Writing Post – Creative Copy Challenge #566

This is a writing prompt. Bet you can’t do it! Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block by creating a cohesive, creative short story! And remember: after (if) you finish entering your submission into the comment field, highlight your words and click the bold button to make them stand out and help you determine if you forgot any words. (If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, we BET YOU CAN’T do those, either.) NOTE: Our bolding plugin is gone, so you’ll have to put before and after each of your challenge words if you want them to stand out, but NOT REQUIRED THOUGH! Or, as cleverly done by a CCC-er you can CAPITALIZE the challenge words in your piece.


  1. Amorous
  2. Butterflies
  3. Queasy
  4. Flirtation
  5.  Heart
  6. Pitter-Patter
  7. Crush
  8. Cupid
  9. Couple
  10. Trifecta

24 Comments on “Writing Post – Creative Copy Challenge #566”

  1. danielle says:

    January 25, 2016

    I felt QUEASY. My HEART was PITTER-PATTERING, and my stomach was full of BUTTERFLIES. My TRIFECTA of emotions for him was overwhelming all other senses. Love, admiration, and happiness. I felt AMOROUS towards him. CUPID had struck me with an arrow, and I had a CRUSH. CUPID hit him, too. (Thank God) I am going to see him. We are a COUPLE now. The FLIRTATIOUS attitude between us grows every day. I am so lucky. Here’s to first dates! Wish me luck future self!

    • danielle says:

      BELOW IS THE SECOND PART OF MY BOOK THE DRAWINGS! get caught up if you didn’t read the first one. it is in the previous writing post.

      When the bus stopped, I completely forgot about the drawing. I had to focus on surviving the school day.
      I wasn’t very popular, and in a huge school like mine, there were bound to be bullies. In my school, there was a group of three girls and they followed one boy. I never cared enough to learn their names, so I refer to them as dumb, dumber, dumbest, together the dumbes, and the boy as dofus. So the dumbes followed dofus.
      “Hey, Megs! Where’s my pay?” said dumber forcefully.
      “Here.” I sighed, handing them my dessert.
      “Tomorrow we’re going to raise the admission to dessert and lunch money!” snickered dofus.
      “Yeah! And your lunch money!” repeated the dumbes.
      I kept a straight face and walked by. Which, of course made them try harder.
      “I heard that Megs has a boyfriend! His name is the garbage can!” said dofus a little too loudly.
      I walked into my first class, English, and as they followed me, I whirled around.
      “Would you just leave me alone?” I snapped, “What do you have against me? Why do you need to make my life so miserable?”
      “Oh, look! Little Megs is getting mad!” teased dumb.
      I went and sat down at my desk. I hoped they would give them the idea to leave me alone. They got the right idea. The teacher, Mr. Gillendal, got up and asked everyone to sit down. The dumbes weren’t in my class, so they had to leave. As he started to drone, my mind wandered back to the drawing.
      “Meg?” he called.
      “Huh?” I said, snapping out of my thoughts.
      “The antecedent of she in question thirteen?”
      “Oh, it’s Maggie.” I replied effortlessly.
      English is one of my many strong suits, including math, vocabulary, history, science, and just about every school subject. I always assumed that was one of the reasons why I was teased.
      After class, I hurried to gather my things. Art was my next subject. I decided to bring the drawing, and ask the art teacher what the drawing was drawn with. As I entered the classroom, my eyes searched the shelves for some sort of red ink, so I didn’t have to seem like an idiot not knowing what was used to draw the creature. There were a variety of colors. And one of the jars looked to be about the same color as the ink on the drawing.
      “See?” I assured myself, “It’s not blood. It’s that ink, not blood.”
      “Who are you talking to?” asked Kimberly.
      “Myself.” I sighed.
      “Wow! You seem really tired. Is that the drawing from the bus? Why do you have it? Do you know what it is? Could I-”
      “Please stop. I’ve had a long day already, and it’s only second period.” I pleaded.
      “Oh.” said Kimberly, clearly surprised.

    • Anklebuster says:

      Awww. LOL.

      That was cute, without being cutesy. I love your trifecta 🙂



    • KathleenMK says:

      Good morning Miss Danielle~

      I love this, you made me chuckle. What a great and playful way to start my morning. I continue to look forward to seeing more from you.

      Write On,


  2. Anklebuster says:

    ** The 500: Butterflies **

    A couple of days after orientation, the CEOs attended their first lecture. Professor Maria Delaney, a renown cosmologist, explained the “Terraforming Trifecta” to the eager students.

