Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts for Young Minds

Most kids love to tell you exactly what they think about things. While they may be incredibly persuasive verbally, it can take some time and practice to put those powers of persuasion into written form. You can encourage young minds to find their voice in the written word by using persuasive essay writing prompts that are designed to help them develop the skill to persuade through writing. As an adult, you already know how important this skill can be in all areas of life, and teaching kids how to effectively state their case in a persuasive way is a critical skill they will be able to draw upon throughout their lives.

Here are some excellent persuasive essay writing prompts for kids:

  • Write a letter to your mom telling her why you need to go to summer camp this year. What camp is it? What are the benefits for her and for you?
  • Write a letter to your dad to convince him that you need a later bedtime. Explain your side in great detail, and use real examples from your life to support your argument.
  • Think about the meal that your parents cook that is your least favorite. Write an essay to convince your parents why that meal should never be cooked in your house again.
  • What is your dream vacation? Write a letter to your parents convincing them to take you on that dream vacation.
  • Think about your least favorite part of the school day. Write a letter to your teacher to convince her to change the class schedule and get rid of that part of the school day that you least enjoy.
  • Write a letter to your teacher explaining why you should not have any homework assigned for tonight.

These topics are those that many kids already feel strongly about and are just perfect for persuasive essay writing prompts!


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