Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #331

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our bolding plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put <b> and </b> around each of your words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH.

  1. Swim
  2. Housekeeper
  3. Album
  4. Dowry
  5. Campaign
  6. Honor
  7. Arrangement
  8. Neoclassicism – any of various movements based on neoclassic principles in the arts, literature, etc., of the late 17th to mid-19th centuries.
  9. Insight
  10. Marriage

NOTE: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. Use a program like notepad that removes formatting or just type in the comment field itself. Also, finish your submission, THEN bold the words. Thanks. (And don’t forget to tweet this and share it with your friends.)


12 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #331”

  1. Anklebuster says:

    When a young lady’s thoughts turn to love, should they align with traditional concepts of arrangement, dowry and honor? Perhaps a more emotional nexus along the lines of neoclassicism – devoid of deep emotion, yet still infused with subtle shades of sensual promise?

    Katrina was having none of that. Marriage was the last thing on her mind as she contemplated her campaign of conquest for the heart of the housekeeper. Lusty images of forbidden liaisons filled her head as her body struggled to fill the one-piece bathing suit. She knew her glistening limbs would not barrel into her quarry’s head after her swim. Seduction required a more subtle touch. Months of surreptitious study had given Katrina keen insights into the housekeeper’s peccadilloes.

    All she had to do was show the housekeeper the photo album full of candid shots revealing the wet garment fetish.

  2. K says:

    Sink or swim. If Tina describes it, it feels like she had been sinking instead of swimming throughout the way. Once she had contacted her mother about her incoming marriage, her mother had taken a flight down to Miami the following day. Now, her mother sits down with her at eye level, yet they still could not see eye to eye on this issue. Tina expects her mother to view this as an honor for her eldest child to be engaged but confronts this reality of her mother spitting out insight about her and her fiancé’s compatibility. She tries reasoning with her mother, saying that the arrangement had been mutual. Convinced that her daughter had been forced, Tina’s mother denies it and refuted that an interracial match such as Tina’s ends up as a campaign for loss since her fiancé would leave her alone with a child shortly after marriage. Her mother goes on to explain her ideal partner and marriage for Tina, revealing her idea belonged in the era neoclassicism meant to bring back. At this point, Tina endures her mother’s overbearing values and beliefs because she knows her mother had immigrated from her home country long ago and had retained her culture. She knows her mother still thinks a proper wedding involves brides offering dowries to the groom and that a bride should act as a housekeeper when married and decides not to intervene to make matter worse. She remains silent throughout her mother’s rant, rising when she finishes. Tina vows that her marriage will not fail since it had been discussed with both parties after an extensive amount of time and that her future photo albums will be filled with happy memories of her, her fiancé, and her future children. After Tina’s speech, the mother stands up, hugs Tina, and shares her final thoughts with her daughter.

    “I’m sorry,” she apologizes in her native tongue. “If this is what you want, I believe in you.” As her mother takes her leave afterwards, Tina notices the strained expression her mother wears underneath the happy words she put on.

  3. My poem entry,

    Proof in the Picture

    Watching this Neoclassicism irony

    watching campaign a near honor

    these days an album of insight

    fishy arrangement a sham marriage

    typical lure of the dowry too strong

    but proof however now found

    catching the swim with the housekeeper

  4. Ashley says:

    Chris Avani tugged irritably at the neck tie around his neck that he swore was suffocating him to the point that his vision had begun to swim in and out of focus. He wished that he had had the insight to run away from the arrangement that his father had made without telling Chris a single thing, besides that it was for the good of the company. God, he hated when his father pulled that line on him like it was supposed to mean something to him.

    Turning his gray-blue gaze away from the window, he watched the housekeeper bustle by with her cleaning supplies past the open doorway. Sometimes he wished he was anyone but who he was, even if it meant being the housekeeper hurrying to do her job. Looking at his father and the other man in the room, they were both dressed exquisitely as a way to flaunt their wealth to each other. The man’s daughter, who he believed was called Emma or something along those lines, sat quietly behind the pair in her heavy looking dress and gaudy jewelry adorning her neck and wrists. Staring at them all, it seemed like they were having a campaign rather than discussing the future of their two children in the room.

    “I believe our children getting married would be a splendid idea. What do you think, William,” Chris’ father, Vincent Avani, asked the other man in the room.

    It was kind of ridiculous seeing his father asking the other man his opinion considering he all but towered over the shorter man. William Leto ran a hand through his perfectly styled brown hair seeming to contemplate this. There really was no reason in him pretending when it was quite obvious that he would accept the arrangement. But Chris had decided that he had heard enough, and strode out of the room.

    “Christopher, where are you going?” His father’s voice followed after him in his wake.

    Chris refused to turn around and be forced into a marriage that he didn’t want any part of. And if he would have stayed in that room a minute longer, he probably would have been given a dowry by the man’s daughter. As he strode of out the neoclassicism manor house he lived in, his mind was flooded with a whole album worth of pictures of what his life would be like if he went through with what his father wanted. Chris just couldn’t do it. So he was going to the only place that he would find only solace at.

    Starting his black and chrome motorcycle, he shot out of the garage and away from the overpowering presence of his father. The feel of the wind ripping against his clothes was soothing to his frayed nerves and helped to calm his mind. God, he wished life was this simple, no one telling you what to do and what to wear. No one saying that it was an honor or privilege that had been given to him to have the life that he had.

    The country road soon traveled into town, where he stopped at a park and sat on a park swing. Chris all but yanked off the offensive tie from his neck followed by the black suit jacket. Throwing them to the ground, he hoped that they got dirty laying there on the ground or maybe spontaneous combustion. A sigh escaped his lips as he ran his hand over his skull trimmed red hair. He had shaved it all off the night before to piss off his father, but it had been little more than an annoyance to the older man.

    A ball rolling up to his feet grabbed his attention away from the thoughts of his life at home. Reaching down for the red kickball, he easily plucked it up from its spot at his feet. Chris looked up to see a girl with light blond hair running in his direction. Her pixie cut blond hair was an unruly mess atop her head, which was a relief from all the perfection in his life, and her green-blue eyes twinkled in happiness.

    “I believe this is yours,” Chris said to the girl, holding out the kickball for her to take.

    “Thanks,” she replied merrily, accepting the ball. “I’m Valery.”

    Chris stared at her extended hand for a moment, before grasping it with his own. “I’m Chris.”

    “Well Chris,” Valery said, shifting lightly on her feet, “do you want to join us?

    Taking in the group waiting across the park for Valery’s return, he only contemplated the offer for a moment.

    “Sure,” Chris answered, the words leaving his mouth on their own accord.

    “Great,” Valery exclaimed, pulling Chris from his seat and dragging him across the park towards the rest of the group. “You’ll be on my team!”

    Chris only smiled lightly at her exuberance as she dragged him along. This really was a nice change of pace from the life he had grown up in. Maybe he would just leave home and start a life where he made his own decision for himself. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea. And maybe he could spend more time with Valery. Even though he had just met her, there was something about her that seemed to draw him in.

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