Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #310

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our bolding plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put <b> and </b> around each of your words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH.

  1. Awful
  2. Tank
  3. Noise
  4. Shelter
  5. Check
  6. Swell
  7. Warm
  8. Different
  9. Boot
  10. Deep

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

56 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #310”

  1. Anklebuster says:

    The joke had gone too far. Wilbur lay dead, buried deep in the swell of sodden snow piled five-feet high by a passing plow. He was a victim of his own awful stupidity. In trying to be clever and different, he met the same fate as any other fool who had left the shelter of a warm building this night.

    His friends were simply trying to help him pass his UK English quiz. Wilbur had insisted that he understood the language well enough. However, after he mixed up tank filler and slapper, the lads insisted on physical lessons for reinforcement. Amid much noise and good-natured shoving, the boys pushed him through the doorway of the crumbling brownstone.

    He would not have failed – if they had just bothered to come outside, he would have shown them his silly side. The keys to the car were in his pocket, and one of his galoshes was in his hand. The mission had been to check the boot with a torch.

    The flashlight inside the rubber overshoe dimmed, blinked and went out.

  2. Would it be so awful to tank work and go where noise is the sound of a bird? There I can shelter the conflict within as I check in with all that matters. Hope would swell as I warm my heart with a different sound of life. There I boot away my doubts and unite with the song deep in my soul.

    Okay, back to work now. πŸ˜‰

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  4. tanjamaltija says:

    The noise and smell coming from the water-tank were awful. Each resident of the hotel had a different theory – the warm weather and no shade from the sun; dirty filters; a dead pigeon; deep sludge at the bottom of the cistern… In the end, the Manager had a makeshift tent rigged to shelter the workers from the elements while they ran a check. The first thing they saw when they removed the lid was a boot. The body was already beginning to swell.

  5. Liss Thomas says:

    Wolves attacked one after the other but none could stand against Jill’s fighting staff. She ducked as one lunged for her neck and knocked another away in quick succession. Robbie watched in awe but her success proved short lived. More attacked in groups, two from the back, two from the front. One latched onto her staff and with the force of the pack, she finally fell. They tore at her clothes exposing skin on her arms and back, leaving gashes and bite marks. Warm blood flowed from her wounds and painted the ground with grotesque swatches of red as she fought against them.

    The pack pulled back into a tight circle and waited. Jill scrambled to her feet and the cycle started over again. Robbie couldn’t watch any more of the awful attack. He lunged to help her but the gray wolf jerked him back, slamming him into the ground. Robbie righted himself only to receive a vicious backhand that sent him sprawling. His cheek throbbed and he tasted blood on his swelling lips. The Gray pulled Robbie upright to make him watch the remainder of the fight, his hand tight around Robbie’s windpipe.

    The pack pulled away again and waited for Jill to gain her footing. Her limbs shook as she pushed herself to her knees. Tears smeared with blood colored her face but her eyes stayed defiant. The Gray tossed Robbie aside, shifted and took his place in the circle. As soon as Jill stumbled to her feet, he launched himself at her. Robbie’s heart sank as he watched the large gray wolf slam into Jill like a tank sending her to the ground again. It rolled her over and kept a heavy paw on her back. He kept his muzzle at the nape of her neck as the others joined in. Jill’s screams were like a heavy boot to Robbie’s stomach. He sobbed openly and spewed curses at them until they reformed the circle.

    Jill struggled even to lift her head. The noise of her raspy breathing seemed loud in Robbie’s ears. She looked small and broken and each movement she made caused her to cry out in agony. An eager wolf, ready for more blood, took a step toward her. Robbie exploded from the ground. He broke through the circle and crouched down near Jill, sheltering her with his body. A deep feral growl rose from his throat.

    “Enough!” he shouted.

    “I say when she’s had enough, young pup,” The Gray said. “You know our ways.”

    “But she doesn’t! I won’t let you kill her!” Robbie stood his ground as The Gray inched closer, his muzzle frothing in rage.

