Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #261

Our own MitchAllen chose our challenge words today. Check out his Sisterhood of the Void, a FREE novelette.

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.)

  1. Jaw
  2. Boners
  3. Stashed
  4. Urine
  5. Guy
  6. Coral
  7. Zest
  8. Overpaid
  9. Wig
  10. Wetly

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

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82 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #261”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my word. I’m happy for a little break; I’m STILL killing off my sweet little character, so this, I’m determined, will be fun. Thanks, Mitch! Great words. 

    “These jawboners are hard!” The stached guy holding a urin stick of coral-colored candy. “And they’re a little zesty for me. I think I overpaid!” With that, he smacked his lips wetly, and so vigorously he disloged his noticeable wig.

    Wow. Yay!  

  2. Liss Thomas says:

    *swearing vehemently at word list!* 🙂
    Officer:  “What happened?”
    Dude:  “So, Dude, I was like pulling a majorly sick jaw-dropping aerial, catching serious air when this guy, all stached and sporting a boner starts yelling at this chick.  So I stomp my board and go over to help, cause the dude snatched her coral wig off and said she overpaid for it.  I went up and was all like, ‘Dude, chill’ but the dude was like spewing wetly some major swears with zest at the chick and she was all crying.  So I said, ‘Dude, layoff the urin talk’ and he said, ‘step off.’
    Officer:  “So you hit him with your board?”
    Dude:  “Not so, Bro.  The poser totally did a wilson.  Stepped on my board and creamed himself.”

  3. Shane Arthur says:

    PROGRAMMING NOTE: I spelled stashed wrong in the words. I changed it, but everyone that used the other words is safe. No worries. Sorry.

  4. Professor Wilbur Von Stokken smiled at his classroom full of misfits. He had been looking forward to reading the field notes from the recent class trip. The summaries had been stashed away all weekend, as he had been too ill to even think about working. He listened with half an ear to the hubbub around him as he pulled out his chair.

    The smile faltered when the professor grabbed the first summary. Apparently, the graduate students were no more mature than the freshmen. Everyone must have enjoyed themselves on that outing. Without his stern supervision, each student pretty much had winged it. The poor guy shook his head as the read titles:

    Taking the Piss: Effects of Alcohol-laced Urine on Coral Colonies
    Toward a Concussion-free Future: Beach Volleyball Jaw Injuries
    Comparative Study of the Intelligence Quotients of Overpaid Lifeguards
    Key Ingredient: The Role of Lime Zest in Florida Desserts

    The professor was about to wig out, especially when he reached the final summary:
    Master Baiters: Quantifying Tensile Strength of Boners as Fishing Rods

    Professor Von Stokken’s face turned beet red. He held his breath for ten seconds and then exploded from his seat to glare down at the students in the front row. The author of the last paper caught the brunt of his wetly-delivered tirade:

    “You lot are the most miserable scientist wannabes I’ve ever met. Not one of you ingrates cited my research! I’ll have you expelled for plagiarism! Do your own damned work, next time.”

  5. Okay, this probably is one of the more disturbing poems I have ever written, creeped myself out a little.

    Dark Theme
    Stoners with boners
    fly to meet some guy
    and overpaid to get laid
    bodies stashed and trashed
    air of zest an immoral coral
    wetly fun with a trig prig in a wig
    the twisted clench of each raw jaw
    ending urine pools and other loose juice
    dark theme right out of a scream dream 

  6. K says:

    >_< I felt so ashamed writing this challenge, but at least, I tried to against my earlier wishes. Actually, I had a lot of fun writing this, but mostly, embarrassed. Another long one…

    Tao’s jaw became more flaccid by the second as he stared at one particular spot. Reality returned when Amy tugged on his hand, calling for his attention. He fastidiously closed his mouth and turned his attention to the girl beside him.

    “Tao,” his seven-year-old sister looked up at him. An innocent glint danced in her eyes, “what’s a boner?” Tao choked on his spit upon hearing that foul word fly out of Amy’s mouth. 

    “What?” he couldn’t contain his incredulity. “Where did you hear that from?”

    “Why?” the young girl cocked her head to the side. “Is it bad? That guy over there,” Amy motioned to the gangly man with tousled hair quite a distance away Tao had acknowledged before, “told me you’d be getting one when you came here today.”

    “Ha,” Tao scoffed then chomped on the pizza slice that he overpaid for. The taste of zesty tomato sauce pervaded his mouth, “yeah, right.”

    “So, what is it?”

    “Oh.” It took awhile before Tao formulated the only logical explanation. He finished the crust of the slice then said, “It’s something boys do when they’re really happy.”

