Writing Prompt Ideas for Professional Writers

Anyone can run smack dab into a roadblock from time to time, and when it happens to professional writers stricken with a bad case of writer’s block, the results can be financially disastrous. When you write for a living, you simply cannot afford to keep those fingers still, and you have to find some way to get the creative juices flowing again. Writing prompt ideas can often help in this type of a situation.

As a professional writer, you may find your efforts at churning out quality content thwarted by a bad case of the blahs. You may be in the midst of writing your own potentially best-selling novel or working on a project for a client. Perhaps you may even be stuck in limbo because you don’t have a project currently in the works. At whatever point in the work process you find yourself, writing prompt ideas can be just what you need to jumpstart your creative energy and get you back on track.

As a professional writer, you can use writing prompt ideas as a source of inspiration for a short story or novel, but often you will find that you really want to let loose and get creative when using a prompt as a story-starter. Often it just takes a little flicker of excitement about an idea to get back on track, and this little flicker can come from the unlikeliest of sources, such as general writing prompt ideas like those used by school-age children. Of course, you can get much more complex and deep with plot lines and character development than most kids would get!

Such ideas and prompts can often be used even by non-fiction writers who need a little burst of energy and excitement. You can use such prompts as a writing exercise of sorts. Simply choose an idea that speaks to you, and then sit down for 30 minutes or an hour and let the words fly right from your fingertips. Just let whatever comes to mind pour out of you so that you can feel that freedom that comes with writing again. It can be difficult to be a non-fiction writer or a writer who specializes in business writing, marketing writing, and other styles, as these styles often start to sound very similar over time. When you make creative writing practice a regular part of your day or week, these few minutes you spend letting loose can really enhance your ability to write in other styles, too.

Writing prompt ideas are a great tool for so many reasons for professional writers. You may have thought they were just for kids to use for writing assignments in school, but there truly are many practical applications for them that even professional writers like you can benefit from. You can often find some great prompts online at various writer websites, but you can also have fun creating your own prompts, too, as an additional dimension of this creative resource. If you haven’t played around with these prompts lately, now is the perfect time to find one or create one for yourself and have fun with it!


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