    “You would trade your mother’s life to protect this human?” he asked.

    “I doubt your mad King would let us live either way. If you want to kill her, you will have to kill me as well!” Robbie growled.

    The Gray laughed and moved closer. “The Wolf King desires the girl alive for a short time. But when he gives the order, I will take pleasure in ripping her throat out and when I’m done, I’ll have yours for dessert.” The Gray pulled back and ordered the pack to return to the palace. Robbie growled at any who came near to Jill. Finally, after a quick check of her injuries he picked her up and cradled her against his chest as he followed the pack. She watched him through hooded lenses and he could tell there was something different in her eyes, maybe forgiveness.

    “I’m so sorry I brought you here. They hold my mother and threaten her life. I didn’t know what to do,” Robbie said. He hoped she understood but she just closed her eyes and said nothing.

    They reached the gates just as darkness fell. A mournful howl rose loud in the distance. A lone wolf’s agony voiced to the moon.

    “I’m sorry, Daddy,” Jill sobbed.

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  7. Amandah says:

    Do you feel awful when things don’t go as planned?
    Do you seek shelter in a bottle of whiskey or sleeping pills?
    Does the noise inside your head get louder and louder, telling you you have to do something different?
    To shift your life before it tanks, go deep inside and check in with yourself.
    You may feel warm when you reflect.
    Your eyes may swell with tears.
    You’ll want to give everything and anything and anyone that isn’t working in your life the BOOT!

  8. K says:

    What happened, and what was that awful noise? Oh, his grandson stormed out of the living room and slammed the door after leaving the house. He sighed, reclining on the armchair. Disappointment swelled in his chest after witnessing his grandson depart from his sight with his rage blinding him. Staring at his hands, calluses embellished them, and his fingers shook. He ran one hand through the white wisps of hair on his head, making sure he was warm and living. At this junction in life, one couldn’t be too sure especially after partaking in a nightmare. His hand traveled to his face and prodded the deep scars left as a token of that nightmare, engraving its existence into his skin.

    Sure, his grandson griped about his distorted face and hideous expressions, but what could be done to them at this point? The thought of those lacerations transported him back to the blizzards brewing in those forests. He inhaled the scents of gunpowder and charred flesh as the plumes of smoke billowed from above the bare trees. As his boots crunched in the layer of snow, he heard his heartbeat pounding in his ears and the whirs of bullets whizzing past him. It pained him to recollect any further, but he knew that in a different time and a different place a voice ordered him to take shelter while the other prepared to ambush the opposition. If he regarded that instruction, would the gas tank have not exploded after all? Maybe if he hadn’t reacted on impulse and rushed to check, the wounds would not have scarred his face, but what about the rest? Nothing stopped the fact he lost a leg and received several lacerations that remained but at least he lived to see the outcome of the war, returned to his wife, and settled down with four children.

    “Honey!” a hoarse voice called out for him.

    “What?” he responded.

    “Jason’s on the phone. He wants to talk to you.” His ears perked up. Rising to his feet and regaining balance on his prosthetic leg, he shuffled to the kitchen and received the call.


  9. Bee says:

    Hi! First-timer here. Here’s my story entitled “A New Experience”: http://www.bnatividad.com/2013/02/tonys-new-experience.html

  10. Bee says:

    Oops. Sorry. I changed the title to “Tony’s New Experience.”

  11. Okay, I’m in a funny mood and I don’t give a bleep! This made me laugh so, again, @Kelly – cover the kid’s eyes!

    It was awful.
    A noise like a bomb exploded the shelter of silence in the tank.
    I checked for swelling. It was there and it was warm and indifferent.
    If I had a boot at that exact moment, I would have shoved those hemorrhoids deep back inside.

  12. dragonblogger says:

    Here is my entry for today’s poem, better late than never.


    Were they so different?

    Were they so awful?

    hiding in the warm shelter

    fear continues to swell

    with the noise of a tank

    rumbling deep; unforgiving

    would they check in here

    send them to a death boot camp

    were they so different?

    were they so awful?

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