    “Then, you must be really happy, Tao.” He glanced down at her with a smidgeon of disdain.

    “What makes you say that?”

    “You keep staring at that man I was talking about, and your legs are shaking,” observed Amy. Huh? Tao shook his head profusely, snapping out of his disorientation. Was his hair always appear in that effortless, unkempt fashion, or was it merely a wig? Man, he was ogling that guy like a lovesick school girl! Snap out of it. Tao chided inwardly. He’s just trying to mess with his head. Tao was still straight. He was still straight. He was- Shit. Glimpsing down at his quivering legs, Tao discovered that the warmth that once resided in his cheeks had traveled between his legs. A prominent bulge tented in his jeans. Tao stashed his hand in between his thighs to shield it from public sight. His other hand grabbed the little girl’s hand and yanked her up from the bench. The pizza slice resting on her lap descended to the ground, landing in a splattered mess.

    “Let’s go!”  he urged, letting his other arm to rest by his side. Tao angled himself, so Amy’s pure eyes wouldn’t have to witness the true meaning of male ecstasy at the tender age of seven. Amy, being difficult, constrained herself to the spot.

    “But we haven’t been on the carousel yet!” she whined. “Please, just one more ride!”

    “Amy,” Tao tried to be reasonable without lashing out, “you ate a lot today. Plus, you just ate a whole slice of pizza just now. You’re gonna feel sick if you’re going on the carousel.”

    “No, I won’t. I’m-”

    “Mom, Danny peed again!” the duo’s concentration centralized on a family consisting of two sons and a mother a foot or so away. A pudgy boy toting a plush toy coral underneath his arm pointed a reproachful finger at Danny. His baggy pants sported a dark spot below the belt. Even from that distance, the overwhelming stench of urine permeated the air. Tao coughed, taking precious gulps of oxygen before holding his breath. On the other hand, Amy didn’t react as well. A thunderous rumble ripped from her stomach. Her face converted to a chalky white. Danny waddled forward to his berated mother beckoning him. The fabric wetly slapped against the boy’s legs. Amy released a guttural sound from her throat. Tao rubbed her back, concern etched on his face.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine. No, wait,” she parted her lips, but nothing substantial regurgitated. She vehemently coughed before continuing,” you were right. I feel sick. Let’s go home.” This time around, Amy led Tao, dragging him. He looked across his shoulder. The guy from prior caught Tao’s gaze and arched an inquisitive eyebrow. The corners of his lips curled up in a small smile. Blood rushed back inside Tao’s pants. That dude just doesn’t relent on haunting him, does he? Wait, if Tao could barely perceive who he was earlier, how he could discern that smile on his face? Fantastic, Tao was being followed. With that in mind, Tao wordlessly took charge. Amy clung onto Tao’s hand for dear life due to the speed of his strides. 

    “Tao, slow down! I can’t hold on!” Her desperate tone was garbled. The only thing being processed in his mind was that guy. Just then, a splotch of vivid orange appeared in the corner of his eye. Fine, two could play at that game. Let the game of cat and mouse commence, Kris.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @K: You had me laughing out loud by the third paragraph. Thanks!

    • K, this was great! You took the time to really work those words into your story. Ashamed? Is that another way saying you stretched out of your comfort zone as a writer? Well done!

      • K says:

        Yeah, I kept associating those words with sexual references. I tried to make this one innocent even with the words in mind but ended up feeling like throwing my keyboard against the wall. But I’m glad I got a kick out of it.

        • Kathleen K says:

          K — that line of thought happens to lots of us… trust me… it’s happened to many times… my mind has headed toward the gutter many a times at Shane’s/the CCC’s nudging.

          And it sounded like you were concerned that your dialog would not be written well… not true.

  7. Aleaj says:

    hi everyone, a newbie here. Hope you can help me overcome my fears. All comments will be taken constructively so please feel free to give me even your simplest advice. Thanks. :))

    One cold night a mortal was a awakened by a surprise. Saw a radiant lass holding a handful of corals. He moved closer to check, and the gems started to glitter. Her eyes were round and complemented her long crowning glory that you can even mistook for a wig. The lass was smiling, as if pleasing a guy with her sweetness. And so the mortal with full of zest overpaid the lass with the same and tried to get nearer to take a better glimpse of the gems.

    But as the mortal drew closer, the lass suddenly flashed a boners in her hands, at once the pleasant aura was changed to a seemingly different persona stashed with all the anger in her eyes. His jaw  dropped in fear when the lass approached her, and closed his eyes in total darkness.

