What Are Some Good Expository Writing Prompt Ideas?

When you were in school, expository writing prompt ideas were simply given to you. You were asked to write an essay on a particular subject, the meaning of a book or poem, or even the importance of a particular person in history. When you become an adult and perhaps a professional writer, coming up with these expository writing prompt ideas becomes your own problem, and when you have writer’s block, it can become a big problem indeed.

If you are looking for a way to really work on your constructive thinking and the development of a structured and understandable essay, then expository writing prompt ideas can be found online. There is a wide variety of resources that can provide you with starting points for essays of your own, whether you are writing them for fun or for getting your creative juices flowing.

The best kind of prompt for many people is one that necessitates the writer to explain something in black and white. For example, you might want to write an essay about the exact steps that it takes to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Doing this without using bullet points can be difficult and really requires the author to stretch for new words and variations on everyday ones.

Another type of prompt is one that requires you to describe your particular feelings about a subject, whether it is gun control or the color blue. You might enjoy going back through your record collection and writing an expository essay on one of your favorite albums. Entire books have been written on any one of The Beatles albums, so there is a very good place to start.

The whole idea is to use prompts to make you write, just like you were given in school, and by finding good prompts online, you will get the “exercise” that your mind needs.


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