Are You Looking for Creative Writing Prompts?

When we were children, writing in school, we were given creative writing prompts all the time. It was the only way that our teachers could get us to write about anything! In our younger years, the prompts were very basic, such as writing about your best friend, your favorite animal, or your favorite color. That was usually enough to get a few words out of any child.

But, as you get older, finding creative writing prompts that are truly intriguing can be a little more difficult. We find it hard to get excited about writing about our best friend or our pet, so we need to look for slightly more exotic or surprising topics.

Some of the best creative writing prompts can be found online, and you will find some amazing choices. Of course, the type of prompts you choose will depend on the type of writing you do either for a living or for fun, but they can often be adapted to all kinds of writing. If you enjoy writing science fiction, historical non-fiction, or romance, you can find prompts that will work for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t find what you are looking for online, take a look around you. Sometimes the most surprising things can turn into wonderful stories if you just open up your mind. If you are a woman, simply open up your purse and grab the first three items you find and write a story that includes all three. If you are a man, reach into your bedside table or into your briefcase and do the same.

Some people need auditory clues to trigger their writing, and one way that often works to spark the imagination is to turn on the radio and quickly scan from station to station. You might find that you come across some fascinatingly disjointed topics that could turn into a great story.


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