Can Creative Writing Exercises Improve Your Writing?

Whether you write for a living or just for fun, there will be times when it comes very easily and smoothly, and then there will be times when nothing will come out. It is easy to get down on yourself when this happens – after all, you are a “writer” – and if you can’t fulfill that job description, then what are you?

The good news is that there are many different types of creative writing exercises that you can use to start writing again. It doesn’t matter if you write non-fiction or fiction or for what kind of audience you usually write– all that matters is that you start writing something, anything. In many cases, writing well outside your normal area is the best way to kick-start what you actually should be working on.

Perhaps the best place to find creative writing exercises these days is to go online. You will find a wide variety of web sites that are totally devoted to giving writers ideas that will get them started. Some of them are as basic as a word or a photograph, while others ask you to tell a particular story based on just a few facts.

Some of the most interesting work comes out of creative writing exercises that require you to write the first paragraph while including three or four particular words. These are often fairly obscure and not relevant to each other, so it takes a great deal of imagination to get that paragraph going. Once you do, you will be off and running.

If you ever find yourself absolutely stumped with the writing you should be doing, then it is time to take a break. Use your tools to write about something or someone you love – a pet, a family member, a sport, or a song – and that is usually enough to break any block.


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