Writing Prompt – Creative Copy Challenge #439

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our <b>bolding</b> plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put <b> before and </b> after each of your challenge words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH!

  1. Intrinsic
  2. Enormity
  3. Thwarting
  4. Magnify
  5. Testify
  6. Print
  7. Crystal
  8. Quartz
  9. Communications
  10. Sign

5 Comments on “Writing Prompt – Creative Copy Challenge #439”

  1. Anklebuster says:

    Total annihilation. The doctrine was intrinsic to the alien force that was just days away. They were returning to Earth after having received no communications from the advance fleet.

    Earthlings had no clue: the enormity of their thwarting of the first invasion was as tiny as a quartz crystal in the collective consciousness. All they knew was what the television and print media wanted them to know.

    This failing was in stark contrast to the hive mind of the Beelzimites. They were able to magnify the significance of the lost communications as a sign that the time had come to testify against the bipedal carbon forms.

    Independence Day: Resurgence coming to a hologram near you!

    • KathleenMK says:

      Mitch ~ Sorry for coming late to the table, but… it’s been a couple of busy weeks.

      … the failing was stark in contrast to the hive mind… this is great, it sets up … able to magnify the significance of the lost communications… testify against the bipedal carbon forms. So well. I love how you are leading the reader just where you want them.

      Write On,


  2. Meg says:

    in the time of quartz crystal watches the tick tick
    of the watch beat was “added” because we the wearer
    of the in communication were used to the intrinsic sound
    now the cars of the future may need the motor sound added
    the glide of electricity is silent testimony of the times, a sign
    that we may have outgrown sounds
    the enormity of changes has us all saying when we were young…
    but the fear of being our parents even our grandparents
    shaking our heads at the near death of print, wearable watches
    civilian space hunters and wonder
    what next?

    • KathleenMK says:

      Meg ~ I read this last week or so… bravo. You had me thinkin’ by the end of the first line. As I am one who enjoys my quiet times… I hope we have not “outgrown sounds”, but you are right… we Need to add motor sounds to the silent traveling devices.

      Yes, what next.

      Write On,


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