    “Oxygen is obviously vital. On Mars, the goal is to reach 14% for a breathable atmosphere. Temperature is also important. Initially, the goal is to reach a mean temperature +8° C. That’s 46 degrees Fahrenheit, for you backward Americans.”

    A few people chuckled. The group consisted mostly of Asian, European and South American business executives. Professor Delaney was from Bolivia and was used to Martian-like conditions.

    She continued her lecture, “The least obvious terraforming process is ocean cover. However, it is fairly important, as it moderates air moisture, weather patterns and temperatures swings. Of course, it also allows life to thrive.

    “During our simulations, we indicate successful terraforming by spontaneously spawning millions of butterflies. I still get giddy whenever they appear on-screen. My hope is that you will learn enough in this class to just begin to appreciate the complexities involved with making life livable on Mars.”

    The professor darkened the room. The huge, flat-screen monitor behind her lit up. A stark landscape appeared. Delaney warned the class, “This is a time-lapse view of our most recent simulation. There will be no butterflies. Some of the scenes may make you queasy if you are fain-of-heart; but you’ll have to learn from these mistakes before you can hope to avoid them.”

    As she spoke, a Mars Rover rolled into view. The vehicle swerved wildly left-to-right across the display. Suddenly, it stopped and a figure in a spacesuit lurched out. The figure appeared to be making amorous gestures but, soon enough, it became obvious that this was no flirtation; the person inside the spacesuit apparently had no oxygen left.

    The class gasped reflexively as the camera zoomed in on the would-be Cupid. Even through the opaque visor, the distress on the man’s face was clear. A disturbing pitter-patter echoed from the speakers and increased in frequency. The man clutched his heart, fell over onto a rock and twitched spasmodically for a full thirty seconds.

    Then, he was still.

    The lights came up. Professor Delaney surveyed the room. The horrified looks were expected. She walked away from the microphone to whisper gently, “We have to crush all sentimentality from you. That was not a real person. Stop reacting emotionally. Start thinking of ways to keep our avatars alive. Subject 2019A-184 simply forgot to hook up his rebreather. The students who ran this simulation have already determined to make the Mars Rover smart enough to remind passengers–before allowing them to leave.”

    “This is how you must approach every single mistake. Class dismissed.”

    • KathleenMK says:

      Mitch ~
      I am not sure why… other than believability of words for the characters you construct, but I started reading this and then a different cadence of voice came into my mind as I began reading the lecture’s words. And did I mention that was only two paragraphs in! HUUUMMM, BRAVO!

      Okay, I went up and continue my read. What a wonderful thing, you no longer letting the bolding of the challenge words to distract you from your brilliance!

      I love the twists I felt within this ditty. You drew me in. I was sitting one of the auditorium seats alone with the students.

      Write On, Please!


  3. Rachel says:

    Stupid Cupid. Josten blamed the horrid little creature for her current situation. His misguided arrow had made her heart do this idiotic pitter-patter anytime the beast was near. The thought of any sort of amorous feelings toward him made butterflies in her veins and turned her stomach queasy. He was a monster. He was partially responsible for her brothers disappearance. But that damned cherub had poisoned her.

    Now anytime she went to his cell to question him all she could muster were feeble attempts at flirtation. One thing she could say for sure was that the Fae prisoner didn’t see to be reciprocating the crush she’d suddenly developed on him Thank the Gods.

    Jos stomped around her room trying to remember the stories she’d heard about forcing that fat little faerie to reverse his spells, cause as soon as she figured it out she was going to find him and pull the gossamer strands from his wings one by one until she was rid of these disastrous impulses. How could she ever rationally believe that she and the Fae could be a couple who mastered the trifecta of strolling across the River Bridge holding hands and gazing longingly into each other’s eyes.

  4. Tanja Cilia says:

    Cupid was feeling queasy. He knew that for the amorous couple in his sights it was no mere flirtation, but the usual pitter-patter magnified loudly enough to crush the butterflies in their hearts. How could he put a halt to the lust, murder and elopement trifecta?

  5. Aslam Yaqoob says:

    I have been a victim of AMOROUS advances for last so many years. Not by human, by female djinn. Yes! it is absolutely true. The female djinn makes me QUEASY at first and then just as CUPID starts PITTER-PATTER of love in our HEARTs, CRUSHes me from everywhere. I lose control over my body and watch myself used up by this ugly creature.

