Creative Copy Challenge #654

This is a writing prompt.
Take the 10 random words below and crush writer’s block and/or grow your creativity by creating a cohesive, creative short story!
Before you finish writing and enter your submission try highlight this week’s challenge words and click the bold button to make them stand out as this may help you determine if you forgot any words then copy and paste your writing in the comment section below.
If you’ve missed previous writing prompts, feel free to work on them and post what you’ve written in that challenge comment box.

Bolding the challenge words is not required sometimes clever CCC-er CAPITALIZE the challenge words in their piece, you can too.

  1. Coal
  2. Diamond
  3. Ring
  4. Flower
  5. Flour
  6. Circle
  7. Sunflower
  8. Bracelet
  9. Clasp
  10. Watch

35 Comments on “Creative Copy Challenge #654”

  1. babswh says:

    She checked her Watch a third time. There was so much to do in a short bit of time. The Clasp to the bride’s Bracelet needed to be repaired. She rushed out of the Flower shop to order the flowers for the ceremony. A single Sunflower for each bridesmaid was ordered for the bridal shower. She had a fun idea for a spring game. Next, she headed to the jewelry store to pick up the Diamond Ring. It had just been adjusted to fit her friend’s finger. She will deliver it to her tomorrow. The Bracelet will be ready to be picked up the next day. She made a Circle to the other side of town to the Coal mine to see her boyfriend. This was the very Coal mine that had produced her friend’s Diamond Ring. After a nice lunch together, she headed home. Now to make some cookies for the party tomorrow. Just as she pulled the last batch out of the oven, the doorbell rang. Her boyfriend greeted her with a wide smile. She was covered head to toe with Flour. “You are so cute covered in Flour. I should surprise you more often.” She blushed a bright pink as she invited him inside.

    • KathleenMK says:

      Babawsh ~ This was a sweet story. With a fun, sweet ending. I get the love the bride has for her friend and the friendship and love the boyfriend and the Main Character have for/with each other.

      Write On,


    • So much happening in such a short time! Well done! I got a sense of all the characters just from your descriptions of what the bridesmaid was doing. You know how to pack a LOT into very few words.

      • babswh says:

        Thank you … I tend to be short and sweet. Which could be a problem for a novel. Working on it but right now I’m moving.

        • I’ve realized I may not have a novel in me; some of us are just meant to write short stories. Maybe a little longer than this… 😉

          • I have decided that, short stores are what I can do.

          • delphiusbogue, acknowledging that has given me a great sense of peace. Ironically, I have always thought Stephen King’s short stories were brilliant, better than much of his longer fiction. But I admire his ability to stick with an idea and write great quantities of vividly descriptive prose and believable characters. Tom Clancy could not write female characters worth a darn, but he did impeccable research.

          • babswh says:

            I am surrounded by boxes LOL so not writing yet. I think it’ll be a couple of weeks before I truly get back on track

    • mistyfan says:

      I’m using the prompts for a competition entry. It won’t be appearing here because of competition rules, but thank you for the assistance in getting the entry going.

  2. tanjamaltija says:

    Coal, under pressure, becomes a diamond. But of course, that pressure increases the price by megabucks… and the value, too, if you care for such things. Me, I love simple pleasures… flower power… a sunflower garland, bracelet and ring set. They are very easy to make, too. You just get a lot of petals, process them with hot water, and dry the paste in the sun. When it is malleable, but not sticky, add some flour and make beads as you would with air-drying modelling clay. The garland and ring should be strung on a wire circle, but for the bracelet, you can use the clasp off an old watch.

    • KathleenMK says:

      Tanjamaltija ~ I like the opening and the reality of the cost of diamonds and the pressure… on the coal and a pressure on the buyer (unspoken). Makes this reader wonder… is this how to make a garland and/or a bracelet with sunflowers, good job.

      Write On,


    • As Kathleen said, I’m sitting here trying to imagine what the sunflower jewelry might look like. On Etsy, there’s an artist who sells jewelry made from tiny flowers pressed into clear resin. THIS, though, would look more like papier mache, I think – would it even keep its color? 🙂 Would it hold up? Don’t tempt me. I’ve already contributed one craft to the old “Pinterest Fail” (technically, mine was an InstaFail but see for some classics) this week.

      Nice description, though – and well done for making us even consider the craft!

      • tanjamaltija says:

        It’s like papier-mâché, but with petals instead of paper, yes. Apparently some people put rusty nails when soaking petals of roses. These are roasry beads made from rose petals –

    • babswh says:

      you have me wondering too

  3. Rafe had made a mockery of diamonds.

    Diamond rings, the symbol of strong, enduring love and the promise of a life together. A stone, really. Nothing more than a rock, vomited from the bowels of a volcano. Perfect clarity, forged from a dusty black lump of coal under heat and pressure. What woman alive couldn’t relate to diamonds? She had read, somewhere, that only a diamond was hard enough to cut glass. Only a woman’s fingernails could cut the flesh of a man’s back in passion. Clara traced a finger, wordlessly, down the claw marks while Rafe slept.

