How Narrative Essay Writing Prompts Can Help You

Writing a narrative essay is one of the first things that young writers work on because they are subjective, they are easy to write, and they rarely require a whole lot of research. That being said, many writers find that their writing skills begin to dry up if they are not used often enough, and they need narrative essay writing prompts to help them get started again.

Although you might think that all narrative stories are the same – one person telling a story in the first person – there are many variations on this. For instance, in Albert Camus’ “The Plague,” the narrative is told in the first person, but we never quite know who that person is or the role he plays in the book.

You will also find that some narratives use an unlikely narrator, such as animal or even an inanimate object. In the movie, “Twenty Bucks,” the narrator is in fact a $20 bill that is handled by numerous people over the course of several years. By using an unlikely narrator, you can put an incredible spin on a story.

Narrative essay writing prompts help you do the same thing. By looking at a simple story from a different angle, you will get a much different story. A simple story such as the day you graduated from high school could be told with you as the narrator, or perhaps the narrator could be one of your teachers, the principal, a student who failed his or her classes, or even the auditorium itself, which has seen numerous graduations before.

Changing the narrator is just one of many narrative essay writing prompts that you can use to ignite your imagination. You will also find that there are several very good websites that can help you with more of these great ideas.


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