    It all started with FLIRTATION of a lady in my dreams. I used to enjoy occasional sex assuming usual ventures during dreaming but when it started to occur almost every day, I got alarmed and consulted spiritual healers. I was told about the presence of a relentless female lover. One of the healers advised me to benefit from her. He was sure that I could make fortune if she could help me in TRIFECTA betting.

    We act as intimate COUPLE during dreams. I do feel her physical presence inside me when my heart starts pounding for no reason; tingling sensation around …confirms her entry. I then feel her all around. What were BUTTERFLIES in the beginning is becoming a curse. I am not in good terms with my wife; we sleep separately. I am a weaker person now and desperate to end this uncalled-for affair. I have spent time and money to get rid of her but so far there seems to be no respite; I am still shackled with this maniac. Although recitation from Holy Quran has reduced the frequency of her trespasses, complete cure, as per spiritual healers, is only possible, if she departs this world. Alas! in view of life expectancy of such entities, it is not possible in next hundred years. May be my extreme hatred would end her life soon.

    • KathleenMK says:

      Aslam ~ Wow. You were able to draw this reader in very quickly, Bravo! Then you brought the wife element in. Opps. Okay, that was unexpected. And then to write … shackled with this maniac….” wonderful image. Not to overlook the ending. Well done.

      Write On,


      • Aslam Yaqoob says:

        Thanks a lot. Everything I wrote is absolutely true. I am actually enduring this ordeal..

        • KathleenMK says:

          Aslam ~ Oh wow. It is so often great to draw from real life events. Sorry for the bumps in the road of life, but glad you have a venue to release some of the stress of it all and work through it. (And not to mention write a story about it.)

          Write On,


  6. KathleenMK says:

    “Oh, what to do?” Shannon asked herself, yes aloud this time (as she often does). “I want to read more.”

    Feelings of pure joy swelled inside her bosom, very much akin to the amorous emotions she felt when she saw his sparkling blue eyes for the very first time. Oh, his blue eyes, how they drew her in, like a moth to a flame, every time she saw him.

    She was finding it difficult to turn the page with her hands tied behind her back. Her nose was not long enough to reach the fibrous surface of the page; but try she did. Oh it would be helpful, now, to have a de Bergeac-ian nose, she thought with a sigh.

    Crush the butterflies … and sprinkle the wing-dust over the heart ….” She strained her neck to re-read the instructions. I wonder if it matters if they are Monarchs, Morphos or Mimics, for that matter?

    The idea of non-specific instructions made her queasy. “Why is it that some only have a mere flirtation with effective communication?” she queried the spiders with a rhetorical question.

    It was then that she heard it – the pitter-patter of the arthropod. The Sleipnir entered the chamber.

    “Hello Cupid,” she said in a kind voice, hoping to quell the anticipated fear that would swell within her protective steed.

    He blew air forcibly out of his nostrils in her direction. He waited to have the current of air return to him after it bounced off her body. He needed to make sure she was not in danger each and every time he came into her presence. The aroma of fear lay lightly in the air.
    “Give me a couple of minutes Cupid. I have been trying to figure out this potion for a while, but I am not getting it,” she said, hoping to quell his protective fears.

    A frown grew on her face as she looked up at the hour glass. There only remained, momentarily, mere grains of sand above the neck of the funnel. Distracted, she watched the last grains give in to gravity. As they came to rest atop the miniature mountain, she succumbed to the trifecta of temporary elements of failure – ill-fated directions handicapped by her restraints and there was that time limit.

    Cupid advanced.

    “Okay. Okay. You are right. It is time to go. Can not keep avoiding it can I?” Cupid dropped his head nuzzling Shannon’s hair.

    “Do you want me to get those ropes for you?” Cupid asked.

    “What ropes?” Shannon said as her hands came forward to stroke both sides of her steed’s face. “I was just trying to challenge myself, didn’t mean to worry you Cupid.” A light chuckle escaped her throat. “Let’s go. Shouldn’t keep a man like that waiting, now should I?”

    Shannon stood, stepping forward and placing her left hand on the neck of her mount at the base of his mane. Cupid turned his head toward her playfully nudging her up onto his back.

  7. danielle says:

    At first it seems like she is being kidnapped, but then you bring Cupid in, and it completly changes!

    • KathleenMK says:

      Yes Miss Danielle. You will find I love leading the reader in one direction and adding a twist or two … like an 8 legged mythical creature who can not only talk, but who is named Cupid.

      I hope it was not confusing.

      Thanks for reading,


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