    Clara examined her own fingernails in the moonlight. Short, round, filed smooth, beginning to wear from rocking against steel strings to produce a poignant vibrato as she played the Csárdás on her father’s violin. A bracelet of delicate, diamond-studded sunflowers circled her wrist, locked by two hands clasped in friendship. An extravagant gift meant to buy Clara’s silence, after she met her father on the steps of a crumbling Italian villa in Rome, where he had been kissing the wild Violetta while her mother languished like a hothouse flower at home.

    Clara glanced at her watch. It was nearly 4:00 AM. She laid the violin to rest in its velvet-lined case and considered breakfast. Absentmindedly, she proofed the yeast, mixed in the flower, salt, and sugar, a bit of milk, butter, and egg, and let the mixer knead it while she stared out the kitchen window. She left it to rise for an hour, while she threw some of her things into her carry-on. Rafe stirred. Clara remembered when the rise and fall of his chest might have stirred things deep within her. Now, her only thought was breakfast.

    Before baking the brioche, she tucked her diamond ring into the loaf, figuring it needed a bit more time before it was strong enough to endure the promise of a life together without love. As she closed the oven door and walked out the front, Clara knew that she never would be.


    Also posted at – please do visit me there, as well.

  4. Tom scampered off into the forest with Tyson close on his heels.
    “I’ve almost got you!” shouted Tyson. Tom turned to look and tumbled to the ground laughing.
    “Ok, you got me” he said as Tyson came to a breathless halt beside him. “What do we do now?” asked Tyson. “WATCH” said Tom. He stood and brushed the dirt from his clothes. He looked around them and saw a meadow up ahead and began walking. Puzzled, Tyson followed.
    Tom walked to the center of the meadow and stopped. “This is the domain of the Sun King!” he shouted. “And I am the Sun King! Bow to me mortal peasant!”
    Tyson looked at his friend and scoffed, “Yeah right. King of the SUNFLOWERS here more like.”
    “Ahh, a foolish peasant. Here,” Tom said as he stooped and picked up a rock. “Kiss the DIAMOND of my RING and swear fealty!”
    “That’s no diamond you dolt. That is just a worthless piece of COAL” Tyson said. Tom laughed and began to run around the meadow. Tyson pursued. “Look,” said Tyson, “that FLOWER is crushed, that’s weird.”
    “Yeah,” agreed Tom. “And what is that?” he was looking at a sparkle in the weeds near the tree line. The boys walked over, hoping for treasure. Tom lifted a CIRCLE of gold from the dirt. “Look,” he said. “It is a BRACELET with a broken CLASP.”
    “I wonder who that belongs to?” asked Tyson.
    Tom shook his head. “I will show my mom and she will know what to do. I have to get to the store and get the FLOUR and milk that I was supposed to get.”
    “Ok,” Tyson said. “What is that over there?” He pointed towards the trees and began walking. There was a ladies purse lying on the ground. “Strange,” Tyson said. “There is something else up there.” They walked up to an old silk scarf, tattered from the wind and weather. They looked at each other curiously and continued into the woods.
    They came to a small clearing in the trees and stopped dead in their tracks. “What is that?” whispered Tom. “Let’s find out,” said Tyson and walked ahead.

  5. Chet says:

    I *clasp* the *sunflower* that I’d grabbed out of the vase to my chest. Clutching it like some herbalist’s talisman, the kind that ward off evil things. Silly, I know. But I need to hold on to something innocent.

    I *watch* him make a second *circle* around the house, looking into the shrubs for the snake with the yellow *diamond* pattern on its skin. He wears a red *bracelet* on his left wrist. He told me once that it contains a record of all his allergies and sensitivities so that if EMTs have to revive him, they know what they can safely use. I accused him of being dramatic. Told him if he was fibbing, I’d put *coal* in his stocking at Christmas.

    Watching now, I believe him.

    I had my hands in the *flour*, in the middle of kneading dough, when I looked out the window and saw leaves rustling in the *flower* bed next to the patio. Right by where I put the portable crib on nice days. Or did. I won’t be putting it there again.

    He answered the phone on the first *ring*. Said it sounded like a copperhead. To wait inside, he’d be right over.

    Not even 3 months in the new house and I’m already friends with the electrician across the street, the plumber on the corner, and now the wildlife control specialist next door. These are the kinds of neighbors a single mom needs.

  6. Debbie says:

    When Annie was growing up, whenever anyone asked what her favorite flower was, she would quickly reply that they were yellow roses. Then, as an adult, she discovered sunflowers. Putting them in a cobalt blue vase was the epitome of beauty to her.

    She didn’t often purchase flowers for herself. Growing up in the hills of Kentucky as a coal miner’s daughter, there wasn’t much money with eight mouths to feed, and they certainly never had enough to purchase store bought flowers. They were an indulgence that she didn’t often allow herself. But as she entered the store, she saw them: Sunflowers! And today was a day for celebration!

