Creative Writing Prompts: Finding Fun Ideas for Kids

Getting started writing a new project for an adult can be difficult. Even the most experienced writers get stymied from time to time in choosing a great idea to start with. Of course, after the idea is decided upon, often the words just flow freely from your fingertips right onto the computer screen. For kids with little experience writing much of anything, creative writing prompts are often needed to spur some inspiration and get those little minds churning in the right direction.

So how do you find fun creative writing prompts that will get young minds flowing with energy and enthusiasm? There are some websites that offer fun ideas online, and these may be a good resource for getting you and the kids started. You may find that you can use these ideas for a few weeks, but eventually both you and the kids will want to branch out and really let the ink flow in fun new ways.

So rather than finding fun creative writing prompts, you may want to be creative yourself and generate some ideas of your own. You can use the general prompts found online as a starting point, but let yourself get a little crazy and  have fun altering these ideas. Or simply go off the deep end and write your own prompts.

You can often get some great ideas by watching the kids in action throughout the day. You can ask them to put themselves into the mind of a lunch box, a pet gerbil, or some other off-the-wall item or animal they are familiar with. You can ask them to transport you to another time, another land, or more. You can ask them to fictionalize their favorite memory, but with a twist of some kind, such as telling the story as they think their parents probably saw the events unfold.

One of the great things about creative writing prompts is that the sky is truly the limit. Wherever your mind can take you in terms of prompts is only the beginning of where the kids’ minds will take them when they really get started writing. Each different prompt can be customized to teach unique writing skills such as adding personification, metaphors, similes, and so forth. The kids can also be asked to start each assignment with a different kind of intro or end the story with a different style of ending.

Learning how to write creatively is one of the best ways little minds can really explore their deepest recesses. They can create new worlds, tell amazing stories, and let you into the inner workings of their minds in unexpected ways. What’s best about using creative writing prompts, however, is that when the prompts are fun, the kids will really start to develop a love of writing and often will start writing on their own even when they aren’t asked to do so. As you sit down to think of great ideas for the kids to use as prompts, keep the options as open-ended as possible and try to find your inner child to create exciting prompts that the kids will truly love.


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