Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #393

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our bolding plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put <b>  </b> and around each of your challenge words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH.

  1. Bucolic – a lovely rural setting
  2. Bacciferous – bearing berries
  3. Comley – attractive
  4. Cultivate
  5. Dalliance – a brief love affair
  6. Desultory
  7. Imbroglio – An altercation or complicated situation
  8. Insouciance – Blithe nonchalance
  9. Redolent – fragrant
  10. Panoply – a complete set

9 Comments on “Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #393”

  1. Anklebuster says:

    My dalliance with the sultry mistress of summer was not without consequence. Though she had invited me to her bucolic village, my plan was to whisk her away to the big city.

    Upon arriving at the ivy-covered cottage, I took in the panoply of bacciferous shrubs lining the cobblestone walk. One could almost hear the branches groaning under the weight of the ripened fruit. The air was redolent of my grandmother’s fresh jam and berry pies.

    Ooh, this mistress was good. She left nothing to chance. Still, I was determined to cultivate her consciousness. Something delightful exists at the junction of comely and cultured. I supposed it to be desire. To be caressed with a touch and tickled with commentary, all while taking in the sights along the boulevard…my day-dreaming nearly got in the way of the crafty plans I had in mind.

    I sauntered into the cottage, face fixed with the insouciance of a familiar lover. The oppressive heat—unexpected—twisted my visage into something much darker. The room had been neglected; an overturned table cradled a broken chair and a silver serving tray. I called out, tentatively.

    The silence hurt more than any concussive shout. Summer sulked in the corner, a dare in her solid stance. What had I done? As the humid blanket wrapped around my body, I remembered.

    This was the scene of a marital imbroglio. It was I who had ranted and raved about everything and nothing—my accusations and desultory imprecations had served only to confirm my failure to self-medicate. My wife had thrown a saucer at my head before leaving—in the dead of winter.

    • KathleenMK says:

      Mitch ~~
      What a great image … almost hear the branches groaning…

      and to have a …neglected…. room… I can see a table cradling a broken chair!

      Silence hurting…wow

      Oh my.. you did a wonderful thing with these words. The twists seem so natural, including the unexpected ending. — Which could be not an ending at all!



  2. KathleenMK says:

    To cultivate a relationship with the target of Joel’s desires, a long legged, tan skinned, comely lady he had been encountering on his lunch break for weeks now, he needed a plan. Not just any plan. Not just a weak, spur of the moment plan thrown together, he told himself.

    As she smiled at him today (as she had a few days ago) across the restaurant, he knew the subtleties of his efforts were bacciferous.

    He motioned for the waiter to come to his table. The white shirted twenty-something man was table-side shortly.

    “Please take a bowl of the fresh fruit with vanilla infused whip cream to the auburn haired beauty in the blue and white dress sundress. And please take this flowers with it as well.”

    The waiter nodded without turning to reveal the floral gift. “A good choice sir. She is so beautiful. And it is our treat that the warmth of the sun has invited her to bear her shoulders today,” the waiter said without looking at who they were referring to, because he had already noticed her. She had caught the attention of many of the men in the café each time she graced the threshold. “I am glad she has become a regular customer over the last few months as well.” They shared a smile just before he turned to get the bowl of fruit.

    Moments later the waiter approached her table.

    “The gentleman in the far corner,” his head tilted in Joel’s direction, “he has asked me to bring you this refreshing desert for your consideration.” He left the clear glass bowl of fruit on the tray.

    “Ooohhh,” she said as a light redness grew on her cheeks.
    “Would it be acceptable if I place it in front of you?” the waiter asked kindly, not wanting to intrude upon her pre-set schedule.

    “That … that would be fine,” she said as her smile grew. “Thank you.”

    “Ma’am … there is one more thing he has asked me to give to you, but he is not wanting to impose upon you in any way,” again he paused, waiting for an affirmative response.

    She looked up at him inquisitively.

    From behind his back he pulled the long stemmed bloom out of his waistband. He brought the yellow rose with yellow tipped peddals in front of her. The peddles of the bud had begun to open sharing hints of red as well as its perfume.

    Joel noticed her smile grew. Well, she accepted the desert and that smile… I think she … that is a good sign too.

    She blushed and looked down at her lap, “Yes. I think that that is a beautiful gesture.”

    “I would like to put it in your water glass, until I can bring you a fresh glass for you to drink out of…”

    “Uummm, yes, in the water glass would be fine. We wouldn’t want something that beautiful to die of thirst,” she said softly watching the symbol of friendship with a hint of love/affection be placed in a proper refreshing receptacle. She was captivated.

    Moments latter the waiter reappeared with a fresh glass of water. Setting it down near the first.

    “Thank you.”

    “You are very welcome. Please, eat your fruit before the whip cream melts,” he encouraged.

