment. That showed she knew jack about Irish pubs, Merry smiled at the thought.

    A tall, willowy waitress named Shannon (of course, what else would it be?) asked Merry her name and then bellowed, “The lot of you, welcome Merry to Murphy’s. She’s an American, you know.”

    That brought a laughing cheer Merry didn’t quite understand, but it made her smile. And so started her love affair with all things Irish. The warmth and the beauty had found a way to sneak into a heart that often felt crushed.

    Is that what she was feeling? Had she finally found home?

  4. Cher'ley says:

    I know this is silly. It’s just what came to my mind.

    Fire in the hole!” Jack started to run as fast as he could to get under cover. The bizarre incident caused an investigation from a third party company. 
    Before the tall, thin man could sneak away, he declard it had been a clean blast. He couldn’t believe he was called all the way from Arlington, VA, to investigate someone blowing up their pigpen with their dead pig inside. 

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Cher’ley: Welcome to the CCC. That was silly awesome! What did you think of the challenge?
      Let us know and hope to see you back (each Monday and Thursday).
      Everyone say hi to Cher’ley.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Cher’ley – Welcome to CCC!

        Some think it’s bizarre, this little party of ours. But, let’s come clean. It’s the cover for the fire inside us all, burning a hole in doubt and mediocrity. We use words to jack up our spirits and stand tall behind them as CCC started us on the path of joy, where we no longer sneak to enjoy what unfolds.

        Welcome to the addiction of CCC!

    • Welcome to the CCC, Cher’ley! That was really funny! Sometimes, the best stuff just pops into existence, eh?




    • Meredith says:

      That was terrific! Made me laugh. Needing that now so perfect!

  5. Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Abstemia, lived a wicked witch named Hedwig. She set out to enchant one of the beautiful maidens who skipped gaily through the forest, looking for hidden princes. She needed someone to sew and knit, clean her hearth, tend her fire and slave over the hot cauldron all day long. So she cast a spell on a frog.

    The witch was drunk on elderberry wine at the time. Instead of muttering “labiosus ornatus”, she said mater lacteus. The frog turned leprous and hopped away. 

    It so happened that one such maiden, Prezzemolina, was skipping gaily through the forest, plucking parsley for her dear mother. As she pulled up one clump, she exposed the bewitched frog.

    “What a lovely frog, all pretty and white! Accept this kiss and be my knight!” So saying, Prezzemolina kissed the frog. Instantly, she fell to the ground, as if dead. The frog, freed from the dyslexic curse, hopped away, happily.

    Meanwhile, a simpleton named Jack was trading his last dairy cow for some magic beans. The old hag who wanted the cow promised him that the beans would grow into bushes whose fruit yielded kohl, rouge and carmine beetles.

    Jack asked, “And what value are they to replace my cow?”

    The hag said, mysteriously, “Labial ornament.”

    A bewildered Jack tried a different tack. “Who would want such things?”

    The hag, growing impatient, shouted, “Maternal albino!”

    Jack knew about albinos. Thinking he would become rich, he asked the hag how to grow the beans.

    The hag warned him to plant the beans under the cover of a moonless night. She took the cow and pushed the beans into his hand.
    Poor Jack misunderstood her, of course, and despaired of ever finding a knight in a bed.  He became so upset that he threw the beans into a hole on the side of the road. The hag screamed and ran away with the cow.

    As the beans started to grow, Jack forgot all about being upset. In no time at all, the beans had twisted and merged into a giant stalk that was ten feet tall. Soon, the beanstalk disappeared into the clouds.

    Just at that moment, the frog hopped into the road. It saw Jack and tried to sneak away. However, it was too slow. Jack nimbly scooped up the frog and was about to make a midday meal of it when it spoke:

    “Please! Don’t eat me! If you spare me, I shall lead you to a beautiful, sleeping maiden.”

    Jack’s mind was nimble enough to understand the frog’s plea. He took one final look at the beanstalk, saying, “I’ll deal with you later.” He released the frog and followed it down the road.

    Unfortunately for the frog, while it was begging for its life, a bizarre party of dwarves happened upon the sleeping Prezzemolina and carried her off to their lair. They were hoping she would awaken and agree to sew and knit, clean their hearth, tend their fire and cook meals for them.

    Of course, when the frog couldn’t find the maiden, Jack ate it.  He became violently ill, as the frog was none other than the poisonous Mantella baroni. He died before he could return to his beanstalk.

    From that day until this, Hedwig’s curse was never connected to the mass confusion in the magical kingdom. On this day, you know the truth.

    The End

  6. Cher'ley says:

    I loved all the stories and I did enjoy taking the few minutes off that it took to write those few words. Thanks. 

  7. Had hernia surgery yesterday so missed early entry, here is my prose for today (didn’t do a poem, not sure why but a story formed in my mind instead today).

