Poetry Writing Prompts Kids Will Love

Many kids may not like writing, but they often don’t like writing poetry anymore. You can change that for them, however, when you show them how fun and exciting really great poetry can be. With the right poetry writing prompts, you can teach kids about the various styles of poetry, rhyming and non-rhyming poetry, and so much more. There are some truly excellent ideas that can help kids not just learn about this style of writing but that can also help them develop a love for it, too.

Here are some great poetry writing prompts that kids will love:

  • Write a haiku about your favorite breakfast food.
  • Write an acrostic poem about your favorite cartoon or TV character.
  • Write a silly rhyming poem with the ABABC pattern about spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Write a shape poem in free form in the shape of your choice about your favorite snack food.
  • Write an ode to your favorite room in your house.
  • Write a poem in your choice of style that tells about your perfect day with your family.
  • Write a haiku about your last birthday.
  • Write a rhyming acrostic about a winter item like a snowflake, mittens, frostbite, and so on.

These are just a few of the very many poetry writing prompts that you can find for kids, and you can of course always create some unique prompts yourself, too! Each of these, and still more, prompts give you an excellent way to teach the different styles of poems, as well as other fun elements like alliteration, personification, rhyming, and so much more. With poetry, a world of opportunities opens up to really use words freely yet within form. It can expand minds while allowing those young minds to tell stories and fully utilize their vocabulary in fun, new ways.


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