    He stumbled and landed on his palms wetly soaked. He attempted to move his hands closer to his nose but it didn’t take him a single second to recognize the smell of urine. He stood up and realized it was just a dream and decided to take a shower as it was already 4 o’clock in the morning.

    • K says:

      Hello. It hasn’t been long since I’ve been here either. Well, your entry was intriguing. Was the girl in his dream a vampire, if not mortal? There were some typos, a fragment (“Saw a radiant…”), and sentence formations that could be cleaned up. Anyways, you did great for your first time. Keep on writing, and welcome to the CCC. It’s every Monday and Thursday if you wish to continue.

      • Aleaj says:

        Thank you for your feedback. To e honest I really had a hard time writing my entry as i always lack confidence. But reading all your comments made me eager to learn and write more. Thanks for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it. And the tips you gave me will definitely be noted.  Thanks again. 🙂

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Aleaj: Welcome to the CCC! You did a great job. No need to qualify yourself here. If you write, you crush writer’s block and you are a pro in our eyes for it. Do more of these and you will see your confidence blast off.

      • Aleaj says:

        Thanks Shane. I think I’ll be enjoying your whole company as I felt that my entry was not neglected afterall. And that is so true, when I read your comments it surely made me feel better.

    • Welcome to the CCC, Aleaj! What Shane said. 🙂 Just have fun.
      I liked your entry – dreams are nearly always disjointed affairs and, intentional or not, your writing perfectly conveyed that sense.

      • Aleaj says:

        Thanks Mitch! i’m glad that you liked it. I hope to overcome all the challenges that hinder me from writing my thoughts. I know that everyone here can really help me do that.

    • Cathy Miller says:

      @Aleaj-Welcome to the CCC!

      Come on in and jaw a while with the writing genius of the CCC. Here, anything goes. There are no stupid boners, only words waiting to be stashed against the walls of creativity. 

      We have drama and mystery as detectives wade through the urine of human waste to solve the next big crime. We have a guy who has run out of luck and aliens who take us through a coral sky. The zest for life is captured here as dreams are never overpaid and memories are made that last.

      So join us in our addiction as we wig out when we are kept away. Let the laughter roll and wetly tears fall. You are now a part of the best community around. Welcome to the CCC!

      • Aleaj says:

        Thank you for the warm welcome. My first attempt has been fun. I hope to learn and write more. Please feel free to give me your feedback. Thanks again. 🙂

      • Shane Arthur says:

        @Cathy: THIS is why you are indeed The Welcoming Queen. 🙂

  8. Kathleen K says:

    Her jaw dropped when he walked in the door. She stashed her hands in her pockets and kept her composure.

    “Hey there Boners.”

    “Hey,” he said as he got closer. “So, have you seen her?”

    “Ummmm, well, I have seen that lady,” Guy said tilting his head to the right.

    “No, no, no, that is no lady, that is a fella in a wig. I am almost sure of that,” he said as he casually surveyed the room.

    It was then he saw her. She sat across the room, relaxed, with the coral scarf she said she would be wearing. It was casually draped over her shoulders.

    “There she is,” Boners said softly. 

    “Okay, yes, yes there she is,” Guy admitted.

    “Pay up buddy,” Boners said sticking his right hand out, palm up, not taking his eyes off of her.

    “Yah, yah, yah,” Guy said as he laid a twenty on his buddy’s outstretched palm. “She’s a looker.”

    “Yah, but I think she underestimated herself.“

    The fella’s watched her lick her lips.

    “Wow, those look nice,” Boners said, “guess it is time to go over and introduce myself.”

    “I could go for you,” Guy offered. 
    “No, no, no,” Boners said wagging a finger at his chum.

    They watched her, as she looked their way. Her smile grew as acknowledged Boners with a light nod.
    “Oh boy Urrrr-innnnneeee,” Guy said as Boners began to walk her way.

    As he walked across the room, he began to sweet. “Sure am glad I remember to use my Zest in the shower,” he said under his breath to himself. He was three feet away when it happened. The waitress bumped into him, a full tray of drinks on her hand. The longnecks toppled. The liquid flung out of them taking him buy surprise as he was focused on her. He stopped in his tracks.

    “You are overpaid,” he said wetly as he lifted a hand to whip the beer out of his eyes and mouth.

  9. Shane Arthur says:

    His jaws were used to boners stashed inside. Urine Guy was his Twitter handle. He had a coral-reef-sized zest for overpaid wigs, wetly-puckered lips, and mayonnaise.

