Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #328

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our bolding plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put <b> and </b> around each of your words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH.

  1. Bunting
  2. Ash
  3. Skyline
  4. Escarpment – A long, precipitous, clifflike ridge of land, rock, commonly formed by faulting or fracturing of the earth’s crust.
  5. Battalion
  6. Anniversary
  7. Luxurious
  8. Lopsided
  9. Errors
  10. Run

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)

20 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #328”

  1. Ashley says:

    Tessa Faye couldn’t stop her body or her heart from plummeting to the dark waters below strewn with jagged rocks. Her auburn hair flew up around her face as she closed her eyes and prayed for someone to save her. She knew no one would save her, but that didn’t stop her from sending out a prayer to any deity that would hear her out. As her silent prayers reached out to the high heavens, she grasped the rosary around her neck and clutched it for dear life for the first time in her life. Tessa wasn’t a religious girl, but at this moment she was willing to believe in anything to save herself.

    The edges of the rosary cut into her hand, but she kept her grip on it as she continued falling. God how she wished she hadn’t been so naive and gullible, but that wouldn’t change errors now. And she had thoroughly pissed off the only person in this world who could save her. So, now she was going to die, because her own personal battalion wouldn’t save her now. Fate was quite cruel sometimes, but that was life. Tessa released the rosary as she continued falling and she felt the small sliver of hope finally leave her. She just let herself fall to her death, with only the thought that she wished could have done things differently.

    “Tessa!” A voice cried from somewhere above, Tessa just ignored it believing it was a figment of her imagination.

    A force like a train plowing into her finally got her to open her eyes. She barely had enough time to catch a glimpse of Dante’s white hair and golden eyes, when he pushed her face into his chest and pulled her small body in tight against his. Tessa clutched his cream colored shirt in her hands for dear life, as they hit the water together. The force of their impact knocked the breath right out of Tessa’s lungs. She automatically gasped for air to no avail; she only ended up sucking in bitingly cold water. Tessa could feel herself slipping into unconsciousness as Dante swam with all his might back up to the surface. Dante just broke the water’s surface allowing Tessa to take in a big gulp of much needed air, before she began hacking up water as she clutched the white haired demon with all her might. Tessa couldn’t believe it. Dante had actually saved her, even after he had told that she could die for all he cared. She was so happy and relieved that she actually began to cry.

    Dante looked around panicked at the sight of the auburn haired girl in his arms crying. Her nearly black eyes shined with tears and relief as she clung to him and wept. He didn’t know what else to do, so he began to soothingly run his hands over her hair and tell her that it was alright, he was here. At last she finally ceased crying and peered up at him through her long eyelashes.

    “You came for me,” Tessa muttered in relief, burying her face into his chest as she gave him a watery lopsided smile.

    “Of course I would come for you,” Dante said, ceasing stroking her hair. “I was just a bit mad. But what were you thinking following that guy? I thought I had told you to stay away from him.”

    Tessa knew why she had followed the man that had pushed her off the cliff. She had wanted to make Dante jealous, like he was always able to make her. Not like she was ever going to tell him that, so she lied.

    “I can’t remember why anymore,” she whispered, the lie seeming to stick in her throat as she forced herself to say it.

    She kept her dark gaze locked on his soaked shirt, which was beginning to stain red with her blood from the cut on her hand she received from the rosary. The red stain slowly spread outwards, like a blossoming flower. Dante’s molten gaze glanced at the growing red stain on his shirt briefly, before he pulled her hand away from his shirt. He clucked to his self as he studied her palm.

    “Your always such a klutz, aren’t you Tess?” He murmured silently, before quickly licking her wound along with her blood up.

    As she watched him lick her palm, she caught that his tongue wasn’t like a normal human’s. It was ragged along the edges, almost resembling a flame. His tongue was one of the few things that gave away that he was actually a demon. Her face flushed pink automatically like it always did and her heart decided to try to run a marathon. She never had any control about it when it came to him. Dante took that moment to look up at her face to see it flushed a dark pink. Being the naive demon that he is, he automatically mistook her flushed face for her coming down with a fever.

    “Are you catching a fever,” Dante asked, putting his palm against the heated flesh of her face. “You must be. Let’s get you out of this water.”