    She picked them up, along with the flour and chocolate chips for the cookies she was making to bring to the team dinner that night. They had done it! The Diamond Circle of Achievement!

    She had joined her friend’s business and their team had been working so hard to make it to this level, and it had finally happened! She’d reached her goals, too, and was going to be rewarded with her “Team Player” bracelet in front of the whole team tonight! As she was waiting in the checkout line, imagining what that moment would be like, she realized that she was unconsciously clasping and unclasping her watch. She’d been visualizing this moment for the last 11 months, and now it was finally happening!
    She heard her phone ring, and dug around in her purse to find it. She silently berated herself for not keeping her purse more organized. When she finally found it, she saw with a smile that it was Trudy, her Diamond Circle friend. She smiled as she answered. “Hey Queen Bee!” she said. “Are you excited about tonight?”
    The color drained from her face as she listened. “Are you sure?” she asked. She felt as if she’d been sucker punched. “I’ll be right there” she said, and she quickly paid the cashier and ran to her car.

    • Debbie says:

      *been* sucker punched, not ‘be’. Dangit! I hate it when I miss a misspelled word.
      AND I totally forgot the CAPITALIZATION to show which words I used. I was really caught up in the story.

      • This is part of the reason I write in Notepad (actually, Programmer’s Notepad 2), post in my own blog first (with a link to the post here), then copy/paste over here with a link back to my own site. Doesn’t guarantee no typos, even then! But it helps, and it means I’m not subject to the vagaries of a spotty internet connection.

      • KathleenMK says:

        Miss Debbie~
        I fixed “been”.
        We see the words! 🙂

        I like how you dropped us right into the story. Hooked us. I felt the excitement with her. And you left us hanging…. You created the desire for this reader to want to know what, what happened! Bravo

        Write On,


    • babswh says:

      oh my want to know the rest of the story

  7. KathleenMK says:

    CCC 653 continued…
    The minutes of dog petting and her conversing with Fido and the man at the other end of the leash drug out. Too long for him, that is.

    He took a deep breath, held the oxygen in his lungs for a count of four and slowly let it out.

    “Okay my beauty, it’s time for you to stop talking with that stranger. Or I will have to make sure he doesn’t bother you … ever … again,” the WATCHer said in a whispered tone just before he allowed a muffled sinister chuckle to escape his throat.

    A bead of sweat made an appearance on his forehead. It was joined by another and then another. They continued to raise to the surface of his tan skin. They huddled together like a bunch of Pew-wee football players at their first practice. A few cuddled together, some made sure they weren’t touched by another, others squirreled around becoming subject to gravity as it was their only coach.

    The longer she lingered with the stranger the corner of the WATCHer’s lip involuntarily twitched.

    “It’s time to go my beauty,” he said in a low growl.

    As if she heard him, she raised to her full height. Smiled at the beach duo. Bid them adieu.

    The WATCHer did not get up, just yet.

    “Keep walking fool. Leave her be. You’re not in her league.”

    He remained prone until they were 100 yards apart. Just in case the intruder decided to double back. It wasn’t until then he slowly rose. As he carefully got up, he halted his retreat when he noticed the CIRCLE of sweat on the ground. He used his foot to cover the damp dirt with dry granules, doing his best to erase proof he was there.

    Then he retreated. Looking at his WATCH, he picked up his pace. Within a few steps he pushed himself and double-timed it. He made it back to his vehicle, retrieved his gift for her.

    He calmly extended his stride and came upon her car within seconds. He cautiously looked around hoping to not cause others to take notice of him.

    He lifted the driver’s side whipper. With his gloved fingers he placed the long-stemmed SUNFLOWER on the windshield and replaced the whipper. Making sure he did not crush the floral water tube. He casually turned and walked back past his own vehicle. He took up a position three cars away. He crouched and pretended to be doing something important. All awhile keeping his eyes focused on the stairway.

    Within moments he received his reward as the object of his affection crested the landing at the top of the stairs.

    She paused to aide her body in recovering from the 230 steps up from the sand before continuing on to her car. As she approached her driver’s door the yellow of the FLOWER caught her eyes. She hesitated, looked around, saw no one. She reached forward, lifted the whipper, and freed the botanical.

    She placed her fingers inside the door handle. A double beep let her know the BMS was unlocked. She opened door and slid in behind the steering wheel. Shannon reached over to place the flowers on the COAL colored passenger seat. But she CLASPed the stems.

    Why am I having so much trouble putting these down? She silently asked herself.

    It took minutes for her to release her grasp. She used the bag of FLOUR, she had purchased for the cake she had offered to make for the bake sale, to elevate the head of the bloom and helped avoid the petals getting crushed. It was then she noticed a RING and BRACELLET on the seat as well.

    The hair on the back of her neck stood straight up. An uncomfortable tingling migrated up her fingers as she picked up the clear stone modestly held by a simple setting of white gold.

    “Is this a … DIAMOND?” Her brow knitted. “How did it get in here?”

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