Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers

Writing can be so much fun and so imaginative that it is amazing that anyone could ever tire of it, but we all do at one time or another. Almost all of us succumb to writer’s block from time to time, and that is why writing exercises for fiction writers are so crucial. They are the actual exercises that keep your writing muscles strong, and without them, they will atrophy.

If you have never experienced using writing exercises for fiction writers, then you are in for a lot of fun. You will get to write in ways that you have never done before and that may seem strange to you, but they are all designed to get your mind working.

Here are some examples of simple writing exercises for fiction writers that often work to get the juices flowing:

–          Create a story with the same first and last line. This is challenging for many people, since they have to think through the entire story.

–          Look at the daily paper and find the strangest headline you can, and then write a new story to fit it.

–          Write single paragraphs, one after another at rapid pace. For example, use only five minutes for each new paragraph. This is like sprinting for writers!

–          We all take our senses for granted, so think about what your life would be like if you lost one of them – sight, sound, even smell! You might be surprised at how different your life would be, and the types of words you would need to describe it.

There are many exercises online for young and experienced writers alike that help to give you that little shove you might need from time to time to start writing. Whether you use them for real story ideas or just for exercises, you will certainly enjoy the process.


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