    It should have been a clean party for once. However Jack started something bizarre and tested his freedom like most teenagers do. Each day a new sneak to cover actions while his parents prepared for their trip. Leaving a 16 year old home alone turned out to be too tall an order after all. Little did they know that two loving parents would return home to the aftermath of a fire, return home and see nothing but a hole in the neighborhood where their dwelling used to stand. If only they would have thought twice about trusting their son alone for a few days. 

  8. Nell started to whisper the bizarre tale to the small party on the couch. Suddenly Jack catches the corner of her eye. Jack, tall, dark and handsome, sucks in the room’s attention.

    You can see hesitation snag her voice, body limping slightly. Recovering, she rises quietly, wanting to sneak out before he sees her. With no excuses she slips out on the balcony and down the stairs.

    A clean break impossible, she tries to cover her fear as Jack grabs her arm. Hot breath on her hair, “Nell.”

    At that moment she knows for sure, he was the one that set the fire. 28 miners trapped in the hole, dead. And for what? insane celebrity status?  His hand moves to her throat, sharp cry escapes. Pressure clouds her thoughts, turns dusk, then dark. Adding her to his infamous victims list.

    • RIGHT ON – I really like yours. I resisted reading anyone of the others until I wrote mine  – this is great. I took me forever to write and I bet it’s full of grammatical errors. Thanks for turning me onto this.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Sheila: That was intense! I thought for sure you’d let her get away.

  9. “Bizarre”, said Jack.
    He was always saying that; I mean always. Even if something wasn’t bizarre which this clearly was, a hole six foot in diameter dug in the newly planted lawn cover, and so deep it was filling up with funny smelling ground water.
    “Bizarre”, I mimicked. “Let’s get out of here”, I said, and started for the car, not 20 feet away. All I could think about was making a clean get-away. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time; sneaking around the Dam construction site at night when we should have been at the party. Finding that hole gave me the heebe geebes.
    But, Jack had other ideas. He was curious. He threw a rock down the hole. The kerplunk made by the rock hitting liquid took about as long in coming as it did for me to hop the tall chain link fence separating us from sure guilt. I shouted one more warning,
    “Look, I’m leaving”. You coming?”
    Just then I saw Jack light a match and toss it carelessly into the hole. Fire shot up; lighting the sky, blinding me to what I knew to be true, Jack was on fire.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Nicole: Welcome to the CCC. That was such a cool concept. You should continue it and see where it leads. What did you think of the challenge?
      Good to have you on board. Everyone welcome Nicole to the fun.

      • Cathy Miller says:

        @Nicole-Welcome to CCC!

        It’s a bizarre party of stories waiting to be told as we clean out the storage room of creativity and cover the site in the fire storm of words. Doubt is banished in a hole of our own design as we jack up the submissions of tall tales that started the week with a welcomed embrace as we sneak from our work to play.

        Welcome to the madness.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Jack didn’t want a big wedding party, but his tall bridezilla Sherri did. He wanted to run every time Sherri stuck a cover of a bride magazine in front of him. He wanted to jump into a hole like Alice did, at least she found Wonderland. Jack thought it was bizarre that Sherri was only interested in planning the wedding. She never wanted to talk about the marriage. Jack started to sneak in and out of the house to avoid her. He knew what he had to do. He had to start a clean fire and get the hell out of dodge before Sherri she came home and took his soul.

  11. Meredith says:

    It was a bit bizarre, hanging in a manhole until the fire started. Jack thought it was stupid, and maybe he would sneak out. His boss had the most bizarre ideas about how to do his business, whatever that was. Jack had met Boss at a party a few months ago. He’d seemed like a regular guy – smart, tall, clean, good looking. It was the last couple of weeks; Jack saw his boss taking a faster train to crazy with his pipes, wires, and women’s bras.
    Well, my brain ain’t what it used to be, but I gone and done a goofy one, the best I can hope for right now. Good to see all the great stories!

  12. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane … Thanks! That’s the power of digital cable, reality shows, and having more stations than you can watch. 🙂  Some of the reality shows are over-the-top. 🙂

  13. Shane Arthur says:

    Having a party with 100 kegs, a $10 cover charge, a fire-pit someone started by burning a couch, a 20-foot beer bong hanging from a window, and an unclean fraternity brother named Jack eating grasshoppers was not a bizarre occurrence. Neither was sneaking into the experimental animal research lab on campus and consuming the wildlife, or slipping your slappy into any willing hole. Acclimating to college is a tall order, made taller by dozens of inebriated bad decisions. So I’ve heard.

  14. Jack started to sneak away from the party, using the tall, bizarre cylinders as cover, but before he had made a clean getaway, he heard a drunken voice exclaim, “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Joan: That was an AWESOME shortie! Love how much you packed into that one sentence and still make it sound as if no words were forced into it.

  15. Kelly says:


    Jack sneaked into the party, started
    a fire in the crowd while you sang
    A cover of Long Tall Sally,
    clean in the back of the room
    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, bizarre boy
    A deckle-edged hole begins to form
    in your mind

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