    “Yes. The fruit,” she said picking up the fork. Joel drank in her gentle movements as he watched her from afar.

    Satisfied he had made an impression upon her he quietly left, leaving her to enjoy the tasty gift as well as the gift he was hoping she would take with her when she left, to be looked at for many days to come in her home or office. Paying his check on the way out of the establishment he left pleased.

    For the next week, each day he came to the café he brought her a rose. Sometimes he was even lucky enough to set in on the table before she was seated. Each time he noticed a smile.

    A month of yellow roses, a fresh desert once a week and nothing more, until she changed up the game.

    “Charlie,” she said to the hostess, “before you seat me… is he here today?”

    “Yes ma’am. He got here a few minutes ago.”

    “Is he dining with anyone?” she asked timidly.

    Charlie’s smile grew as she shook her head lightly, “No ma’am. He is dining alone.”

    “Do you think it would be inappropriate to ask to join him?”

    Knowing he had already placed roses in a glass at her usual table the hostess steered Isabelle in the right direction. “Well, why don’t I sit you at your usual table and ask him to join you?”

    “Yes, yes that would give him the chance to politely say no. Yes, Charlie, that is a good idea. You wouldn’t mind asking him for me would you?”

    “No ma’am many of us have been hoping you would want to have him join you for lunch… at some time,” Charlie said as she picked up a set of menus and began leading Isabella to her usual patio table. “I think he has been hoping you would ask too,” she added before they got out to the patio.

    “What makes you say that?”

    “I think you will notice when you get to the table,” Charlie said not wanting to let on about the increased number of red tipped yellow roses at her table.

    “Oh mmmyyyy!”

    “Yes ma’am. He has brought you seven roses today.”


    “Yes,” Charlie said confused, “maybe it’s one of each week you have accepted his gifts. But he has added a white rose in the mix today. I am not sure why, but he has added a white rose in today,” Charlie said not knowing the silent communication behind the color of roses.

    Isabella began to lower herself into the chair. “The white rose is showing his desire to show me he is respectful of me and hopes I will consider a new beginning, or a farewell … if I choose. Maybe I have taken too long to invite him to my table?” she said, as her voice cracked ever so slightly.

    “You sit. Enjoy a desultory moment as redolent nature of your color filled centerpiece distracts your worries. I will make sure he knows you would like him to join you.”

    Isabelle sat staring at the bouquet wondering have I lost my chance already.

    “Joel…” the waitress spoke softly, “would you mind changing tables today?”

    He looked up, eyes filled with hope, “change tables?”

    “Yes, sssshhhheeee would like you to join her for lunch today.”

    “She would?”

    “Yes sir,” the waiter said as he stepped up to the table. “Your patience and kind approach has worked. She has just been nervous to say yes.”

    Joel picked up his hat and the remainder of the dozen roses and walked, hat in hand to her table. He was not alone, the waiter and hostess escorted him. They glanced at each other; smiling noting love was in the air.

    The waiter pulled a chair out for Joel. “Miss Isabelle, I would like to introduce to Joel. Joel, this is Miss Isabelle.”

    Joel transferred the roses to his left hand before reaching his right hand forward. She obliged him and reached out to shake his hand, but he lightly picked her hand up, bent over and gently kissed the top of her hand.

    “It is a pleasure. Thank you for the invitation to join you today,” he said as he sat.

    “I have been wanting to ask you over, but I realized I did not even know your name.”

    “My name. Oh. I guess I should have written you a card by now with the flowers,” he said looking down at his hands.

    She reached across the table touching his arm, “Please. Please don’t chastise yourself. We both have been a bit timid here.”

    Joel looked up meeting her tender eyes. “Okay, I will do my best to admit this meeting has been imbroglio at best. But it is only because I am not looking to have a dalliance with you Miss Isabelle.”

    She smiled at this as the blush on her cheeks joined the sparkle in her eyes.

    “Before I forget,” he said lifting the roses up to her.


    “These make a panoply. And I would love for you to take them home with you.”

    “Home with me, yes, as I have taken every rose you have given me,” she said with an insouciance light tone that brought joy to his heart.

    “Well then they have a bucolic resting place,” he said.

    A bucolic resting place? How does he know that I live in a rural setting? Her heart began to pound in her chest as adrenaline pumped through her veins.

    • Stalker!! Yikes. It seems quite charming – other than the weirdly complicit cafe staff and the last two paragraphs. Well done! ::shivers:: And boy, won’t the waiter and the hostess feel bad when they read the headlines. Or not.

    • Anklebuster says:

      Kathleen! Well done, I say. The setup, the willing “conspirators” and then the spooky finish. The best part is that you have a self-contained vignette that readers can end as they please…



  3. KathleenMK says:

    Holly ~~ I am glad you got that underlying note at the end there. :}
    Many a Stalker seem quite nice … at first. LOL


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