    With that he began pulling her towards shore, as she tried to get her vocal cords to work to tell him that she was fine. In the end, she was dragged ashore without so much as uttering a single word. Her dark gaze took in the escarpment that she had fallen from, it was a complete sheer drop from its skyline height. It was a complete miracle that they had survived the drop without being impaled by any of the jagged rocks below. Tessa trudged ashore as a bunting trilled in a tree overhead somewhere. The songbird’s trill did nothing for her already aching head, besides bring on the beginnings of a migraine. She sighed as she plopped down on the rocky beach to wait for Dante to return. He had told he’d be right back before rushing off into the woods surrounding the beach. Her spot on the beach wasn’t anything luxurious like the place they had stayed at for the past couple nights, but she was exhausted to the point that she didn’t care. Sitting there she realized in a sense that today was the anniversary of her and Dante first meeting. She really couldn’t believe a year had gone by since they had first meet each other. A year goes by pretty fast sometimes.

    A grayish-white particle floating down in front of her caught her attention drawing her out of her reminiscing. Catching it in her out stretched hand, she peered at for a few minutes before realized what it was. The grayish-white residue on her palm was ash. In that moment she noticed more of it raining from the sky, like snow. Standing from her spot on the ground, she turned to face the woods behind her to see smoke rising from the burning woods up on the cliff she had fallen from. Staring at the burning woods, her only thought was about Dante.

    • Anklebuster says:

      Wow, this is epic, Ashley! I can see that you’re enjoying your two characters.
      Plus, you didn’t let these words faze you – great choice for bunting!

      Write on!



  2. Anklebuster says:

    On the anniversary of his battalion’s lopsided defeat at the hands of his darling wife, Chief Fletcher recalled the leveling of his fair city. Ironically, fire was not the culprit. Esmeralda had planted neutron bombs at every subway station, from the run-down shops in Hooker’s Haven to the luxurious condos in Westfall.

    The synchronized explosions exposed the underground, creating an artificial escarpment to counterpoint the permanently ash-grey skyline. Were it not for a couple of all too human errors on her part, Esmeralda would have gotten away scot-free.

    Chief Fletcher shook his head back to the present. He realized that the Mayor’s speech was winding down. The solemn dedication of the onyx monolith was a stark contrast to the gay bunting festooning the podium. The empty gesture was wasted on the wheelchair-bound audience of firefighters who were unlucky enough to be too far away to help dismantle the weapons.

    To a man, the Tri-Borough Fire Department wanted retribution. Esmeralda’s terroristic threats had become terrible realities when she miscalculated the yields on her planned transportation disruption. Her complete infiltration of the Department’s emergency response had not translated into any kind of intelligible tactical campaign. She had not accounted for police and transit workers being first responders.

    Her second mistake was regret. The day before the spectacular destruction, she had broken down and confessed to Fletcher, begging him to evacuate the regions that would be affected. He had galvanized the Tri-Borough Emergency Services Corps, but they never stood a chance.

    And now, Esmeralda had to pay.

  3. My poem entry for today

    Front Line

    The battalion braced for impact

    a skyline full of lopsided errors

    once luxurious technology runs amuck

    as armed robots are bunting attacks

    weaker soldiers run for the escarpment

    we hold fast embracing our ash doom

    this anniversary will be marked in history

    for we are the front line of defense

  4. Jake Kampe says:

    Morning’s bunting darted across the ash colored skyline with the escarpment clearly visible,
    as 2nd Battalion celebrated the bittersweet anniversary atop the luxurious, lopsided, burned out palace; a comedy of errors that had run it’s course.

  5. On our tenth anniversary, we celebrated. The kids, and Teddy and me, and all of our friends gathered in the backyard of our perfect home. Our eyes were rimmed with the luxurious wear of young parenthood—and I say luxurious because as much as they taxed me, I wanted to breathe in their skin, and to smell their breastfed breath. The smoothness of their bodies and the completeness of their trust showed me what a lopsided lesson I had gleaned from The Duchess.

    Her students might recognize her as as free of errors as that last final senior thesis, but I knew better. Still, watching Jasper clutching a handful of yellow dandelions as he ran toward me, his once drunken toddler legs giving way to the lengthening manly bones allowed me to forgive her the glaring imperfections in her parenting. I could relax my judgement of her. She did the best she could. That’s what the therapist told me. I clung to that, my own handful of dying weeds.

    Teddy stood next to me in the lawn after our guests has driven off to their own perfect homes and perfect lives. His arm around me felt reassuring, but also vaguely bruising. His grasp was too tight. I shrugged against him, wrestling loose.

    He dropped his arm to my waist and pulled me close. I gave in, rested my head on the close knit of her sweatered shoulder. “Happy?” he asked.