    • K says:

      Thanks for the mental image, Shane. Nice shorty, but the image I see… Maybe I’m just seeing this in a negative light? I wish I could write something as tight and concise as yours. 

      • Shane Arthur says:

        @K: That’s the magic of this place. You’ll end up writing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’d expect and NOT expect to write. This place gives you the freedom to write whatever you want. I don’t concern myself with anything other than crushing writer’s block into the fantasy land it belongs.
        As for the tightness, I edit so I can’t help it.

        • K says:

          That’s true. You edit? Cool. I think I really need to improve in my editing skills since my writing gets too draggy.

          • Shane Arthur says:

            @K: Look at the examples I have on the editinghacks site. Good stuff that. (and I can’t wait for my first book to come out either!)

          • Kathleen K says:

            K– writing tight comes with too busy of a schedule for some of it… and Shane is right… with practice you will get your writing to where you want it. I hope you see your writing as we do… great stretches of the fingers on the keyboard. (Give yourself a break, will yah. Some of us have been doing this for a longer time.)

    • Oi! That’s a sneaky glimpse of Billy and Bobby. LOL

  10. Cathy Miller says:

    Detective Michael Stapleton felt the pounding pulse in his temple. His jaw was so tightly clenched it was amazing it didn’t snap in two.

    It had been a series of beyond stupid boners where evidence was walked on, stashed in corners, and if that urine smell was any clue, pissed on as well. The guy responsible had better be far from the scene, if he knew what was good for him.

    “Scott,” the detective bellowed, “who the hell was first on the scene? A dropout from the academy?”

    Michael’s partner, Jason Scott, felt a sly smile cross his lips. He expected this. He even made a $20 bet with dispatch on how long it would take Mike to explode. It’d be fun collecting on that one.

    “What? You mean you never saw blood spurt out in the shape of a shoe print before?”

    The glare was also expected.

    “Victim is believed to be a Coral Gable – hey, i’m not lying, that’s what her ID says,” Jason laughed, while holding his hands up to ward off a blow.

    “She either had a Mom with a bad sense of humor or it’s pseudonym for a life with a little more zest, if you know what I mean.”

    “You are seriously overpaid, Scott.”

    “Yeah, me and Bill Gates. Living the high life.”

    Michael looked down at the victim, a cheap blonde wig, soaked in crimson, was trying to make its wetly escape.

    “What do we know?”

    “I know I’m pretty and you’re not.”

    “Shutup, Scott.”

    • Kathleen K says:

      Cathy — Okay, so you have me laughing, again, with your dialog. It is believable 😉
      I could see this: “…a cheap blonde wig, soaked in crimson, was trying to make its wetly escape.” Great job, describing this.

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Cathy: Great dialog here. More!

    • Cathy, your skill is boundless! What a wonderful narrative. Shane always says, “If the words weren’t bolded…” I can definitely say that about this entry!
      Well Done!

  11. Paul says:

    The Boners waved their hands at the sooty blaze, their black eyes dancing red in the firelight. About a dozen of them had gathered loosely around the pyre, but they stood apart from one another, avoiding the urine-soaked patches that marked each other’s territory.

    Mark watched carefully from a distance, his dark adapted eyes struggling with the bright flames and his nose wincing from the acrid stench carried on the evening breeze. He rubbed his jaw slowly, sandpaper stubble loud in the still night. He thought about his stashed food and hoped that the Boners would be content to warm themselves by the fire, squabble noisily and then snore loudly for several hours.

    He fingered his lucky coral necklace and hoped for the best.

    Within an hour, the Boners were all wetly asleep. Except for one guy, a skeleton with a ginger wig about two metres tall and threateningly built. He was sniffing the air like a cat after a tin of tuna, huge snorts with extra zest. He spun slowly in a circle, testing the cool evening air all around. Finally he stopped, and looked directly at Mark.

    Mark froze. He was sure that the Boner couldn’t see him, and the wind was blowing the wrong way for it to smell him. Irrational fear seized his stomach, and he clenched the well used muscles there. His ears fought with the stillness of the night, struggling to make out any noise that would give him a hint what the Boner was thinking. He could smell it over the stench of waste water: the smell of once-fresh meat gone forever sour.

    The Boner grew bored and returned to the fire, kicking its mates out of the way to secure a warm, wet spot.

    Mark relaxed – too much, he would soon realise – and silently laughed at those who said this job was overpaid. He stretched out his right arm, carefully lifting his machine gun from the grass that cushioned it. He would kill the Boners whilst they slept. They were animals.

