Looking for Unique, First-Person Narrative Writing Prompts?

Teaching kids to write isn’t an easy thing to do, and the biggest challenge most people face is simply making it fun for the kids to do. Kids often equate writing with pure, uninterrupted boredom, but it doesn’t have to be this way! One of the most fun things you can do with writing is to step inside the world of someone else and pretend you are actually that person. There are some incredibly fun, unique narrative writing prompts that can be written from the first-person point of view that your kids can really have some fun with.

Here are just a few great ideas for fun first-person narrative writing prompts:

  • Pretend you are your mother or grandmother. Write a first-person version of a real story you have heard about this person.
  • Pretend you are your favorite pet. Write a first-person story through the eyes of your pet about a wild adventure he or she went on.
  • Imagine you are a school bus driver who runs out of gas with dozens of kids on the bus in the countryside far from a gas station, and you are out of range of radio or cell phone communications. Write a first-person story about what happens on that bus and what you do as the bus driver.
  • Imagine you found a bag full of cash in an empty park and cannot find its owner. Write a story about what you would do with that cash.

If your kids are older, you can even ask them to include some extra literary elements into their stories. These narrative writing prompts can be used to work on setting development, character development, literary features like similes and metaphors, and so much more. They can also be switched around and written from a third-person point of view as well for an additional creative challenge.


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