    Something in his tone sounded like a brand new sheet of paper, lined in blue, margined with red, waiting for the words to drop upon them, to tell the paper its job. Maybe he meant it to reassure me like his grip, but the blankness stretched before me like an ash-filled sky, too cluttered with motes I could not assemble my thoughts in any kind of ordered battalion.

    “Happy?” I laughed back, aware that my silence elongated and was turning to awkward. “Look at that.” I reached forward with my left hand, holding my diamond engagement ring up into the moon light, pointing toward the city below our little hill. The skyline faded as the city fell asleep.

    “It’s going out.” It was all I could think to say. I knew he was confused, so I stammered on. “See? The lights in the world below us. They have to go out sometime. The people find some kind of rest sometime. Everything goes out.”

    Another awkward pause. We grew more comfortable with the awkwardness in the next ten years. These were some of our first and we clambered over them, young and hardy soldiers, fighting for our American dream.

    “I love you.” Another blank page. Another ream of the words that won’t fit on the page, flying beneath them, unspoken, only beginning to become understood.

    “Love you, too.”

    We turned in step toward the bar that surrounded the pool. While he poured fresh drinks that neither of us wanted, I tore the bunting from the tables and low gables. As I bent to ball up the trash, I remembered the letter. It crinkled in my pocket and reminded me what I all I had shoved aside when it had arrived that day. I had read it quickly before the party, and swallowed a glass of something. Slid the secrets into my pocket and forgot. Tried to forget.

    The letter did not shift the earth under our marriage. The letter was not responsible for the widening gap between us. I could not help feeling, though, that its arrival somehow found me on the escarpment, feet skidding against the weak rock. The letter was a road sign, and I failed to read it. Trouble ahead.

  6. […] Creative Copy Challenge #328 […]

  7. K says:

    “Launch the battalions! Hold onto your seats because I’m going to tell you some big news!” my cousin roared, pointing at the crowd wearing blank faces. “Gabby’s getting married!” Instead of feigning ignorance at my cousin’s “big news” spiel as usual, her announcement incited the entire room to rise, and everyone reveled at my engagement. Masking myself with a nervous smile, I endured the congratulatory words pouring out of everyone’s mouths. The women’s eyes glazed over my extravagant ring and especially voiced their ardent opinions, saying they had seen the errors in their judgment of me. I wanted to shove the next person who spoke to me and leave, but my cousin, Lily, singled me out from her spot on top of a table.

    “Hey, Gabby.”

    “What?” I asked. By this time, the room fell silent, awaiting replies.

    “Is the lucky guy Richard?” I nodded in response, sending another wave of pandemonium throughout the room. Everyone jostled me around, offering me more congratulations and hugs. My guy relatives patted me on the back while the women chattered and swooned, thinking about the luxurious life I was sure to take part in since Richard happened to be a lawyer. Next thing you know, they’ll accuse me of bein a gold digger in the future. Feeling self conscious and a bit aggravated, I spotted Lily motioning towards the back door.

    Run,” she mouthed. I nodded and slipped out of the room with her without exciting suspicion. Without exchanging another word, Lily led me towards the elevator and whisked me to the top floor.

    “Why did you take me here?” I questioned her after stepping out of the elevator.

    “Because it’s pretty up here,” she gestured toward the sun setting on top of the skyline. “You’ll thank me later.” She grinned, letting her lopsided ponytail sweep across her shoulder. I swear I love this girl to death, but she’s going to be the death of me if she keeps acting like this in the future.

    “Alright, what’s the real reason I’m up here? You didn’t send me up here just to escape everyone else in that room you invited them in,” I crossed my arms.

    “Gabby,” Lily started, looking me straight in the eye, “do you remember when you said to bunt the ball and not hit it as hard as I can?”

    “Yeah,” I recalled. “It was in the forest near the cabin full of ashes.”

    “You remember the ball fell off?” I shivered when Lily resurfaced that memory. We had never wandered far from the cabin and thought there had been a ravine with an escarpment protruding from it. I told Lilu to bunt the ball, but as always, she hit it with all of her strength on impulse, and it headed towar the ravine. “Well,” Lily trailed off. “Happy-”

    Anniversary, love,” Richard popped out from behind Gabby, scaring the living crap out of her. She yelped, holding out her hands. He took the opportunity to place the bouquet of flowers into her outstretched hands.

    “Do you remember what happened after I hit it far?” Lily piped up. Shaking my head, I snapped out of my thoughts. I smiled like an idiot, realizing what Lily had set up.

    “And then Richard happened,” I answered.

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