How to Find Creative Writing Prompt Ideas

Every writer goes through a period of time where they just can’t be peeled away from their computer. They can write for hours on end, without ever running out of enthusiasm for either the subject or the process. But, sooner or later, there will come a time when you are just bored with the same old subject matter. You may end up with “writer’s block” while in the midst of a book, a story, or an article, and creative writing prompt ideas can sometimes come in very handy at a time like this.

Creative writing prompt ideas are the equivalent of a cook browsing through a cookbook. She knows how to cook, but sometimes she just needs to see other creative work by people to spark her imagination and creativity. By using some of these prompts, you may end up writing about a completely new subject or in a way that you normally wouldn’t and could end up with some very good work. The best part of it will be that your writer’s block will be broken.

You can find some great websites with creative writing prompt ideas online. Many of these sites simply provide you with random ideas of subjects for stories, words that you have to use, or peculiar titles that you need to turn into something exciting.

You probably haven’t written with a purpose like this since you were in school, and that is what makes it so fun. The challenge of writing for your own benefit, rather than for work or to complete an assignment, is something that you will always enjoy. Writing with prompts allows a level of unbridled enthusiasm to break free that you normally wouldn’t find in any other kind of writing, and that will only serve to help you in your next writing project.


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