Checking in with you

Hi.  Anne, here.

It’s Saturday morning, 8 am.  Once again I’ve had the joy of waking up to find a fabulous piece of writing waiting here for me.  What a reward for getting out of bed in the mornings!

I am in awe of the talent here in our group.

Mitch, I want to say thank you for your support.  You do an amazing job in both writing and supporting us all.

I thought I’d check in to see how you’re all travelling with CCC.

Is one challenge per week enough for you or are you ready to go back to two?

Is there anything you’d like me to be doing that I am not?

If you would like to submit your words for a challenge, you can send them to me at (without the spaces) info@  And feel free to shoot me an email if ever you want to.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend.




10 Comments on “Checking in with you”

  1. Cathy Miller says:

    Thank you, Anne (and Mitch) for breathing life back into CCC. We so missed it. For me, once a week works well. In the past, I found it difficult to come by twice a week with my workload. But that’s just me. Thanks again!

  2. Anklebuster says:

    Hi Anne,

    I am so happy to have even one a week. I would selfishly say three or four! LOL Whatever the community opts for is fine with me.

    As for support, no worries. I enjoy reading as much as writing and trading feedback is part of the fun.



  3. Anne, once a week is fine, but twice a week is better, but go with what is comfortable. I don’t want you to burn out.

  4. Kelly says:


    It’s so difficult to say about frequency. Once a week leaves many folks wishing for more, me included, but strangely at just twice a week it becomes trickier for lots of people to make it happen—and to keep up with reading other people’s pieces, which I think most of us really enjoy doing as well. In the end, that’s the time-intensive part but also such fun!

    I’ll put in my vote for once-a-week, because of that. I’d gladly throw stories at people three or four times a week, and Heaven knows the CCC really does break through my writer’s block and enable me to do just that—woohoo!!!—but I’m very afraid that I’d become a bad community member then, so reluctantly, I’ll say I’m happy as it is right now.

    Must shoot you some words sometime. It’s good fun then trying to do the challenge as open-mindedly as I do when I don’t know what words are coming.

    I’ve already said this, probably, but just in case I haven’t—THANK YOU for volunteering to bring back the CCC. Even though life’s challenges are even more challenging for me to work around sometimes, there has been a hole in my weeks since the CCC has been missing.

    Oh—and what can we do about making bolds and italics work easier again? Maybe we can put our heads together on that when I send you that email with challenge words. I’m thinking Disqus (the commenting plugin/platform/whatever-it’s-called) might be fairly easy to implement and make CCC-life easier…


    • bbanne says:

      Yes, the bolds are a pain. I think Disqus can only be used on self-hosted sites but I will check into it further. I’m a girl so I’m still discovering the limitations of the dot com version. 🙂

  5. Either would be fine by me – not sure I’m up to two, but I’ve always enjoyed the option on weeks when I had a stronger creative urge and no ideas. 😉

    I didn’t realize until this morning, when Mitch emailed me about it, that CCC was back up and running. I’m so glad. I haven’t always been a regular participant, but I missed it – and all of you.

  6. bbanne says:

    Thank you all for your answers. I think we’ll go with one per week for a little while longer and then see how we cope with two. I must say, I have missed CCC.

  7. I too would say I like twice a week, but the way things have been going, once is more than enough. Let’s stick with once. Maybe a bonus saturday here and there.

  8. Hey, Anne, any chance you could update my link on ? The blog address is now (the old one crashed hard, so I just started over!)

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