Guestblogging The Right Way

Happy Friday CCCers. A quick note on something I wanted to share (If guestblogging is not your cup of tea, ignore the rest of this post and have a good weekend. If guestblogging is something you’ve considered, read on).

Ever heard of Jon Morrow? If not, read this and come back.

Back? He’s one of the highest-paid writers/marketers in the blogosphere.

He started a guest blogging program some time back to help bloggers write better, and get noticed and land guest posts with influential bloggers. I went through his program and it does indeed kick ass. After doing the program, the main thing I learned is his methods are so bleepin’ simple, yet so overlooked by most bloggers I’ve seen struggling for attention. I was left thinking how much of an unfair advantage his students have over bloggers trying to get attention and write powerful prose on their own. And I liked the program so much, I started offering people in the forum free color-coded line edits of their posts to give their guest posts a final polish (I edit in case you didn’t know. The edits I did for Jon’s guestblogging program look like these edit tutorials I did in the past.)

Anyway, Jon liked what I did so much, I’m now officially part of his guestblogging program, and all my color-coded edits are in the forum for everyone to study.

It’s something I believe will benefit struggling bloggers or I would not have bothered to go through the course or become part of it.

Now for the part that benefits ME.

If you decide you or someone you know could use such a program, and you’ve come to like me through the CCC, use my affiliate link to check out the program. If you’re checking out the program anyway, you may as well leave some extra coin in my pocket in the process (I could use it more than Jon 😉  )

Pimping out programs isn’t really my style, so this will be the only time I post something like this.

Hopefully, I’ll see some of you in the program. If not, I’ll see you every Monday and Thursday as usual.

Write on!

Shameless Self-Plug #1 – The Digital Writer

Hey all! Sean Platt’s new writing site about self-publishing, The Digital Writer, is live. Check it out and leave a comment letting him know what you think.



Merry Christmas CCC Family

No challenge today. Just enjoy your day today.

It’s Nominate Your Fav Writing Blog Time Again!

If any of the CCC family would like to tell us why you love the CCC, a good place to do so would be Write To Done’s 6th Top 10 Writing Contest:

Write To Done is having their 6th such contest and I’d like to get our name up there. Take a look and if you believe it to be so, vote for the CCC. If you don’t, vote for another one you like.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Cliffs Notes Page

@Mitch asked me in the last challenge for help in figuring out how to get his ideas into book format. Mitch has read Larry’s book on Story Engineering but still has questions about how to tackle the ideas in his head.

I understand what Mitch is saying. I have not written a book, but I will use Larry’s advice when I’m ready. As an exercise, I tried to remember all the different resources Larry has given over the years but I couldn’t.  Instead of constantly forgetting them, I decided to list the prime resources I feel will help folks like Mitch. Now we’ll have these all in one place so we won’t have to search for them again. I may add more if I remember anything I’ve forgotten:

  1. The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You’ll Ever See
  2. 8 Moments You Must Delvier To Your Readers
  3. Story Structure Poster
  4. Beat Sheet Explained
  5. Beat Sheet Template
  6. Story Structure & Beat Sheet Poster (8.5 x 11 inch)
  7. Story Structure & Beat Sheet Poster (8.5 x 14 inch)
  8. Find your story with What Ifs (and the comments)
  9. Study Screenwriting
  10. Structure Your Short Stories (This is good for CCC entries)

Print these items and put them into a binder. When you have a good story idea, use the above resources and polish that idea into a solid story.

Hello CCC Readers and CCC Old-Timers

Just wanted to say hi to all the readers out there reading us, and give you an opportunity to say hi to all the contributors here.  Tell us what you like and anything you’d like to see here.

And to all my CCC contributors that have not stopped by in some time, let us know you’re still alive and kicking, and let us know of any cool projects that have your attention (Yeah, link away).

Something Special For Tomorrow

I decided to send out tweets asking for one random word from bloggers. I’ll use their words for tomorrow’s challenge. I had a blast interacting with the people in Twitter, and the challenge should be fun. The 10 bloggers have a variety of interests and backgrounds, so this should be fun.

Make sure to show up with your A-Game. 🙂

Storyfix Guest Post #2

How about some comment love on my 2nd guest post (and a tweet)?

And if you haven’t done so yet, check out Larry’s Book.

Larry Brooks Is Deconstructing The Help

Hey all. Just seeing if any of you wanted to do a story deconstruction of the book The Help with Larry Brooks of I’ve done these deconstructions in the past and I feel they are great exercises for improving our writing.

If you’re interested, head over to and read the details. It’s fun.

What’s Your CCC Process?

Let’s let other people see how we manage to use all 10 words and create our submissions.

By letting other people see our individual processes and thoughts as we create a submission, we may just help someone become more creative.  You can use any of your past submissions as examples. Our analytics show we have many more readers than submitters. Hopefully, this exercise will get them off the fence and let us enjoy their writing.

Have at it in the comments.

Ex. CCC#144: I saw the word shocked and I said, “Bobby has to be shocked that he’s not getting the million dollars.” Then I saw the word spot and said, “Ah ha! Spot is a dog name. I wrote in the past that Bobby had a dog that died. Let’s make the bones I wrote about in CCC#143 some dog bones and not a dino.” And the rest is just creatively noodling the other words into this concept box.