  12. Rebecca says:

    @ Mitch… Thanks for sharing your novelette Sisterhood of the Void.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Luke took the pot from underneath his stepsister’s bed where it was stashed beneath a loose floorboard. She probably overpaid for it. He put the bed back in its exact place and looked around the room to make sure everything was the way Madison had left it. Nick, one of Luke’s friends, was with him. He took Madison’s wig from the bed post, put it on his head and danced around the bedroom. Nick was 18, but sometimes acted like he was 14.
    “Hey knock it off you jerk! Mad Mads will know I’ve been in her room if you don’t put that wig back exactly where you found it. It’s like she has fucking ex-ray vision or something,” shouted Luke.
    “Okay, Okay. Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” said Nick. He put the wig back, but not before playing with coral beads that also hung from the bed post. 
    “Damn it Nick! I told you not to mess with Mad Mads stuff,” shouted Luke. He wanted to punch Nick for being such a d-bag.
    Nick ignored Luke and walked over to Madison’s closet and picked up a shirt that was hanging on the closet door knob. “This looks like the color of urine. What is it with girls and weird colors,” said Nick as he held up the shirt to examine it.
    “Jesus Christ. What is it with you? Do you have ADD or something? Let’s get out of here and don’t touch anything else,” shouted Luke.
    Not only did Luke take the pot, but he also took Madison’s True Blood DVD’s. Ryan, Luke’s friend since grade school, caught his mom watching the show while he was home from school for Christmas break. He told Luke about the show, and they devised a plan to take Madison’s DVDs so they could see for themselves how risqué it was. It was typical guy stuff.

    Luke and Nick walked into the home entertainment area in Luke’s home.
    “Alright, where’s my Zest?” asked Luke. Nick and Ryan looked at each other.
    “Dude, what are you talking about? Your Zest is still here. It’s just a little modified,” said Ryan with a sly smile. Nick laughed.
    “Man, you guys still act like you’re in high school. Let’s just watch the damn DVDs already,” said Luke. He put the first DVD into the DVD player. “It’s show time,” said Luke with a smirk. He grabbed his Zest from Nick and sat on one of the overstuffed chairs in his parent’s home theater.  
    “Actually, it’s HBO,” said Ryan. All of the guys busted out laughing.
    By the time Luke and his friends got to True Blood DVD #4, they had boners from watching the series all night long. Talk about being wetly all of the time, thought Nick. 
    “Dude! That guy’s jaw is hanging off of his face,” said Ryan.

  14. Sean Murphy says:

    * Just got back from a holiday in America, time to get back to the CCC!
    This place was a shit-warren if he’d ever seen one. His jaw was clenched against the subtle odor of urine from the alley behind the joint, the industrial strength lemon-zest coating the bar not enough to drown it out. Something squelched wetly in the darkness beneath his feet, and he fingered the object stashed in his pocket, eager to get the job done and get out of here. Moving towards the stage, he avoided the groups of guys concealing boners in the shadows of the couches. He had eyes only for the girl on the stage, coral wig framing a face tense with the energy of the song. Pulling the round ball of electronics out of his jacket, he couldn’t help but think the buyer had overpaid for this job. Taking her would be easy.

    • Kathleen K says:

      Sean — hope you enjoyed your visit here. 
      I like your ditty. Not sure exactly what a “shit-warren” is… but I don’t need to know the exact term… the rest of your ditty brought images to my mind. Bravo 

    • Shane Arthur says:

      @Sean: Welcome back. Great, great submission. Could see it so clearly, and I’m a huge fan of assassin-type stories.

    • Yay, Sean! Welcome back. You brought presents. LOL

  15. Rebecca says:

    @ Shane… Thank you! I’ve been catching up on True Blood. I got the first book from the library to see how close it was to the show. Needless to say, it was kind of boring for me, and I had to speed read. The show seems saucier and spicier than the books. 🙂

    @ Mitch… You’re welcome! And … Glad you liked my prompt. The words for perfect for what I wanted to write.

  16. Akira says:

    A young girl playing guitar on the stage of a seedy bar. The manager, a sickly guy in a bad toupee set it up for her. People come in to forget their troubles, or just to escape the stench of urine in the alley oustide. All the men have boners from mentally undressing the beautiful girl on the stage, their members chafing wetly against long-since stained white boxers. Overpaid waitresses in neon wigs navigate the crowds to get people their drinks and the girl with the coral necklace still sings with zest under the brightest lightbulb in the place. The bouncer escorts a man with a slck jaw from too much alchohol oustide with a rather rough kick. Little do they know that his buddy has a gun stashed under his jacket…

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